Am I A God? Chapter 941

The super cat armor was armed, and Zhao Yao looked at his own state: “It really means that the value of the face and the strength of the coexistence, but unfortunately can only work in the material world.”

This super-capable cat costume is put on, and Zhao Yao’s combat power is equal to several times.

After wearing this equipment, Zhao Yao looked at YuanYuan and the sheriff on the ground: “YuanYuan, sheriff.”

I saw YuanYuan leaping hard and had climbed onto Zhao Yao’s shoulder. Because he has the equipment of the golden dog’s eye, Zhao Yao did not feed him to eat spicy strips, but placed it on his side to make it invisible.

At the same time, the sheriff also hid in the clothes of Zhao Yao, providing Zhao Yao with the information he had received at any time and place.

In YuanYuan’s consciousness, x said excitedly: “I actually found the trace of the resurrection cat.”

YuanYuan said with a grin: “Shut up! What are you excited about? Beware of being heard by the sheriff!”

x: “What are you afraid of? I am in the subconscious. He can’t hear it. You can pretend to be pretending to be good.”

β€œAnd…” Zhao Yao looked to Mocha and said: β€œMocha, Lucifer and… you are all in the stomach pocket and ready to support.”

Everything is ready.

The next moment, I saw Zhao Yao skyrocketing, breaking the atmosphere, drawing a white wave of air and flying towards the west.

On the African grasslands, a jeep is advancing along the dirt road on the ground.

Behind them, followed by more than a dozen modified chariots of different shapes, the black uncles on the chariot kept raising the ak in their hands, and the jeep in front of them was swept away, playing the jeep in the jeep. Called again and again.

A female host said with a look of horror: “What is going on! Why are they attacking us?!”

“I don’t know.” The guide on the side said: “This should be the site of General Black, it should be no fight!”

During the speech, accompanied by a bang, a bullet directly passed through the palm of the tour guide, scared everyone in the car was a burst of exclamation.

“When it’s over, they are catching up!”

Seeing that the jeep in the rear was getting closer and closer, everyone suddenly flashed in front of him, and a young man appeared in the car, and he was stunned at the kidney of the hostess.

Looking at the crowd, the black skin said: “Don’t look at me silly, grab me!”

The next moment, along with a black front, everyone in the car has disappeared from the jeep.

With the jeep slowly stopping, the soldiers of the group gathered around and saw the empty jeep, all of which made a doubtful voice.

And just in a piece of grass about sixty or seventy meters away, the black skin erected the index finger toward the crowd, posing a squeaky voice.

After a while, as the other party left, the black skin sighed with relief: “There is a good risk, almost to be killed by them, my ability in the prairie is really not very useful.”

Looking up at the unsettled people, Black Pied said: “You are xxx to come to Africa to record the network program? Xiao Ming let me come to save you, are all right?”

A black guy on the side said: “What do you want me to do? I feel like I have to wear it.”

Obviously, this black guy hid in the grass in advance, letting the black skin move to the back of the car guide, and then took everyone to the back of the black guy.

The man who was rescued by the black skin and looked at the car said: “This area is now starting to fight, you can go quickly.”

“Hiccups? How can you fight?”

“Is it not good before?”

“How are we going?”

“Will you send us?”

Looking at the panicked film crew, the black skin reluctantly began to appease, but the heart was thinking about the cause of the war.

This is a site for a general in Africa, but just a few days ago, the armed forces of a rebel in the site suddenly rose. Their soldiers, despite their poor equipment and low fighting power, had the ability to die and resurrect.

Every time after being killed, it will appear again on the battlefield.

Even a large number of soldiers and people, after seeing these resurrected soldiers, chose to join, making the number of rebel forces snowballing.

The local military forces here also bullied and bullied the ordinary people. In the face of such an immortal and large number of troops, they quickly lost ground and were occupied by a large number of sites.

The Chinese side also has a large number of industries on this land, and soon began to adjust its power to evacuate overseas Chinese.

The black skin was when he opened the factory with Xiao Ming, and he was contacted by the old man to help evacuate.

Then Black Pied led everyone to the hidden truck in the distance, drove the truck back to the embassy in the city, and then went to the airport with other people, only to find that the whole city has been given by countless rebel forces. Surrounded.

This city in northern Africa is located in China, a small county town. There are only tens of thousands of rebel forces outside, and the whole city has been surrounded by water.

There was chaos in the entire embassy, ​​and there were civilians being transported all over the face.

The black skin rushed out of the crowd and came to the front of a soldier and asked, “What is Ye Chang? What? I heard them say that the city is surrounded?”

Chief Ye shook his head: “We have contacted the leader of the rebel army, White, but he insisted on encircling the entire city and threatened to recognize his legal dominance and surrender the general…”

Black skin asked: “What do we do? So many people here can’t get out!”

Chief Ye said: “For the time being, they are afraid to take the embassy. The country has sent a warship…”

Just then, the sound of the explosion exploded and the rebels outside the city came in.

For a time, the whole city was full of wolves, and the sounds of various shells and bullets rang out, scaring the people in the embassy to tremble.

The black skin followed the leaf chief and came upstairs. After a while, I saw the fire on the street in the distance and kept approaching the direction of the embassy.

Obviously, the military strength of the generals was defeated. In the face of immortality, the rebel forces that constantly issued a wave of suicide attacks did not fight back.

The deterioration of the situation far exceeded the expectations of Ye Changguan and Black Pi. After half an hour, even the embassy had been surrounded by rebel forces.

Just then, a figure appeared slowly beside the two: “How is the situation?”

The black skin and the leaf chief suddenly turned back, and they saw a distorted figure appear behind them. When they just had to move, they felt that the body was stiff and had been unable to move.

Zhao Yao said slowly: “I am the support from China. How is the situation now?” Then Ye Changguan’s cell phone rang, and Zhao Yao controlled him to pick up the phone. Ye Changguan looked soothed.

Speaking to Zhao Yao, Ye Chang continued: “We also have our own apostles here. What is your ability? If you can cooperate with each other, it is best to break through the encirclement and send the civilians in the embassy first… …”

β€œToo trouble…” Zhao Yao said slowly: β€œI will come by myself.”

“Let everyone close their eyes.”

The next moment, a huge aura rose from the back of Zhao Yao’s head, as if it appeared from the surface in a bright moon, and suddenly attracted the attention of countless people in the city.

Sorry, these two days have taken a good time to sort out the settings and outlines, so that everyone has been waiting, I am really sorry.

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