Am I A God? Chapter 947

Zhao Yao returned to the stomach pocket and saw that Elizabeth, Lucifer, Ares and other cats who were not full of lv10 were using the army to brush their experience. Zhao Yao nodded with relief.

“Come on, get up early to lv10, I let you evolve too.”

Encouraged the cats, Zhao Yao then hooked his fingers, and Simba, who was lying on the ground in the distance, flew over.

“I asked, you answered.” Zhao Yao looked at the other side and said, “Where are you born again?”

Simba: “You don’t want to know!”

โ€œIs there a consumption of rebirth? Is there a limit?โ€

Simba: “Ha ha ha, kill me, kill me and I won’t say it.”

“What about the super cat behind you? What is it?”

Simba: “Hey!”

“Do you know the consciousness?”

Simba: “Hey!”

“The super cat behind you, specifically the superability?”

Simba looked at Zhao Yao with a gaze-like look: “Do you think I might say it?”

Zhao Yao ignored the words of Simba and continued to ask: “What weaknesses do you have? How can you stop your rebirth?”

Accompanied by Zhao Yao’s inquiries, Simba looked disdainful and tough guys, and made up his mind to die in the end, no matter what kind of torture is forced to confess.

He didn’t know that every question he had just heard, along with the answers he had come up with in his mind, had been read by the sheriff in Zhao Yao’s arms, and then told Zhao Yao.

“Will the door of eternal life? In a hidden Gobi?” Zhao Yao pinched his chin and thought about the information he just got: “The super cats behind them, they have never seen them, these guys are not even apostles, each other. It is not by giving them the ability, but by giving them some kind of capability.”

“There is no knowledge of the intelligence behind the super cats.”

“But the weakness is this aspect… Is the life of the resurrection of the gate of eternal life afraid of this thing?”

Knowing what he almost needs to know, Zhao Yao looked at Simba and pointed it out. The other side instantly turned into a gray fly, dissipated in the air, and reborn again.


On the other side, in front of the door of eternal life, accompanied by the darkness of the darkness, a pale palm grabbed out, then a naked body.

Simba stepped out of the door of eternal life, his eyes suddenly radiated a cold blue light, opened his mouth, and some people felt the abnormality of the body in amazement.

what! !

In a scream, the chill out of his body erupted, and a layer of frost was frozen in the ground within five meters.

Simba looked up thoughtfully, and saw that the interior of the entire door of eternal life seemed to be violently tumbling, and the traces of layers of ice wrapped the entire door.

โ€œIs the door to eternal life upgraded?โ€ Simba squeezed his palm and felt that an amazing cold current could be summoned by him at any time, freezing all the enemies into ice.

At this moment, he heard the sound coming from behind, and Simba turned his head and saw that his own comrades were also born again. One by one, the same coldness was revealed, and a burst of frost broke out.

Simba shouted: “Let’s go, kill the guy!”

A companion hesitated a little and said: “Xinba, or else forget it.”

Another companionโ€™s eyes flashed a trace of fear: “Yes, the guy and the guyโ€™s cat are too perverted, too cruel, too evil, and we shouldnโ€™t mess with him.”

“What are you afraid of?!” Simba angrily said: “We are not dead! He will never want to kill us! It is him who is afraid, he will live in our shadow forever!”

Speaking, Simba said in a tone: “He doesn’t know our weaknesses, and it’s absolutely impossible to think that what he can do is just tremble and wait for us to chase again and again, so… what are you afraid of? ?”

Just as Simba boosted morale, a sharp beast sounded from the door of eternal life.

Then I saw a dead undead horse ran out of the door, leaving a frost everywhere.

At the same time, with a scream of screaming, a cold and majestic voice came out.

“My knights, to catch more people, I need more souls! More awareness!”

Simba rides on the undead horse, and the horse leaps gently, and then he slams into the sky and rushes toward the sky.

Simba laughed excitedly: “What are you waiting for?”

After a while, I saw Simba and others riding the undead horses one by one, and the horses rushed to the air, leaving the frost everywhere and heading towards the factory.


On a cliff a few kilometers away, Ase and Shreve looked at the door of eternal life in the distance. Ase frowned: “The door to eternal life has been upgraded, and the strength of Aria has recovered. We have to hurry.” โ€

Looking at the Simba group of people riding the Undead War Horse all the way, Ase said: “Follow them.”

Then I saw a blood bursting behind Aseโ€™s, and the blood condensed into red wings, and I immediately chased it with Shreve.

Looking at the high-speed Flight catching up with Ase, Bridget controlled Space Gate to catch up and shouted to Zhao Yao: “Zhao Yao Zhao Yao, they are too fast! I can’t keep up.”

Zhao Yao came over: “Nothing, leave the rest to me. Go to the other side and get ready to open Space Gate.”

Seeing Zhao Yao’s location on the other side, Bridget’s face is black: “What are you doing!”

“Reliably, it won’t affect the stomach bag.”

Zhao Yao stepped out of the Space Gate, YuanYuan’s super-ability, the whole person entered a completely invisible state, and then looked at Ase in the sky, followed by a pair of legs.

Flight is too moving, so Zhao Yao chooses to track directly on the ground.

He didn’t even think about going straight to the point. After all, the other side is also a conscious cat. Zhao Yao plans to collect more information before shooting.

Zhao Yao’s eyes lifted slightly, and as if the telescope was adjusted, it was possible to clearly see the situation of Assault and Shreve in the upper kilometer.

In the sky hundreds of meters ahead of them, hundreds of meters below the sky, Simba and others also ran along the road, completely did not notice the Ace behind them flying in their heads.

Then Zhao Yao saw that Aseโ€™s wings were shaking, and it seemed that something tiny had floated out.

Then the last knight in the Simba and other people not far away was slightly stiff, paused for a moment and then ran again.

Zhao Yao secretly said: “The ability to manipulate blood? Can you control others from a distance? This is good for dealing with these undead guys.”

As Zhao Yao guessed, the uncontrolled warriors quickly approached the other warriors, and the soldiers who were approached were slightly stiff. They seemed to be controlled immediately, just like the plague, and the entire team will be in the blink of an eye. Controlled.

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