Am I A God? Chapter 945

Simba and others who were upset in their hearts immediately wanted to shoot with a gun. As a result, they saw that Zhao Yaoโ€™s figure flashed and suddenly appeared in front of a soldier, and the soldier instantly fell to the ground, kneeling The tummy is shaking.

Just in the moment, Zhao Yao stopped when he started, gently touched the other’s stomach, and then stopped.

“There is no one, just take these guys and try new tactics.”

Then I saw that Zhao Yao stopped hitting the next person when he started, but he did not make any more attacks. He only seemed to be waiting for something with a powerful body.

โ€œWhat? What did the cooling not reduce?โ€ Zhao Yao turned his head and avoided a bullet. Then he reached out and grabbed a bullet that hit him. His airway said, โ€œHey! Will it shoot? How can I aim to this side?”

Once again, avoiding the oncoming bullets, Zhao Yao then took out his mobile phone and sent a message to Mocha: “What are you doing? Are you working?”

“Not saying that I will stop when I start, will you help?”

“Are you playing the game again?”

In the stomach pocket of Moyuan, Mocha dropped the mobile phone that was playing the glory of the king, and quickly shouted: “Lucifer! Lucifer? Come out and work!”

The latte on the side slammed into the cell phone that Mocha had dropped, and then he gave a thumb to Mocha and said, “Do not worry, leave the rest to me.”

“Then give you the latte!” Mocha rejoiced: “40%’s winning percentage must not fall below! This is related to our future e-sports career!”

The milk tea turned a blind eye and felt a pain in the head: ‘You can’t make the latte so small and addicted to the game. You have to think of a way. ‘

On the other hand, with Mocha’s cry, Lucifer ran over and yelled at Mocha: “What’s the matter with Mocha?”

“Hey!” Mocha erected his claws, and then looked at the side of the ear, and Lucifer looked ignorant.

The next moment, the time paused again and then passed again. At the first moment of the end of the game, Mocha waved his paw and slammed it on Lucifer’s face.

“Hey! Why are you hitting me!”

Mocha rode on Lucifer’s face and punched it with a punch and a fist, and the latte on the side was shocking.

Latte stunned: “What happened? What is Mocha doing? Why did he fight the cat?”

The milk tea said on the side: “It’s okay, don’t worry, they just have fun.”

The latte pointed at Lucifer and said, “But…but the cat is bleeding on his face!”

I saw that Mocha’s claws were covered with blood, and every punch on Lucifer’s face was bloody and twitching.

Latte looked shocked and said: “He…he seems to be dying.”

The milk tea said: “It’s okay, the tea brother is measured.”

Lafa looked at Lucifer whose face was deformed. He said in his heart: “Where is there a measure? The brain must be beaten!”

“And what’s going on with the cats around? Why do everyone take it for granted?”

“Is it… Is this seemingly happy home on the surface, actually the gangster family of Jianghai? Extremely evil forces?”

Latte looked at the milk tea beside him and looked at Mocha, who was still beating the cat. They instantly felt that they all looked so bad and evil.


In the real world, Zhao Yao is stunned by the shooting and feels the change of time.

“Sure enough, Mocha’s attack on it can also reduce cooling.”

Since Mocha has been promoted to lv10, he has had the chance to reduce the cooldown after the timeout.

Zhao Yao has just stopped using it for ten seconds. After Mocha has been playing for four seconds, the cooling time of the stop has already passed.

โ€œVery good, so that if Mocha has been helping me to reduce the cooling time in the stomach pocket, the time-stop capability will be better.โ€

Thinking of this, Zhao Yao’s body flashed again, and then stopped and started again. The dozens of chaotic troops around the four people had screamed together, as if they had flew out like sacks and landed on the ground. Broken fractures, lost mobility.

After a few seconds, all the chaos in the field had lost their action. During Zhao Yaoโ€™s thoughts, the looting in their hands had all flew up, and they were squeezed into a group and thrown on the ground.

Simba looked at each other with some fear, but thought about his undead body, and said in a hurry: “This is not finished, you are waiting for us, we will come back! We will always chase youโ€ฆโ€ฆ”

“End? Of course not finished, this is just the beginning.” Zhao Yao snapped his finger and a dark Space Gate opened up behind him.

“Bridget, take all these guys in, squeeze out every point of experience on them, and then let them reborn.”

Bridget jumped out and shouted in the stomach pocket of the yuan: “Brothers, come out to collect food!”

In the stomach pocket of the Dimension, the latte looked at the injured people who were dragged in by the super-powered cats with their ability. The heart was even more shocked: ‘What are they doing? ‘

‘This place is very different from what I thought before! ‘


In the material world, Ase and Shreve hid in the distance to see the progress of the whole thing.

Ase shook his head: “Is this guy really a nosy, don’t run away directly? It hurts me for so long.”

Azerbaijanโ€™s plan was to mix into the Simba team through his own super-ability, and then find the opportunity to go inside the door of eternal life, defeat Aria, and suspend the expansion of the gate of eternal life.

But when he was not thinking that he was about to start, an unexpected apostle solved his goal.

Ase shook his head: “Let’s go, let’s go to the next goal.”

But at this moment, a voice came from behind their backs: “After reading for so long, did you leave without saying a word?”

Ase and Shreve jerked back and saw that Zhao Yao had come to them unconsciously and smiled at them.

“The physical quality is very strong, but in the face of a real strong cat, this does not make sense.” Assei glanced at the other side: “I advise you to hurry to escape from this country, and then the soldiers who pursue you will become stronger and stronger. There is always time when you can’t resist.”

โ€œThis guy…โ€ Zhao Yao felt the slightest difference in the voice that the other person passed directly to his mind, and noticed the slight difference between the private cat and the ordinary super-character. He directly took out the combat force detector and Wearing a monocle, I looked at Ase and Shreve again.

It was seen that Shreve had turned into a bag of rubbish, and Ase was standing next to him with Luster standing on his head with the words lv12 on his head.

“12-class super cat? No…” Zhao Yao looked at each other with surprise: “In addition to the book, other super-powered cats have no level concept, which means that this guy is conscious and has the same strength as lv12’s leaf card. Jelena.”

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