Am I A God? Chapter 952

Zhao Yao deleted the witness’s memory, then closed the Space Gate, returned to the stomach pocket and walked toward the exit of Cat Island.

Before watching Zhao Yao out of the Space Gate, Bridget screamed: “Zhao Yao! Wipe!”

Zhao Yao looked at the midnight who was cooking in the stomach of the Yuanyuan and said: “I don’t hear it, wipe the floor.”

After doing a good job, Zhao Yao returned to the cat island and looked at the biggest gains of the trip, still in the coma of Ase, Arya and Shreve.

Zhao Yao didn’t wake them up, but planned to talk to them in a dream.

After all, although these two cats are not as conscious as Diana, they can’t wait to take it lightly.

Contrary to the situation of the alien cat, the giggling consciousness is too strong. Zhao Yao is not an opponent in the dream, but can only come back in the material world.

The two cats of Ase and Aria are not as conspicuous as Diana, relying on Diana’s ability. In the dream, Zhao Yao is more sure to eat them, so that they can’t even play the superability.


In the midst of a shackle, Ase felt as if he had slept for a long, long, long time. When he opened his eyes, he found himself lying on the ground.

He shook his head and stood up, only to find himself lying on a street.

All around are cats coming and going, as if they were a cat’s place of residence, where they go to school, study, work, and have children, just like ordinary humans.

Ase looked at it all in a strange way, and said in his heart: “Where is it here? Are they all super cats?”

He tried to walk around the street and found that it seemed to be a small town. Recently there seems to be some murders in the town.

Ase’s ear trembled and he heard the whispering of a nearby cat.

“Is it heard? Recently, a kitten has died!”

β€œZhao Yao is not already dead? Who is going to abuse the cat?”

“God knows, I heard that someone dreamed of Zhao Yao!”

“It’s just a dream of Zhao Yao. I heard that several elementary school cats were bleeding when they were dreaming, scaring a cat.”

“Well? What?” Acai frowned and suddenly yawned: “It’s so tired, suddenly… I want to… sleep…”

On the other side of the dream, Arya opened her eyes and found that she was sitting in the home of an ordinary family. A television set in front of her eyes was shining with a snowflake.

Aria licked his paws, calmed down, and then slowly began to recall what had happened before.

As soon as she thought that her door to eternal life was drenched, Arya was so angry that she was shaking.

Just when he was angry, the TV suddenly flashed a year ago, the snow disappeared, and a wellhead appeared.

“What?” Arya looked at the TV screen with a blank look and suddenly found a long-haired cat crawling out of the wellhead.

The cat’s cat hair was black and dense, and even the cat’s face was covered. It climbed out of the wellhead little by little and then began to climb in the direction of the lens.

When seeing this scene, Arya’s heart suddenly jumped slightly, and she always felt that there was a feeling of aversion.


Just when Zhao Yao was talking to Arya and Ase in their dreams.

Among the dip stomach bags, Mocha watched Lucifer put away the blood-stained claws and said, “How? Comfortable?”

Lucifer lay lazily on the ground, and quickly nodded and said: “Comfortable and comfortable, or Mocha, you are better than Ares.”

Along with Mocha’s latte, I couldn’t help but ask: “Mocha Mocha, is this cat not afraid of being beaten by him, like to be beaten?”

Mocha said casually: “Yes.”

Latte said curiously: “Is there a cat like this?” The next moment his eyes glowed: “Mocha Mocha, can I give it a try?”

“Try it casually.” Mocha said, “How do you want to fight, go.”

Arranging the latte at hand, Mocha was about to brush the phone and play the game, but found someone on WeChat @δ»–δΊ†.

Lightning: “When is the next copy of the seal world, what time do you arrange together? @Mocha.”

Mocha frowned and suddenly felt very unhappy.

Then I saw the cat jumping out of the group: “Joe Gong, can you directly @? Do you know how many things are going to be busy? How do you bother to manage? I don’t want to see the second time.” ”

Cat old: “There is really no b count.”

Aircraft: “Please ask your group members to pay attention to their identity and the way they talk to [email protected] members.”

Mocha nodded and thought about it again: “There were a lot of cats who have sent me blessings in the previous Mid-Autumn Festival, but I found that there are still many cats in Jinjiawei. I haven’t said anything until now. I don’t know. What do you mean, is catnip eating too much?”

“Do you think this is just a simple text message? This represents the cohesiveness of our Jin Maowei! Don’t say you, even the cat factory, cat and coffee department, cats in the fighting cat department have sent me blessings, you want I met the ministers of other ministries in the future and listened to them saying that our cats are very ignorant?”

“You can do it yourself. Anyway, the cat is very disappointed. @All members see please reply.”

After the news, Mocha shook his head: “Hey, I am so approachable, and the Jin Maowei has been getting slower and slower recently. It is time to give them a good management.”


YuanYuan on the other side looked at the news that Mocha sent in the group, and secretly sneered, and quickly sent the screenshot to Zhao Yao: “Zhao Yao Zhao Yao, you are watching! Mocha is now a big official, everyone is home. Cat, he is not so good.”

x stunned in my heart: “You started playing a small report again.”

“What do you know! This is called intelligence work!” YuanYuan played excitedly and said to X while sending a message: “I have a few words that are more powerful than your battle with Zhao Yao!”

x helplessly said: “I have done it, don’t blow it, I don’t care about you, you can put it on the side of the book.”

YuanYuan casually took a copy of “One Hundred Years of Solitude” to x, and then brushed his mobile phone. He said in his heart: “Why is Zhao Yao still not coming back to me? Is he still playing the two new cats?”

“It’s so slow, when will I come back to me?”

x: “YuanYuan, help me to turn the next page, I read the first page.”

YuanYuan casually turned x to the next page, and said in the heart: “Is Mocha not enough to turn things over? Yes, it must be.”

I think that Mocha can now participate in the battle. The African War has helped Zhao Yao by beating Lucifer. The timeability is getting better and better, and YuanYuan suddenly has a sense of crisis.


The next morning, Mocha turned over his body, his claws moved forward, his buttocks turned back, and he tried to straighten his body and stretched out.

As he yawned, he turned on his mobile phone and his eyes slammed into the bed next to him: “Cut, Zhao Yao, this guy didn’t come back all night, and he didn’t know where to go.”

Mocha, as usual, first brushed the webpage with a mobile phone and whispered in his mouth: “There was a big riot in Seoul, South Korea… more than one hundred people suddenly unknown mental illness…”

After reading the news, Mocha opened the glory of the king and planned to go to bed in the morning.

But after a while, a scream of screams rang through the entire cat island.

“Who destroyed my inscription!! I am so mad!”

“This is war! It is a terrorist attack! Someone is telling war to us!!”

The YuanYuan head in Stealth stretched out from the window sill and looked at the maddening Mocha smirked: “YuanYuan wants to let it die, it must make it crazy.”

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