Am I A God? Chapter 936

“My name is Latte.” Latte said with an alert: “Who are you?”

Milk Tea: “My name is Milk Tea! It is the super cat of Cat City!” He looked at each other curiously: “Latte? Are you a new super cat from Cat City?”

‘Mocha is a super cat working in Cat City, I… should I count it? ‘Latte said with some guilty conscience: “Well, I am new.”

The tea eyes were bright and said: “The cat city has not had a new kitten for a long time! You are not familiar with it, I will introduce you to you!”

Milk tea is eagerly called Latte, and I am going to visit Cat Le City with each other. While shopping, I will introduce the situation of Cat Le City. When there is delicious food, there is fun, the super cat is very fierce and overbearing. Which super cat is very talkative and understands much…

No matter whether it is milk tea or latte, there is no experience of playing with kittens of the same age.

In fact, the cats within one year old have a lively and active gene in their nature. Ordinary cats will have nothing to run around and grab them. The super cats have a higher demand for play, but the kitten stage. They are actually very very active.

I saw two little orange cats happily screaming in Cat City, you chasing me, from time to time rolling over and hitting other big cats, then smashing the scorpion in the other party’s snoring, then laughing stand up.

Not far away, Fishball licked his eyes and watched the two little orange cats smash into the stairs, shaking his head and saying to himself: “What happened? Why did I see two teas? Is it? Is it that I have lost so much recently?”

Just then, a cat’s claw slowly pressed on Fishball’s head, and Fishball quickly turned around and scared: “Lili? How come you are here?”

Nan Li Wang Lili said with a sad look: “I call you every day to come to me, you are not coming, I can only come to you.”

Fishball said: “You are really anxious, I said I will find you.”

Lili said quietly: “You said that you have to pick me up to see your shovel officer three months ago. The result has not been seen yet…”

Fishball feels that there is a cold sweat on his head that keeps staying: “This is not my busy work recently. I work overtime in Cat City every day. I don’t want to give you a happy life.”

Lili said: “In fact, you don’t have to work overtime. I have a lot of government subsidies every month. After we are together, I can raise you.”

“Hold me?” Fishball angered: “Who wants you to raise! Let other cats know that you raise me, think that I have a soft meal with Fishball. How can I mix outside? I don’t want to face?”

Lili bowed her head and whispered, “Fishball, don’t be angry, I can quietly transfer the money to you, so that other cats don’t know, okay?”

Fishball’s eyes lit up and shook his head in the next moment and said, “No, my Fishball is not such a cat. Don’t take money to seduce me!”

Lili frowned, slightly licking the tail that was constantly moving behind the Fishball, and said in her heart: “This kid, obviously has already moved, can you bear it?”

Lili asked softly: “Fishball How was your recent work at Cat Le City? Recently, Zhao Yao has been reported to have an accident outside.”

Obviously, after Zhao Yao and the high-level agreement, his intelligence has become the top secret.

Only a handful of people know something about Zhao Yao. The rest of the leaders, even old and old, are now dead and alive, and nothing is known about what state.

“You are a gossip. I work in Cat City every day. I don’t know what Zhao Yao is doing? He is going out for a trip, and he doesn’t know where he is going now.”

Fishball said with a face: “The current cat city is running in Baiquan, not to mention Zhao Yao, even Mocha, Elizabeth, Ares, Bridget. They are rarely seen.”

“Hey.” Lili agreed with her mouth and said, “When did you take me to see the rain? When did you move to my house?”

“Lily,” Fishball said. “Don’t worry, I’m still young, super cat, and strong. It’s the age of doing business. There are many opportunities in the cat city, and the leadership is very I have a vision, I am like fighting when I am young, I don’t want to think about it so much…”

Lili’s eyes exude a cold light: “Do you want to pay?” During the conversation, the tide surged, and a wave of waves came out of Lili’s mouth, directly engulfing Fishball and pressing him against the wall. .

Lili said wickedly: “Fishball, I warn you! I am already three years old this year. For cats, this age is not small. My older brothers and sisters have even their grandchildren. Today you must give me an account. When are we getting married?”

Fishball swallowed and said: “As long as the loving cats are together, it doesn’t matter if they are married or not married…”


Looking at the violent water pressure and crushing the wall behind him, Fishball quickly said: “Cats are proud of their happiness, as long as they like each other, they can get married, and where they need to manage so much.”

The water wave slowly returned, and Lili smiled with satisfaction: “Good Fishball, then let’s get ready soon, or you will go to my house today to meet my sister and brother…”

Fishball smiled and looked at Lili, but her heart was helpless. She found an opportunity to use the mobile phone to send a WeChat for help: “Who is going to save me, I am forced to marry!”

“Congratulations!” Mocha: “Don’t forget to fill your feet with gas.”

Mocha returned to Fishball’s WeChat, and suddenly the phone vibrated again, the news from the yellow mud.

“The latte is gone!”


On the other hand, the tea was chasing the latte and kept running. One kind of flutter caught the other side. Then the two cats rolled up and stood up. The tea ran with the tail and began to run away: “Latte! It’s your turn.” Catch me!”

The latte screamed to chase the milk tea. The two cats chased one and fled, and ran in the hallway. The final turn was not timely, and the two hair balls rolled together, hitting the corner, and then jumping together. It’s up.

The milk tea spit on the tongue and said with a happy face: “Latte! You are hungry, there is a free buffet downstairs! I will take you to eat!”

“What do you want to eat?” Latte said with a saliva: “Come with me! Take me there!”

In the cat restaurant downstairs, the latte ate a large pot of salmon and gorged.

“This meat is delicious!” Latte surprised: “What kind of meat is this!”

“This is a salmon! You like to eat me for a little longer and get you some more.”

Latte looked at the meat on the plate and said seriously: “Salmon… it’s too great. I have never eaten such delicious meat!”

Speaking of this, Latte took his backpack to the table, carefully opened the backpack, looked at the cans inside, wanted to take out his favorite chicken can, but felt unwilling, and finally hesitated for a long time, still Take the canned chicken and push it to the front of the milk tea.

“This is my favorite canned fish!” Latte looked at the milk tea and said with a look: “Give you something to eat!”

The tea looked at the latte and pushed it over, and the heart said: “Hey? This can, the canned food that I usually eat at home, I am tired of it.”

But looked up, looked at his face and looked forward to seeing his latte. After the tea was let the other cats help him open the can, he took a bite and said with a surprise: “This can is delicious, I like it very much. “”

I stared at the latte of the milk tea and laughed. I made a generously placed small paw and said, “Let’s eat more and eat more! I have given you this can.”

Milk tea shakes his beard and looks at his canned food. He said, “Well, give it to me.”

After eating a few cans, the tea looked at the latte in front of him and curiously said: “For the latte, what is your superability?”

The latte looked up and rubbed his mouth with his tongue. Some embarrassedly said: “My superability is not so powerful. It is when I get up every morning, I can know what will happen today.”

“Hey?” Tea is curious: “Isn’t that interesting? Then do you know that I will meet me today?”

Latte shook his head: “There are not many things I know every day. I don’t know what will happen to Cat City today.” After that, I ate the bottom of my head and screamed in my mouth. snore.

While eating the latte, he asked, “What about the milk tea? What is your ability?”

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