Am I A God? Chapter 937

“My ability?” Milk tea squinted at the head, showing a distressed look: “I don’t know what my superability is. I haven’t tried it for a long time.”

In fact, milk tea always wants to really master its own super-ability, but asked a lot of cats and many people, and tried a lot of methods. Eggs, dolls, and even Mocha have been found all over, but there is always no way to use them.

After the latte heard it, he immediately patted his chest and said: “It doesn’t matter milk tea, I will help you! I know how to master my super-ability!”

Milk tea looked at the latte in disbelief: “Hey? Is that true?”

“Of course!” Latte looked at the milk tea and said with a serious face: “The first thing to eat, the more you eat, the better the superability! Let’s get some more salmon, I will accompany you to eat!”

A look of silent, looking at tea latte, underground passage in mind: ‘This guy just wanted to eat salmon themselves of it ……’ but tea did not burst endured each other, but raised his little paws and shouted: “Waiter! Four more salmon!”

Looking at the latte and eating the salmon, the tea was lost and thought: “When can my super-ability really wake up?”

After a long while, Latte lay on the table with satisfaction, four feet in the air, a small belly, and satisfied with a look: “It’s full, it’s the most comfortable to eat and sleep!”

Looking at the milk tea on the side, the latte quickly said: “Cup tea, let’s sleep together! If you have enough to sleep, you can use the ability!”

A paw of milk tea was pressed on the other’s head, and he said helplessly: “Do it, let’s sleep if you are tired.”

Bring the latte to a room and watch the other person lie down for a long time. The milk tea shook his head helplessly and looked at the other person’s face and said to himself: “What is this face?” I hate it too, I don’t know what tea brothers are doing now…”

Thinking of this, he collapsed his tail with anger: “Awful, I can’t show the superability of me… I can’t help anything.”


“Well?” Milk tea looked up.

Then I saw the latte rolling over to the edge of the bed. The upper part of the cat lay down like water, hanging on the edge of the window, muttering in the mouth: “Milk tea! To eat more salmon to awaken the ability!”

Milk tea turned a blind eye, and my heart said: “I am in his heart, it will not become a cat that can specifically eat salmon…”

After more than an hour, the latte opened his eyes and slowly climbed down from the hanging bed, straightened his front paws, stretched a lazy waist, opened his mouth and yawned.

“The bed here is really comfortable.”

“Right! I almost forgot! I came to Mocha!”

Latte looked at the milk tea that was playing with the mobile phone and asked: “Milk tea! Do you know Mocha?”

“Well?” Milk tea accidentally looked at the latte.

I heard the latte said: “Well, you may not know. After all, Mocha’s status is too high. He is the owner of the entire cat city. He has mastered the fate of tens of millions of people and cats. You are just in cat music. If you wipe the floor in the city, you should not know him.”

Milk tea: “…”

Latte: “Don’t say, I am going to find Mocha! I came to Cat Le City but came to him specifically.”

Looking at the way the latte is carrying the small bag, the tea can’t help but ask: “Latte… Why are you looking for Mocha?”

β€œWhy?” Latte slammed his head and thought about it. He carefully attached to the side of the milk tea and looked at the milk tea seriously. β€œCup tea, are we good friends?”

The tea expression is complicated and said: “Yes…”

Latte said with a serious face: “Can I tell you my secret?”

Milk tea turned helplessly, and what seemed to have been expected in her mind: ‘Mocha… What did you say?’

Tea: “In fact, you do not tell me ……”

Latte: “Actually, my father is the master of this cat city. He is in charge of the life and death of countless super-powered cats in Jianghai. The assets are hundreds of millions. Every move affects the Mocha of countless people!”

Milk tea: “Oh… pretty good.”

“What is pretty good!” Latte said excitedly: “He has saved countless super-powered cats on earth, the presence of super-powered emperors, the side of the world, the emperors in the shadows, affecting countless events in the human world. Ultimate life!”

“This way…”

“The world doesn’t know how many people want to harm him. Even in this cat city, it is said that there are several super-powered cats dragging his hind legs.” Latte cautiously said: “So I was secretly raised from an early age.” Just to prevent the enemy of Mocha from finding me.”

Milk Tea: “…because he is the strongest super cat… standing on the apex of all super cats?”

“Do you know? It really is that Mocha’s reputation is too big.” Latte: “You must keep this secret for me.”

Silence for a while, milk tea can not help but said: “Latte, in fact, my father used to like to say something very powerful in front of me, but sometimes it is just that he is boasting, it is blowing… …”

Latte looked at the milk tea with pity: “Then you are unlucky, or I want Mocha and your dad to talk about it, don’t blow it at home.”

Milk tea is helpless: “Who is this guy’s optimist?”


On the other hand, Mocha walked nervously around the cat’s nest: “How can you not see it?”

β€œIs the guy who was abused by the cat caught?”

“Is it still taken away by other humans?”

“The latte is still so small! What if you are sold to the mountains!”

Mocha has been looking for hours in and out of the community, but has never been able to find the other person’s location. The more he looks, the more he is worried.

At this moment, the phone vibrated, and he saw that it was a message from milk tea.

“Latte is here with me.”


Mocha came to the room where the latte and milk tea were located, and the latte immediately jumped up and threw down Mocha’s body: “Mocha Mocha! I found you!”

Mocha slaps on the other’s head and screams: “Whoever lets you run around! Do you know how dangerous this world is?”

“I know…” Latte hugged her head and said pitifully: “But I have grown up, and my superability can help!”

“Cut… the lottery is not in the middle, your ability to break is not allowed at all…” Mocha’s head turned, and it looked like it, wondering: “Is it a milk tea? Didn’t he call me over? Do you know?” Where did he go?”

The door opened and the tea came in: “I am here.”


Let’s take a more chapter. The next chapter is related to the setting and direction of the latte. There are two directions. I have to think about it, and I may delay it later. Please forgive me.

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