Am I A God? Chapter 951

Just when he giggles to get news from the undead knights, more than a dozen undead knights in his sight flashed, and all disappeared, completely disappeared, as if they had never appeared before. .


This time, I know that there is definitely a problem.

“Is there a guy who uses a certain ability to transfer them?”

Glancing with wide eyes, consciousness rushed away: “I don’t believe that so many people can you send away?”

But as he turned his gaze and looked at the crowd, when the eyes saw where, the people began to disappear, and all the way to see, hundreds of people disappeared directly into his field of vision.

But in the next moment, the disappearance stopped and giggled: “Is it to the limit?”

The giggling consciousness has been mad, and has controlled hundreds of people. He directly asks: “What happened just now?”

The man was about to answer, and suddenly a stone fell on his head and directly stunned him.

Glipping at the direction of the stone, but it is completely plain, no one, no cat.

He frowned, his consciousness swept over and he still had nothing to gain.

“Has it transferred?”

Zhao Yao hid behind the Space Gate of the Dimensional Stomach Bag and looked at the suspicious screaming heart: “This guy can’t find it completely.” He touched his chin and looked at a group of black uncles who were screaming and shivering behind him.

And Arya, Ase, and Shreve were both stunned by him.

These are all that he just stopped using when he stopped moving.

Mocha took a roll of glass glue and pulled it. The policeman’s toy hat was on his head and said: “Residents please do not hesitate. Please pay attention to the residents. Now we find that heavy pollutants are not close to the quarantine area and there is danger to life.”

Latte looked shocked at the whole body as awkward: “Can you still play like this? The lower limit of this place is simply unfathomable.”

Milk tea quickly caught the eyes of Latte and said: “Latte! Don’t look!”

Bridget has been so angry that the cat hair has exploded, pointing to a group of guys who are squatting: “Zhao Yao! What are you doing! These guys are so dirty! How come in?”

Zhao Yao comforted: “It’s okay, Bridget, is it in your stomach, or is it in your head? What is the difference? You are too attached to your heart, and it will be harder to evolve than others.”

Bridget gas blasts: “Then I put your cockroaches from your stomach on your head, can you do it?” Suddenly she turned her head and looked at a black man who was picking up her hands. Ah! Kill you!”

Zhao Yao simply slammed his hands and used Elizabeth’s Illusion ability to deprive him of the five senses and stunned the guys who were covered with cockroaches.

Bridget, who saw this scene, screamed at once: “What are you doing? Zhao Yao! Don’t let them fall to the ground, do you want to wipe me off?!”

Zhao Yao said with a hand: “It’s okay, let Ares come, anyway, it’s fine to use the exclusion field.”

Ares, who is chatting with Ekaterina, turned his head and said with dissatisfaction: “Rejecting the field is my hand. How can I use it to do this kind of dirty work?”

Just when they said this, YuanYuan shouted: “Don’t bother, you look outside!”

When I saw the Space Gate, the giggles had already controlled the rest of the chaos and gathered together to walk in the distance. He himself is constantly consciously sweeping around the situation, defending people who secretly shot.

Zhao Yao touched his chin and thought: “When these guys just fought, they all saw the image that I distorted with YuanYuan Stealth. If you trace it carefully, you will find the Chinese Embassy over there, or you can’t let the alien cat follow. Just take them away and ask questions.”

Thinking of this, Zhao Yao’s eyes flashed and he has already reached the front of Space Gate.

The next moment, giggling into the middle of the sky, a white ring suddenly emerged, and quickly became bigger, attracting the attention of some people in the place.

Just as he was screaming, the crowd that had been manipulated behind him had already fainted directly on the ground and slept.

The clucking itself is almost unresponsive to the performance of Ekaterina because of the resistance brought by consciousness.

Then Zhao Yao has put on a cat princess dress that can hang on a variety of capabilities, and rushes out when he stops and repels the field.

In the world of time-suspended, Zhao Yao directly caught people in the exclusion field.

After the passage of time, the giggling outside dominated the crowd, and there was no way to stop the crowd from massively reducing in front of him.

But soon the disappearing crowds began to appear again, and they looked at them one by one.

However, under the surface of his blasphemy, he is in a state of mastery.

Because among these transferred blacks, the alien cat Tom has already possessed one.

As long as Tom is transferred the same, he can catch the other side.

Time is paused again, Zhao Yao looks at the blacks in front of him, and the lv17 mark on the other’s head is smashed.

“This is… another alien cat? lv17’s consciousness?”

Zhao Yao responded immediately, this is the other cat’s other cat attached to the black man, waiting to be transferred to the second stomach bag.

But fortunately, he has a single piece of glasses to see through, and then not fruitious.

“But if you skip the other party directly and don’t move, then you will reveal the information that I can identify them. Is it better to give false information?” Then Zhao Yao directly lifted the other party and threw it into the tens of thousands of kilometers through the portal. South Korea.

Then continue to carry other black uncles here.

The knights disappeared and then appeared. Finally, all the people went through a round of disappearance and then appeared, lying down on the ground.

Even the army of Tom’s possession was put back by Zhao Yao after a while in South Korea.

But what I don’t know is that during the time when these chaos disappeared, the memories of the past few hours have been lost. It is ragdoll Caesar that has eliminated their memories.

After doing all this, Zhao Yao thought about whether there was no foreign cat to shoot, so as not to be amazed.

Although with the time stop and the existence of the Space Gate, in the case of preparation, he can not be afraid of each other in the material world.

But in the absence of a decisive victory, letting the other party know their ability and even their identity in advance is an uneconomical sale.

After eliminating the memory of everyone, Zhao Yao closed the Space Gate, left the African continent, and returned to the Cat Island.

The other side of the cluck did not stop using Zhao Yao with time pause and Space Gate ability from start to finish.

Just after Zhao Yao retreated, he glanced at a knight and said, “How about Tom? Just where have you been transferred? Have you found their home base?”

“Yeah.” Tom Ang said with a big chest: “Don’t look at who I am, I have already written down the place!”

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