Am I A God? Chapter 946

Zhao Yao looked at the lv12’s Ace, and suddenly saw the strange light, he was the first time to see the super-cats other than their family and alien cats grasp the consciousness.

“Sheriff, can you read this guy’s heart?”

The sheriff hiding in the chest of Zhao Yao frowned and looked at the side of his ear, but shook his head and said: “It is very unclear, only a few simple words can be heard.

Anyway, from the beginning of the meeting, I heard the steak ten times, cramps five times, and the name Aria once. ”

β€œSteak? Cramps? Aria?” Zhao Yao wondered: β€œWhat do you mean?”

However, the sheriff could not fully hear the other party’s voice, completely within the expectations of Zhao Yao. After all, after mastering the consciousness, the super cat began to have resistance to superability, and lv12 was enough to prevent the sheriff’s reading ability from a large part.

Like Diana’s lv15, you might only hear one or two words for an hour.

Azeri was too much to be seen by Zhao Yao. He turned his head and said: “Shriff, we are gone. Arria is recovering her strength all the time, we must hurry to stop them.”

Zhao Yao interjected: “Do you want to deal with this chaotic army? I can help.”

Asai sighed: “You don’t understand how dangerous this is. Listen to me, go quickly.”

Zhao Yao smiled and didn’t talk. He watched Ase and Shreve leave, and he said, “Bridget, keep them.”

Bridget snorted: “Follow the new cat again.”

Behind Zhao Yao, Bridget, who is driving Space Gate, manipulated the Space Gate and followed Azerbaijan and Shreve.

“Well, I will go to them again later, and I will finish Xiao Ming’s task first, so as not to be extravagant.”

Zhao Yao’s figure flashed slightly, and the next moment has already appeared in the factory. She found Xiao Ming and said: “You also saw that your place has been stared at by the chaos. Although I solved them, they also It is very likely that you will come over again. If you stay here alone, it will be life-threatening. Let me go.”

Xiao Ming’s hesitant color: β€œIf we leave, will this factory be completely destroyed by them?”

Xiao Ming said that this is really possible. If the other party can’t do anything with Zhao Yao, maybe it will really blow up the factory.

But Zhao Yao couldn’t keep 24 hours here, so he thought about it and said, “If you don’t follow me, I will dismantle the factory now.”

Xiao Ming: “…” He was arrogant in his heart: ‘What is this player’s sister? Normally, shouldn’t it be comforting me and persuading me? How did you become your factory? ‘

Xiao Ming madly shook his head and said: “The last hope of my life is going to be on this factory! I don’t want to go! I want to die with him!”

Zhao Yao: “Hey.”

Xiao Ming turned his head and looked at Zhao Yao. “You just stumbled?”

Zhao Yao: “No.”

Xiao Ming: “I clearly heard it. What do you mean by impatient?”

Zhao Yao: “Hey.”

“You are coming again!” Xiao Ming looked at Zhao Yao with a suspicious look: “Since you just went out and came back, your attitude became impatient…”

β€œI have done it.” Zhao Yao said with impatience, β€œYou are also starting a business to pay back the money. Would you like to call your creditor and tell the situation? The other party is not a scum, maybe I will be considerate of you so that you can leave the factory alone.”

Xiao Ming hesitated and said: “Hey? Is it?”

“Of course.” Zhao Yao said: “Do not believe that you call to try? Anyway, make a call and not get pregnant.”

Xiao Ming took out his mobile phone and thought about it. In the end, he still had the courage to call.

Zhao Yao immediately showed Illusion, maintained his current appearance, then took out his mobile phone and chose to answer.

Xiao Ming: “Zhao Yao? Long time no see…about the money promised to you…”

I heard Zhao Yao at the other end of the phone and said, “So you don’t want to pay back?”

Xiao Ming said quickly: “No, no, hey, nothing, I will think about it again…”

Zhao Yao said: “Just kidding, our good friends, how could you still force you to pay back?”

Xiao Ming was moved: “Zhao…Zhao Yao, you are my good brother. I told you that I am now opening a factory in Africa. The investment environment here is very good. Guotai Min’an, singing and dancing, and black uncles. It’s good to lie and cheap. I can earn millions of dollars every month. Do you want to invest here to see?”

Zhao Yao: “…”

“Don’t stop talking.” Xiao Ming said: “I told you, don’t think that my previous investments have lost a little bit of money, I don’t think this time. It is really a golden opportunity. “”

“Do you know how many condoms Africa needs in a year? People here are threatened by safety and disease, and they can’t even release themselves safely! How eager they are, waiting for our rescue?

This is a virgin land that has not yet been reclaimed! Whoever has mastered can become the king of Africa in the future! ”

Zhao Yao turned around and silently looked at Xiao Ming, who was still in the squatting, screaming at the phone, hung up the phone, and slapped it on Xiao Ming’s head.

Xiao Ming returned to God and looked at the distorted human form beside him. He wondered: “What happened?”

Zhao Yao: “I want you to plead with others. What are you talking about?”

Xiao Ming showed his true color and said to Zhao Yao: “You don’t understand. This guy who is in debt is a super big local tyrant. The money can’t be used up, but the trick is to die. If I directly tell him that he owes money. If he doesn’t return, he will definitely refuse, but if he tells him about making money, it will be different.

If I can really pull his investment, then my business in Africa will not be awkward! I might be the condom king, Durex second! ”

Speaking, Xiao Ming looked at Zhao Yao with a sinister smile: “Speaking of your ability is so strong, maybe you know him too. If you are willing to help me, I can give you 0.1% shares, but don’t be small. Look at this 0.1%, which is equivalent to the happiness of tens of thousands of black uncles.”

“This guy…” Zhao Yao looked at Xiao Ming in front of him, screaming at the other side, slamming the other side’s leg and flying to the airport: “I still take him away.” “”

Accompanied by the process of Zhao Yao sending Xiao Ming to the airport, the task of rescue Xiao Ming was officially completed, and the experience of 1000*2 came to an end. Zhao Yao then followed the Xinba and others in the stomach pocket.

Then I saw the sub-diet stomach bag, Xinba and other chaotic army were tied up by the super-powered cats lying on the ground, crazy to squeeze their experience.

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