Am I A God? Chapter 939

“Hahahaha!” Lightning squatted on the grass, jerked his head up, and smirked at Mocha with a finger: “Mocha? Raw kitten? Hahahaha!”

“Ah!” Lightning suddenly screamed and twitched and said: “It hurts so much! The stomach is cramping! Who will save me…”

Mocha slaps on the other’s stomach and faintly says, “No thanks.” Then the eyebrows on his head kept beating and looked at Cannon, who was laughing at the other side: “Is it so funny?”

“Super funny!” Cannon held his stomach, and the whole cat smiled and trembled: “How did you get born? Going below or going above? Hahahaha.”

Latte carefully hid behind Mocha and saw a group of super-powerful cats laughing at themselves, frowning and uneasily asking: “Mocha Mocha, are they laughing at me?”

Mocha said; “They are all stupid cats, you don’t care about them.”

After that, Mocha glanced at Lightning, then slammed it and stopped. He was the fatter of Lightning and Cannon, who laughed loudest. After the time passed again, they yelled at them: “Laughter Fart, give me a shut up.”

Lightning and Cannon fell to the ground, looking at Mocha with a look of surprise and fear. It didn’t matter if the previous Mocha didn’t just make a joke. How is it so fierce now?

Zhao Yao, who has been sitting on the side, finally spoke.

“Okay, don’t make trouble.” He slowly walked over to Mocha, kneeling, looking at the latte hiding under Mocha’s stomach, reaching out and trying to touch each other.

However, seeing that the latte is more scared, Zhao Yao has not continued to touch it. He knows that such a kitten is very likely to be afraid of strangers, let alone being surrounded by so many cats.

So I had to touch the latte’s palm and chose to touch Mocha. Then Zhao Yao said, “Well, since you are here, stay here, don’t leave the latte all day, and think that people think that I can’t afford Zhao Yao to even cats.”

Latte happily sat on Mocha’s belly and talked privately: “Mocha Mocha! Can I stay in Cat Le City?”

Mocha came under his head and licked the head of Latte’s head: “Yes, rest assured, don’t look at who I am, I want you to stay, who can object.”

The milk tea on the side looked at the way the latte was protected by Mocha. My heart felt strange, a bit sour, and a little happy. My heart said: “The tea brother is getting more and more mature.”

He remembered how he was when he was a child. At that time, Mocha didn’t like him at all. He often had to be pushed away, and he still knew how to protect the kitten.

Zhao Yao looked at the latte, Mocha, looked at the milk tea again, and thought of the fur, and the heart was even more strange. It felt a bit strange: “Even if the orange cat looks very much, the cat world is popular… …but the four orange cats look so similar, and the lines on their faces are almost the same, it always feels a bit strange.”

He asked Mocha privately: “Mocha, what is the superability of latte?”

Mocha said again, Zhao Yao thought about it: β€œPredicting the future? Or receiving future information? Predicting dreams?” But no matter what Zhao Yao thinks, he feels that this is a time-related capability and has potential.

β€œIs it because Latte is a Mocha replica?”

Shaking his head, Zhao Yao temporarily put aside his thoughts and began to continue today’s plan.

Although he has been hiding in the dark for the past two months, he has collected evolutionary rules and accumulated experience points. The draws at the end of the two months have not stopped.

By now, the strength of Zhao Yao has been a big step forward.

The first is that Ekaterina reached lv12 and Diana also reached lv15.

Ekaterina, who evolved to lv12, also mastered the power of the dimension of consciousness and possessed the ability to transform. After the transformation, the conscious attack that absorbs 20% can be transformed into its own consciousness until its own consciousness grows to the original 100%.

With the process of absorbing consciousness, Catherine’s super-ability effect will also increase from 10% to 100%.

Diana, who also reached lv15, also got a new upgrade. After the transformation, the physical immunity was 55%, and the skill effect became the original 150%. At the same time, in the world of seals, she can not only kick people down the line, but also capture the people in the seal world directly into their dreams.

At the same time, for the first time, with two evolved super-powered cats, Zhao Yao’s understanding of the dimensions of consciousness and consciousness has become more profound.

β€œEveryone closed their eyes.” Zhao Yao looked at Diana and Ekaterina in the distance and said, β€œGet started, Diana, Ekaterina.”

Then I saw Ekaterina and Diana standing face to face, then Ekaterina directly launched the ultra-ability, looking directly at Ekaterina’s Diana, the body slowly fell down and entered Forced sleep.

But unlike the forced sleep of 20 seconds, Diana in the middle of the stroke woke up in a few seconds, and then despite the fear, but did not escape, but stood firmly in place, a little bit of cat hair It’s down.

Zhao Yao, who saw this scene, nodded secretly: “Compared with lv1 to lv10, we have continuously developed a new depth of capability. After evolution, we grasped the power of the dimension of consciousness, and the strength of the overall ability was improved, and after grasping the consciousness, It has a certain degree of resistance to most of the superability.”

So Diana is resistant to Ekaterina’s superability.

Similarly, after a series of tests, Zhao Yao found that ‘Catherine’s with mandatory sleepability’ also had a little resistance to Diana who had ‘dreamability’.

Only because Ekaterina’s level is lower than Diana’s, the resistance is very weak, but the mental damage received in the dream has been reduced.

Zhao Yao looked at the egg beside: “Egg, you can try it.”

Then I saw Diana’s body with the electric shock of the egg, and Diana of lv15 rubbed her head, and there was almost no feeling. The hair on the side of Ekaterina was slightly raised, but it was nothing more than that.

“Evolution, after mastering consciousness, the cats have acquired strong super resistance, and even most of the average super cat’s ability can’t affect them.” Zhao Yao said in his heart: “If it is an alien cat… …”

Zhao Yao remembered the sense of the other’s consciousness when she and the alien cat chased the world in the seal.

“Compared with Diana and Ekaterina, the alien cat’s consciousness is at least equivalent to lv18 or 17’s super cat? Most of my super-powered cats may not work for them.

Even the highest level of Diana, it is difficult to force the other party to dream, just like when the escape, hide in the dream, waiting for the other party to come in.

After upgrading Diana to lv18, he should be able to have a battle. If you reach lv18 a few more, you may be able to defeat them. ”

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