Am I A God? Chapter 949

Simba immediately ran to the side of Aria, and he said a lot of things, that is, he said that he and Zhao Yao’s battles were mixed.

Aria’s eyes turned: “Don’t die.”

In a flash, a large number of knights turned around and had already circled Zhao Yao.

Ase looked at Zhao Yao and frowned. “What are you doing here? Let’s go, this is not the battlefield where you can stay.”

Zhao Yao smiled. Among the single glasses, Arya’s head was brightly lv12.

As Diana with lv15, whether it is Aria or Asai, it is a younger brother for him, but it is just right to try and fight with the consciousness super cat.

Then saw the time paused, Zhao Yao’s body flashed, and had already arrived behind Aria, holding the other’s head. But I saw the other side sneer, snoring, and directly violent.

Then the black air in the door of eternal life scrolled, Arria has reappeared: “Hello, hahaha, I am not dead!”

Looking at the cavalry around, Zhao Yao stopped flashing again, and had already pointed at Aria’s head, stunned the other side with a concussion.

However, even after Arya passed away, his ability still did not stop. The knights rushed to death and continued to regenerate in the door of eternal life after death.

Ase sighed: “It’s useless. Ordinary physical attacks don’t make sense to Aria. He can commit suicide by multiple injuries. Only an conscious attack can really hurt his consciousness.”

Zhao Yao, while squatting in the middle of the encirclement, tried to use the Dragon Sword to lick the other side, and it did not respond. Obviously, the +4’s Dragon Slayer can’t break the resistance of lv12 consciousness.

At this moment, Zhao Yao has been surrounded by layers of inexhaustible undead corps. The top, bottom, left and right are all knights riding on the undead horses, and they are fried with various guns, machine guns, grenades, Zhao Yao, and even A lot of it is directly from the killing attack, Zhao Yao looked slightly frowning.

Simba saw Zhao Yao, who wanted to break through, and laughed happily: “Idiot, you have done the most stupid thing in this life!”

In Simba’s view, the undead legion created by Arria is simply the existence of Invincible. No matter what kind of army, what kind of apostle, in the face of this endless offensive, as long as they don’t know their weaknesses, they are dragged down. Just a matter of time.

In front of thousands of thousands of elite apostles, Zhao Yao is also a bit stunned, this is the first time he was besieged by such a number of enemies.

Zhao Yao, while defending against the attack, switched to Bridget’s capability and told him, “Action, Bridget.”

Bridget angered: “Why should I come? You just let Ekaterina sleep, aren’t they just fine?”

Above lv10, the super-capable cats who have mastered consciousness are only lv12’s Ekaterina and lv15’s Diana, and the rest of Elizabeth’s effect on Aria’s superability is negligible.

Zhao Yao said: “If you sleep, you can’t kill, you still need to completely remove the super-ability in them.”

Bridget frowned, his face squeezed into a chrysanthemum: “I don’t want it!”

At this moment, Aria, who was caught by Zhao Yao, instantly turned into a fly ash, and a new Arya came out of the door of eternal life: “Hello, hahaha, I said that I am not dead, not only. If you don’t die, even if you stun me, control me, hurt me, it’s impossible to interrupt my ability.”

“Hey.” Zhao Yao said: “Elizabeth, control Bridget.”

The next moment, I saw Zhao Yao getting into the space and disappearing into the presence of everyone.

Arya’s eyes glimpsed: “Spaceability? Have you escaped?” He turned his head and smiled and looked at Ase: “The next turn is you, Ase!”

Ase’s roots and spurs kept shaking: “Whoever spares, I don’t know yet!”

Aria gas: “You are still so fierce? You still don’t think it is your fault?”

“I am wrong? Where am I wrong?” Ase said: “I came here that morning and saw you coming out of Ashley’s room, still licking the hair below me!”

Arya said: “I said that it was a misunderstanding. I admit the wrong room.”

“Who believes!”

In a word, the two super-powered cats violently clashed again. Aria can continue to resurrect his soldiers. Asse is able to absorb the vitality of the enemy while attacking, and Shreve helps to absorb it. It became a complete war of attrition.

At this moment, Ase’s brow suddenly wrinkled, looked up and immediately opened his mouth.

I saw that there was a little hole in the sky when I suddenly knew that Zhao Yao stood next to the Space Gate and said: “The flooded seven army!”

Then, among the slamming sounds, a large amount of filthy objects sprang from the Space Gate, descending from the sky, and brushing like a waterfall to the position of the gate of eternal life.

“No!!” Aria, who saw this scene, screamed: “Quickly block!”

He quickly commanded many knights to stop the rain that fell from the sky, but saw a famous knight rushing up, as soon as he was slammed, he lost his ability and mourned to escape.

More knights began to display the freezing air, and they wanted to freeze the filth from the sky, but they were quickly rushed down. It was really too much and too heavy in the sky.

Simba looked at Zhao Yao in the sky with shock: “He… How does he know our weaknesses?” But in any case, once it is sprayed, it will lose its ability, and Simba and the rest of the knights will ride quickly. The horse madly retreats, watching the door of eternal life being drenched, even directly swallowing a large amount of stolen goods into the door.

And looking at his own door to eternal life was completely polluted, Aria stunned.

Of course, he knows what the weakness of the undead army he created is that if he is splashed or fed, he loses his ability and becomes an ordinary person.

But in general, even if the other party knows the weakness, but in the face of the undead knight who can ride the undead war horse, flying the sky, it is impossible to splash so much.

What is the story of the guy in heaven? What is the probability that this is like the old man? Is there a 屎ability on the earth now? How does this make him mix?

He slammed into Zhao Yao in the sky and screamed, “Kill him!”

Simba and others rushed with the remaining undead knights, but this time, Zhao Yao did not have any simple defense.

It was not killing before, but now it is different. Zhao Yao reaches for a finger, and Ricecake shakes the sword and turns it into a silver skull, killing the undead army.

It seems that there are thousands of undead army on one side, coming out of the air and rushing to Zhao Yao. On the other side, there is only a little faint silver light, which seems to be extinguished at any time.

But when the two sides smashed together, the result was the opposite of what they saw.

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