Am I A God? Chapter 948

When Simba and others found themselves unable to control themselves, everything was too late.

Asse came to them with Shreve and directly controlled one of them to take off their clothes and put them on for Shreve. Then Asai himself got into the clothes of another person, and the cavalry in the sky made a slight turn. Then flew in the direction of the door of eternal life.

Asse directly manipulated the entire cavalry, flew to the gate of eternal life, and slammed into the black-smelling gate and entered the interior of the fortress.

Zhao Yao hid in the Space Gate and stared at the black and tumbling door for a long time, and was not sure if he would go in.

Asei saw that he was very familiar with the other’s ability, and this was directly rushed in.

But Zhao Yao knows nothing about the super-powered cat behind the door of eternal life. God knows what kind of ability Ace has to prepare for.

He intends not to rush into other people’s ultra-ability fields.

After thinking about it, he called the doll: “Doll, send some nano flying insects to see the situation.”


Inside the door of eternal life, a piece of black lacquer, giving people a feeling of eerie horror everywhere, only the ceiling reflects a faint fluorescence, allowing people to barely see the environment inside.

Shreve walked in it and couldn’t help but say: “How does this place make an ancient tomb?”

Ase said: “The Aria guy is very afraid of people, and then likes this style. It is moldy, tidal and impenetrable. He is stupid because of this long cat.”

“…” Shreve: “You will still have a cat…”

“Of course! We use the body of the earth cat, what will the earth cat do, of course we will!” Ase said: “Well, don’t talk, you will find Aria, you said what I said. Do it, don’t do anything extra.”

Shreve whispered: “It is all you said.”

Next, I watched Ase all the way to bend in the complex passage of the fortress. It seemed to be a labyrinth. Shreve couldnโ€™t help but ask: “How come around? You donโ€™t know the way…”

“I don’t know the way.” Ase said: “But I can sense the approximate range of the guy, it is approaching, you are ready to launch the capability.”

Twenty minutes later, Shreve looked at the refrigerator in front of him and said, “I said, this is the third time we have passed this Siemens refrigerator. You can’t find it.”

Ace also wondered: “No, it should be here, why can’t you find it?”

On one side, Shreve rolled his eyes, and the feeling of the other side became more and more unpredictable. He said to the refrigerator: “Forget it, I am so thirsty, drink a drink first, take a break.”

Azer: “No, we don’t have time to rest! The door to eternal life may be stronger all the time! We must stop him as soon as possible!”

“Maybe you are too tired, just rest and rest, maybe you can sense it?” Shreve went to the refrigerator and opened the refrigerator: “I don’t know if there is any cola here…”

At the moment of opening the refrigerator, Shref froze: “Hey, Asse, do you think this is just not?”

“Yeah?” Ase turned his head and immediately saw Shreve’s open refrigerator. A long-haired Persian cat was curling up inside, opening his eyes with a sly look, and he didn’t wake up. .

The Persian cat looked at Shreve in vain: “Are you?”

Shreve quickly shut the refrigerator and ran to the side of Ase.

But in the next moment, the refrigerator was once again opened with a bang, and the Persian cat came out with an angry look. He screamed cold and chilly on his body, and the crown with ice on his head seemed to have Countless ghosts are twisting and struggling:

“You broke into my home, held my hands and opened my refrigerator at will!”


“I want to destroy you! Human!”

Shreve couldnโ€™t help but say: “For this little thing, to destroy humans…”

When Aria appeared, Ase was shot, and thousands of blood flashed out of his body, and they rushed toward Arya.

“Is it you? Ase!” Arya screamed, and the ghost behind it was boundlessly frozen, and it collided with the blood shadow of Ase.


Outside the door of eternal life, Zhao Yao looked at the scene from the nano-flying insect: “Hey, fight it.”

Looking at the picture of blood, ghosts, and chills flying around, Zhao Yao commented: “Itโ€™s hard to see the fighting power of both sides. After all, the consciousness is such a thing, the external performance is invisible. “”

Hey! Hey! Then I saw two cats rolling into a ball, and the blood shadows made up a lot of cat claws. The ghosts were photographed with the same chills and countless claws. It looked like they were slap in the face.

โ€œItโ€™s just like a child fighting,โ€ commented Zhao Yao.

But soon Shreve also launched the ability, countless blood directly shot from his body, the whole person’s face became pale, but the blood he spurted came too suddenly, even then gave Arria Entangled.

“Good job, Shreve, let me tie him to death!” Assy screamed, thousands of blood shadows swept toward the bundled Aria, and Simba and others who were controlled around Arya rushed over.

Seeing that Arya was about to be completely suppressed, the sound of the galloping sound of the horse was all over, and the wall was broken, and a group of undead horses were riding to support Aria.

The squadrons of both sides immediately escalated, and the fort began to collapse in large swaths. Thousands of knights shuttled back and forth, constantly attacking Ase and Shreve.

As for the controlled Simba and others, they have long been stepped by Wanma, turned into meat sauce, and reborn.

Arya quickly broke away from Shreve’s bondage and then directed the knights under his command to keep being trapped in Azerbaijan.

However, Ase was not to be outdone, and there were countless bloodshots on his body, and he quickly controlled a large number of fighters.

These bloodshots are constantly twisted and stretched. It seems that the blood of the target has been absorbed, and Azer has been inflated for a large circle. The body is full of blood spurs, like a red hedgehog, with his constant control. The soldiers, who rushed into the army, killed the other side and lost their helmets.

But here is the base of the Gate of Eternal Life. Even the dead knights can be reborn quickly, and the knights of other battlefields are constantly being suicided by Arria, reborn, and surrounded by Azerbaijan.

The entire battle moment became a war of attrition.

Simbaha laughed and rushed over. He was smothered by the blood spurs and fell in front of Ase, but he still insisted on splitting his mouth: “You can’t win!” The next moment, the incarnation of smoke disappeared in the air. Among them.

โ€œIs it stiff?โ€ Zhao Yao squeezed his chin and thought: โ€œItโ€™s almost the same, itโ€™s my turn to force it.โ€

The next moment, Zhao Yao suddenly appeared in the center of the battlefield, repelling the field slightly, and killed the resurrected knights.

Then turned around and looked at Ase behind him and said, “I will help you.”

Simba saw the appearance of Zhao Yao, his eyes lit up directly and he was directly happy.

Now there are so many big army encirclement, and Aria personally sits in the town, this guy even dared to appear, isnโ€™t he looking for a dead end?

Let’s take a more chapter. Before 12 at night, I will fight for three more chapters.

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