Am I A God? Chapter 940

In the material world, the super-capable cats who have mastered the consciousness have super-resistance, and in the consciousness dimension or the dream, the super-capable cats who have mastered the consciousness can also directly attack the consciousness collision.

Under the command of Zhao Yao, Diana and Ekaterina entered the dream at the same time. Most of the super-ability of the material world has no meaning in the dream. The two cats directly use each other’s consciousness to carry on each other. The collisions caused some damage to each other.

After a while, the two super-powered cats retreated from the dream. Zhao Yao said in the heart: “The battle in the dimension of consciousness is very simple and rude, and very dangerous. It is purely a competition of consciousness.

It’s like the last time I met the alien cat. After the gap was too big, there was no way to escape. ”

Zhao Yao secretly speculated: “I am afraid that the alien cats who have mastered consciousness will fight each other. The strong will try to solve each other in the dimension of consciousness, while the weak ones will pursue the battle in the material world and seek victory with their own superability. machine.”

“But if the gap is too big, it will be taken away like the Day of Destruction, and there will be no chance to escape.”

“Fortunately, Diana has the ability to dream, but this ability can be used directly in the dream.”

Dreams exist in the dimension of consciousness. Diana has no direct attack power in the real world, but in the dimension of consciousness, she can choose to enter dreams and display her own ability to distort dreams in dreams.

Dreamland can be said to be Diana’s home court.

“There is also the power of the alien super-powered cat to control other people’s consciousness, I am afraid it is their own super-ability.” Zhao Yao recalls that the alien cats almost control their own sense of consciousness, and they secretly say: “Their super-ability, maybe It is to control the consciousness of others.”

Zhao Yao, in addition to his two super-powered cats, no longer knows other super-conscious cats who have mastered their consciousness. They can only constantly try to figure out the fighting methods at this level, and the performance of alien cats.

Of course, in the past two months, in addition to the evolution of Diana and Catherine, the experience has also gained a lot.

On the book panel, Zhao Yao’s two-month monthly settlement and sweepstakes rewarded him with more than 70,000 points of experience, making the total experience of the book exceed 14.

All of these experiences were used by Zhao Yao on Mocha, and Mocha was finally upgraded to the point of lv10.

Directly smashing two extra skill points, Zhao Yao took the Mocha lv9/lv10 skill points in one go.

这让此刻达到lv10的Mocha 再次变强,时停时间增长到了18秒钟,并且拥有10倍相对速度,时空畸变的重生冷却时间,也缩短到了3个小时一次,并且在时停冷却以后,每一次攻击都有缩短冷却时间1s秒钟的几率。

In terms of draws, the market share of Jianghai’s catnips has steadily increased over the past two months. The total of more than 150 draws has provided Zhao Yao with a lot of experience, spicy bars and so on.

Among them, Zhao Yao also got a new prop, combat force detector.

Thinking of this new item, Zhao Yao took out the single eye in his pocket and put it in the right eye.

Then I saw that the scene in front of me suddenly changed. The original Mocha, Ares, and Elizabeth all turned into a bag of garbage, and there were several words floating on the head: garbage with less than 5 combat power.

While looking at Diana and Ekaterina, lv12’s Ekaterina’s head is floating on lv12, and Diana’s head is floating on lv15.

Obviously, this combat force detector is a prop that allows Zhao Yao to see the strength of the other’s consciousness, and it is directly quantified by the level of lv10 or above. As for the lack of consciousness, it becomes garbage.

In addition to the above, there are also the enhanced stone 7 block, and the cat prince’s dress fragment becomes: (66/80).

Zhao Yao said in the heart: “After the cat prince’s dress is complete, I don’t know what the specific role is. I hope it will help the battle of consciousness level.”

“The second is this fortified stone reinforcement.”

This reinforced stone Zhao Yao has endured for a long time, but I thought it would be better to strengthen the wave of the Dragon Slayer.

Thinking of this, he eager to try, directly took a piece of fortified stone to the Dragon Sword, the Dragon Sword directly changed from +1 to +2, and the ultra-ability disable time increased from 20s to 30s.

“Okay!” Zhao Yao rejoiced: “I said that I’m lucky today.” After thinking about it, he shot the 2 block fortune, and the dragon’s knife became +4.

+4’s Dragon Slayer’s knives, in addition to failing to pass the Dragon Slayer check, disable the ultra-ability into 50s, and add a side effect of weak consciousness.

“It’s not bad. Sure enough, the Dragon Sword has strengthened it. It also has the effect of conscious attack.” Zhao Yao stunned his hand and took a piece of fortified stone: “Reinforce it, can you use it directly in the dimension of consciousness?” ?”

This is a reinforcement failure. The Dragon Sword not only failed to +5, but became +3.

Zhao Yao’s face was black, and the last few pieces of fortified stone were taken up. The dragon knife was up and down, and finally settled on the Dragon Sword + 4.

“Rely!” Zhao Yao still wants to continue to strengthen, but there is no strengthening stone.

Zhao Yao is so irritated: “Damn!”

“If you can top up, it will be fine.”

After watching the Dragon Sword + 4 in his hand for a long time, Zhao Yao sighed helplessly and could only hope to strengthen the Dragon Slayer in the future.

At this moment, the phone vibrated, Zhao Yao saw, the eyes were slightly bright, is the intelligence of the resurrection cat, has confirmed the specific location of the source.

Zhao Yao gathered the super-powered cats today to find the trail of resurrection hair and to resurrect Pharaoh.

“Very good!” Zhao Yao: “Super Cat Armor! Armed!”

Ares, who is chatting with the mobile phone and Fishball WeChat, sent: “Don’t say, the super cat armor began to be armed, and it was my turn to change.”

The next moment, Elizabeth, Ares, Ricecake, and Cheese have been transformed into a collar, a sword, a cloak, and worn on Zhao Yao.

Ekaterina was also fed a cat spicy strip. She has mastered the power of consciousness and she has directly turned into a white halo, which has emerged behind Zhao Yao.

The aura can be shaped or invisible according to the idea of ​​Zhao Yao, becoming larger or smaller, and all life that sees the aura will enter a forced sleep. Although the aura reduces the way the sound is transmitted, it becomes smaller and smaller, so that he can be seen by more people and then pulled into forced sleep.

Zhao Yao looked at the aura behind him with satisfaction, and looked forward to what new changes would be made to the transformed props after the other super-cats had evolved.

On the other side, Diana was fed a cat spicy strip, which turned into a small cluster of gray flames burning in Zhao Yao’s eyebrows.

The flames can also be chosen to hide or appear, and it is possible to force all the life within a radius of 500 meters into the dream of Zhao Yao.

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