Am I A God? Chapter 943

Black skin looked ugly and looked at Zhao Yao next to him. After watching the other party slowly recover the gold sword in his hand, he saw that the street more than 200 meters long had turned into a crystal white world.

All the chaos, including their chariots, have become ice sculptures standing in this snow.

As the strength of the super cats increased, and the skills changed, the power of the props that they changed after eating the cat spicy strips also showed different changes.

Just like the Ares sword in the hands of Zhao Yao, from the simple launch of the sword, now there is a high-intensity low-temperature attack in addition to the sword.

However, the chaotic army that was frozen at a low temperature soon broke down one by one, and the flesh was corrupted into pieces of dust, which were scattered in the air.

The head of the bearded figure is also slowly graying, but a pair of eyes are staring at Zhao Yao: “You give me a wait…” The next moment, completely turned into ashes, dissipated in the air.

Zhao Yao looked at the chaos that had disappeared all, and browed a little: ‘This feeling…’

After escorting the team to the destination, Zhao Yao skyrocketed and flew in the direction of the army base camp.


Among the Gobi red fields, a fortress stands among them.

There is a gate that is more than ten meters high in front of the fort. The interior of the gate is dark, and there seem to be countless dark forces surging.

But from time to time, I can see the soldiers in twos and threes coming out of the dark gates, then ran to the side to gather, took the weapons, and took the chariot and left.

The bearded man who was killed by Zhao Yao slowly came out of the dark door. He licked his head and flashed a trace of confusion in his eyes.

Broken homes…fire buildings…children’s screams…the blood of the earth…

The scene of the scene flashed in his mind, and he clung to his head, his eyes emitting a confused color.

Just then, a black soldier next to him shouted: “Simpba, go! I want to kill that guy!”

The beard, known as Simba, was slightly shocked, and the final picture in his mind was fixed on the distorted figure of Zhao Yao.

“Kill him?” Simba nodded, his mouth showing a cruel smile: “I want him to know how terrible it is to face a demon who will never die, and will always chase him.”

He turned to look at the warrior who had just stepped out of the gate and shouted, “Some of you! Come with me!”

At the same time, on a cliff a few kilometers from the fort, a young man was kneeling on it, holding a telescope and constantly observing the fortress in the distance.

“This is the door to eternal life?” The young man said: “Do you say that all the resurrected people are running out of this?”

Beside the youth, a terrible cat said: “That is the gate of eternal life. The souls of Ariya will be resurrected from within, unless the body of Arria is defeated, otherwise the process will not stop.”

“He can turn any ordinary person into his undead warrior, we must stop him, or Aria corrupts the entire planet is only a matter of time.”

The young man looked at the scene in front of him with a look of pain, and God knew how he was involved in such a broken thing.

He had to get up very well yesterday, have a good meal, and have played a new game.

As a result, when I went out to trash, I saw a Stray Cat that fainted on the ground.

Looking at the other side’s pitiful look, the young Shreve poured a few pieces of leftover meat on the other side, and the result was out of control.

Shreve tried desperately to touch the cat, and the cat desperately slammed Shreve.

One person and one cat all the way from the garbage bin, followed by the doorway, the sofa, and after Shreve swaggered the other person from head to toe, Shreve found himself completely ruined by the other side.

The cat seems to enjoy food, bed, toilet in his own home… and then suddenly tells himself that a crisis of extinction has arrived, and only the world can save the world.

Looking at the fortress in the distance at the moment, Shreve has become more and more unreal: “Ase, do we still call the police?”

“What is the use of the alarm?” said Ace, who looks like a cat. “This thing is not solved by humans at all!” ‘

He looked into the memory of his face and said: “Before the millennium, when you guys were still playing mud, I was fighting Arria on this star. We arbitrarily twisted human consciousness and manipulated life and death. , changing the history of the entire human race, he is far beyond the power of human civilization.”

Shreve said: “Is there not a super cat now? Maybe we can find a super cat to help?”

“Ordinary super-powered cats are useless.” Ase said: “It’s just some lucky sub-species. Although I have been sleeping with Aria for thousands of years, there has been a great decline in the control of consciousness, but Nor is it that these subspecies can compete.”

Ase’s voice appeared directly in Shreve’s mind, but when he heard what Ase said, he made Shreve even more want to go.

Shreve: “Time is not early, I see that I still go home and go to bed early. To be honest, if I sleep too late, it is easy to grow acne.”

Ase anger said: “Do you really understand what happened? Your planet is in danger. Only us can save him! The more consciousness Aria receives, the more his strength will recover. Even if I can’t stop him anymore!”

“You must stop him before things happen to be irreparable!”

Shreve reluctantly said: “Why are you looking for me? Or will I help you find my classmates? He is fitness every day, running 20 kilometers every day, his arms are as thick as my thighs, or you can find him.”

Ase silently said: “Do you think that I am willing to find you this kind of firewood? Isn’t it because you and my ability are very high? It is not easy to find a high degree of mutuality. And you should not misunderstand, even if I borrowed me. Superability, I didn’t expect you to beat Arria.”

“I will fight with him positively. What you need to do is to use the ability to assist me.”

At this moment, watching a small group of rebels in the distance and driving in the chariot, Asse spirit said: “Come with them! We can mix them into, and then return to the interior of the door of eternal life.”

Shreve said sadly: “I will be killed by them, maybe they will be tied back to the dagger. I am not married yet, should I be a virgin before I die?”

“Less nonsense!” Ase jumped to Shreve’s head and patted it with a paw: “Go ahead, or you can’t keep up.”

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