Am I A God? Chapter 942

The people in the distant crossfire saw the white ring that suddenly rose up and was suddenly shocked.

The battlefield has always been the first place where all kinds of new force have been applied.

Superability As a force to break through the limitations of conventional weapons, from the first year of awakening, it has been applied to the battlefield.

As soldiers on the battlefield, in the third year of this super-powered cat awakening, they have never heard of anything about superability.

After seeing the white ring that rises from the sky, everyone realizes that it is not a good thing. They all want to react differently. Some want to turn around and run away, some want to find cover, some Then the head is blank…

But whether it is a warrior, an apostle, an official, a civilian, or a different reaction in their minds, when they see the white ring, everyone falls to the ground and enters. 20 seconds of forced sleep.

The whole city was quiet in an instant, and the fiery war seemed to be a pause in the form of an invisible big hand in an extremely simple and rude manner.

Looking at the distance in a quiet, quiet to some strange city, Ye Changguan and black skin looked at each other, there is a horror in the eyes.

‘What the hell did this guy do? ‘

Zhao Yao said to the two people: “Well, let’s go straight. By the way, let me talk about the situation in detail. What is the so-called immortal army?”

Zhao Yao came here this time, and was received by the highest level. After all, he used to let him collect news of the resurrection of the cat.

However, this work is now due to the change of Zhao Yao’s status and the state of suspended animation, all of which have been given to some higher positions. Some of the Yao Yao has not heard of the department.

The other party has a very high level of confidentiality, ensuring that Zhao Yao’s intelligence will not be leaked out, and will also create various false information for Zhao Yao to confuse others. For example, this time Zhao Yao’s news of suspended animation will make up for a lot after they take over. Zhao Yao’s previous gaps.

Zhao Yao came here when he received the news. Naturally, he was also looking for a trace of the resurrection cat and finding a way to resurrect the pharaoh.

After all, the rebel army that suddenly emerged here is suspected of using the super-ability of the resurrection class, and the information provided by the location is also very consistent.

With Zhao Yao’s next shot, then Ye Changguan immediately organized the staff and began to act, leading many of them to escort Ping Ming.

At the same time, after 20 seconds of forced sleep, the whole city was once again ‘hot’, and the screams of countless fears smashed into the sky, which was also mixed with the sound of beasts screaming.

Listening to the strange movements in the distance, the faces of the civilians who were escorted into the car showed an expression of uneasiness.

But soon there was a round of white halo rising again, and the whole city once again fell into a strange death.

The time to force sleep this time has changed from 20 seconds to 40 seconds. In the visible future, the entire city’s army will fall into this strange and slumber.

Zhao Yao grabbed the black leather on the roof of the car and escorted everyone on the roof while asking about the situation.

So I opened the factory with Xiao Ming here, and experienced the black skin of the whole incident period and slowly explained the information I knew.

โ€œWait…โ€ Zhao Yao said: โ€œYou and Xiao Ming are here to start a business? Open a factory?โ€

Black Pied said: “Do you know Xiao Ming?”

“Forget it… know.”

Black skin said with a bitter look: “There are many preferential policies in Africa, artificial and cheap. Xiao Ming and I have made a lot of money to start myself. I want to come here and fight. How can I know if the factory has not been open for a long time? I started to fight, and now I stop working every day, and I lose money.”

Zhao Yao smacked the black-skinned shoulder and said, “You are really hard, others? Is it okay?” At the same time, Zhao Yao said in his heart: ‘Xiao Ming, this guy… that 30 million in this life is still No more. ‘

The sheriff in his arms said: ‘This guy is a devil demon…’

Black skin: “He said that he wants to live with the factory, people are at the factory, and now it may still be in the factory.”

Side mission: rescue Xiao Ming

Mission Objective: Save Xiao Ming from the factory.

Mission reward: 1000 point experience value.

Failure penalty: none.

Looked at this task, Zhao Yao: ‘Talk better than nothing. ‘So he asked the specific location of the black leather factory and continued to ask the other party about the rebel army.

Black Pied said: “These guys were originally just a group of gangs in the north. Later I heard that they found a super cat and then got the ultra-permanence of immortality.”

Zhao Yao: “What is the performance of the so-called immortal?”

“In fact, their body is no different from ordinary people. They are cut by a knife, burned, fired, and still die.” The black skin frowned and said slowly: “Only after the death, the body will disappear. Soon after, they appeared again on the battlefield, so most people think they are immortal and can be resurrected.”

โ€œHey? Resurrection and resurrection?โ€ Zhao Yaoโ€™s gaze flashed, and the presence of this super-powered cat is already inevitable.

Just then, the whole city was once again bustling, and the time for another forced sleep was over.

The black skin went on to say: “Yeah, there are government forces trying to catch them to study them, but it seems that there is no result. After all, it is super-ability. But it is a bit of intelligence from their mouths. It seems that all of them are born again. Reborn in a place…”

Zhao Yao and the black skin have a question and answer, and they have a better understanding of the rebellious army’s immortality.

At this moment, a gunshot sounded in front of him, and he saw a rebel army driving in a chariot on the street. After seeing the embassyโ€™s team, he rushed toward the team.

Zhao Yaoโ€™s eyes glimpsed: โ€œIโ€™m not dead? Then Iโ€™ll just give it a try.โ€

The eyes of a rebel army are full of hysteria madness, and the mind in the heart has obviously been reduced to a very low level.

Looking at the convoy’s team, they are like seeing the wolves of fresh meat, screaming and launching a sprint.

The head of a bearded shot, shouting at the team’s eyes and red eyes: “kill them!”

Seeing that the chaotic army rushed, the embassyโ€™s team immediately became a commotion, and when Ye Changguan was about to direct his menโ€™s defense counterattack, a cold snap suddenly came.

Zhao Yao stood in front of the team and slowly pulled out the golden sword. A cold swelled with a long sword as the center, and then Zhao Yao’s direction toward the chaotic army was a sword.

The next moment, I saw a white light illuminating at the front of the car, and the white shock wave spurted out, completely covering the street more than two hundred meters in front of the team.

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