Am I A God? Chapter 950

The silver cymbal seems to be a huge drill bit. During the high-speed rotation, the undead warriors who passed through were cut into pieces of meat and fell toward the ground.

A small silver light, like a wall that cannot be broken, directly blocks thousands of soldiers and horses. Like a laser barrier, people who rushed up will be cut into pieces.

Because the undead warriors will turn into ashes after the death, a large number of soldiers in the sky will die, and the sky will be scattered in the sky, as if the sky is burning.

Simba only felt the blackness in front of him, and he completely lost consciousness. When the reaction came, he was reborn in the black fog of the eternal life.

“Fortunately, I can be born again.”

When he thought of coming out of the door of eternal life, the yellow soup that had fallen from the sky had completely swallowed Simba. For a moment, he did not know how much he had drenched in his body, how much he had eaten in his mouth, and the whole person had already Lost superability.

Looking up at the shackles in the sky, Simba understood the other’s thoughts.

Now, as long as the Cavaliers are born again and come out of the door of eternal life, then they will be completely ruined.

In the twinkling of an eye, more than half of the undead knights in the sky have been swept away by Zhao Yao. The rest is not, and the retreat is not. They can only stare at Zhao Yao far and wide, and they are afraid to come up again and be killed. .

After a large number of rebirths, the knights who were deprived of the immortal body stood in front of the door of eternal life in a foolish way.

Aria gasped her tail and swayed, and the cat’s hair fell in large pieces.

Both Ase and Shreve looked at the whole battle in a foolish way. Obviously, the outcome of the entire battle has completely exceeded their expectations.

Zhao Yao looked at the undead knights who dared not come up. When they laughed, they rushed straight up. Under the blessing of the Cheese cloak, the whole person skipped the army in the air with a supersonic Flight, and rushed several times in a row. The troops in front of him were killed.

After processing the undead army, Zhao Yao sprinted again and seized Aria who wanted to escape.

Aria licked her body and kept claws and grabbed Zhao Yao. Her mouth groaned: “Don’t catch me! Let me go!”

β€œNot satisfied yet?” Zhao Yao shook his hand in Aria and asked, β€œIs not satisfied?”

Aria’s mouth was bitten and bitten into Zhao Yao’s hand, but he almost crushed his teeth and looked at Zhao Yao with a look of pain: β€œI don’t accept it!”

“Hey, is it fierce?” Zhao Yao stretched out his index finger and thumb, and bounced Aria and said, “Not yet?”

Aria screamed: “You don’t have to lose your skills, we will fight again and again!”

Listening to Aria, Zhao Yao suddenly thought about it. The cockroaches in the sky haven’t stopped yet. Looking up, I stunned Aria, and then stepped out, and I entered the stomach pocket.

I saw the center of the Dimensional Stomach Bag, and the two Space Gates were aligned and wrapped up in the exclusion field.

One of the Space Gates is on the other side of the Gate of Immortality, and the other Space Gate is connected to a large septic tank.

Bridget’s eyes widened and he watched the turbidity flowing in the two Space Gates, silently leaving tears and feeling that he was no longer clean.

Zhao Yao quickly stopped the Space Gate and then grabbed Arya and returned to the door of eternal life.

β€œIs there another one?” Zhao Yao was about to frown, looking for Ase, suddenly shaking his body and feeling a strong threat from the sky.

“This feeling…” Zhao Yao hurried back and hid in the Space Gate.

Just as he hid in the moment, the giggling thoughts had come to the sky above the gates of eternal life.

The violent conscious power sweeps the door to eternal life, but at the touch of a word, there seems to be a vomiting sound in the sky.

The curse cursed: “Who is so wicked? Why have you shipped so many here?”

Zhao Yao in Space Gate frowned, and did not expect why the other party came. And the combat power shows that only Aria and Ace of lv12 are different, but the other party can directly shuttle the consciousness dimension, come to the material world, and have a powerful alien cat.

Zhao Yao tries to turn the position of the Space Gate and wants to see each other’s appearance. It is best to see the monocle to see how much the other person’s consciousness is equivalent to lv.

Soon he saw a undead knight who had fallen and fainted on a cliff and slowly stood up. The whole person had been taken over by the nest and was giggled.

Clucking at the disgusting battlefield in front of me, I quickly caught my nose.

In the past two months, not only is Zhao Yao developing, but in addition to continuing to operate the seal world, it is constantly developing its own power.

He has almost integrated the power of the United States in the United States, controlled more than half of the US government, and has been searching all over the world, constantly searching for people who have darkened the world of seals.

It is also because of the rich intelligence network that the eyes and ears that he gave power came to this place after discovering the traces of consciousness in Africa.

“Is it him? And it occupies the body of others?” Zhao Yao’s eyes glimpsed slightly, and the opponent’s head had a mark of up to lv19.

“It’s still 4 level, so if Diana evolves 4, I won’t be afraid of him.”

In fact, the super-ability of the other party, Zhao Yao thinks about it, it is not so terrible, it is nothing more than controlling others. The key to the problem is that the opponent’s consciousness of lv19 is completely ignoring most of his super-ability.

However, some of them have a super-ability that acts on themselves or in the world, but the other party can’t ignore it.

For example, stop, Dimensional Stomach Bag and Quick Regeneration.

Looking at his head and looking at his head, looking like something looking giggling, Zhao Yao’s heart suddenly heated up.

“Would you like to attack?”

At the thought of this, Zhao Yao felt that the hand itch could not help.

In the dream, the other side chased the place to run, Zhao Yao can be said that there is no way to confront, it is a pure consciousness competition.

But in the material world, you can use time to pause and the stomach bag, Zhao Yao can’t help but want to sneak a wave.

But if you think about it, the other party is not using his own body, even if he kills.

If you want to beat an alien cat, you still have to rely on consciousness to face it.

At this moment, the giggle eyes slammed and looked at Ase and Shreve who had escaped in the distance.

When consciousness comes out, it is necessary to control this person as a cat.

But in the next moment, one person and one cat have disappeared without a trace, and they have a slight glimpse.

“what happened?”

The violent consciousness continued to sweep across the surrounding space, but it was never possible to find the traces of Arthur and Shreve again.

“Bastard!” giggled and looked at the knights who had been poured out, and the consciousness swept away, intending to control them and ask what happened here.

There is another chapter being written, but it is estimated that it will break through the 12 point. When will it be written?

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