Am I A God? Chapter 953

On the massage chair, Mocha’s four feet are facing the sky, the corners of his eyes are down, his eyes are half-smooth, and his face is stunned.

β€œHey…” Mocha mourned: β€œMy inscription!”

The milk tea came over with a towel and carefully placed it on Mocha’s head. He said with a worried look: “Tea brother, don’t be sad, if the stress reaction is too big, you will get sick!”

Latte sat on the side, eating canned salmon while raising his head and looking at Mocha from time to time. He said, “Yes, be a cat, you have to be happy, so angry, the inscription will not come back, do you want me to Can you open the canned salmon?”

“Get out of the way!” Mocha threw the towel on his head to the latte and shouted: “You don’t even know how sad I am! How sad! The whole 15 set of inscriptions, how many days and nights I have? Did you play online games all night long?”

Saying, Mocha suddenly trembled with his chest violently.

“Tea brother!”

“Mocha, what’s wrong with you?”

“Joe, you have to hold on!”

The four surrounding teas, latte, cat old, airplane, Lightning and other cats all surrounded it, watching Mocha nervously licking his chest and twitching.

Mocha suddenly bit the hand of the milk tea and said with a trepidation: “Make sure to catch the murderer! I must catch him! I will not be blind.”

Milk tea quickly nodded: “Do not worry, tea brother, we will definitely catch you, you must not have an accident.”

The cat has also come together and typed and said: “Don’t worry about Joe, we must catch the killing knife.”

“Cat is old!” Mocha looked at the old cat and said: “My heart is bitter.”

“I understand.” Cat old: “We all understand, but you still have to raise your body, don’t anger your body, it’s not worth it.”

“Catch him! Be sure to catch him!” Mocha suddenly snorted and finally twitched, his head sighed: “Vo!” The tongue sticks out and does not move.

“Tea brother!” Tea, exclaimed, rushed to Mocha.

A latte mouth, the salmon in his mouth fell to the ground.

The plane was shocked: “Mocha is alive and dead?”

The cat quickly went up, touched Mocha’s nose and chest, spit out a breath, and typed and said: “I didn’t die, I should have been tossing for a night without sleep, too tired, and I went to sleep.”

The tea smelled loose and quickly licked his chest hair. Then he sighed: “Hey, tea brother is getting worse and worse, and he has already reacted to stress. The rice can’t be eaten, and the water can’t drink. This can kill the cat.”

The cat said on the side: “For the sake of the present, I am afraid that only the cat that ruined his inscription will be able to make Mocha comfortable.”

The milk tea shook his head: “I don’t know how long I have to catch it. I have an idea. Let’s just recharge the tea brother and get a few inscriptions.”

“Damn!” The plane screamed in the sky, sadly said: “I really useless, usually spend money, when the key time, even a penny can not get out! I am really useless!” Say, no Stop and shake your tail and beat yourself.

Lightning saw the milk tea look over, and immediately swept over the speed of light, shaking his head and sighing: “Oh! Really, milk tea, how do you want to use money?”

I am mad at me. I just lent my money to Cannon this morning. You know that this cat is the most loyal. Cannon is my good brother. He asked me to borrow money. I will lend him all the money from the card without saying anything!

Hey, you said that when I talk about the loyalty problem, I can change it! Would you like me to go to Cannon and let him spit out the money…”

Milk tea said: “It doesn’t matter, I have been working in Cat City these days, and I have saved a little money. My idea is to use my money to recharge the tea brother, but everyone will help me to lie to the tea brother, tell me He is the money we have brought together to buy him an inscription.”

A few super-powered cats looked at each other and said that they were good.

The latte on the side suddenly frowned, crouching on the body, looking at Mocha’s slightly dithered tail, slamming into the air, and biting Mocha’s shaking tail.

Lightning said: “Milk tea, this inscription seems to be quite a lot of money, is your money enough?”

Milk tea said: “In addition to salary, Yao Ye often sends me some red envelopes. I should have seen it enough…”

Seeing the numbers displayed on the milk tea phone, all the cats in the field were shocked.

“What is he doing with a red envelope?”

The cat said: “Not so much milk tea…”

Tea tea smiled and said: “It’s okay, anyway, I don’t usually spend money, so that the tea brother is happy, not sick.”

On the other hand, the latte bite Mocha’s tail and kept on, and Mocha’s body began to shake. He hurriedly chatted: “Latte, you will stop me!”

Latte was surprised: “Mocha, are you not asleep?”

Mocha airway: “Idiot, don’t worry so much, hurry up and walk away, don’t bite my tail.”

The latte eyeball turned a bit: “Hey~~~ You are pretending to die! I want to tell them tea!”

Mocha hurriedly said: “Don’t talk nonsense!”

Latte said: “I heard that a new canned salmon…”

Mocha reluctantly said: “Buy and buy it.”

On the other side, the tea came to the cat and they nodded. “Then let’s go first, wait for Mocha to wake up and tell him about it… Airplane brother, please help me to check it out and see who deleted the tea.” Brother’s inscription.”

“Do not worry about milk tea, Mocha is my big brother, I will definitely trace this matter.”

With a super cat coming out, the tea came back and looked at the latte and said, “Let us take the latte…”

Latte looked at the milk tea and shook his head: “No, I am going to accompany Mocha here.”

Milk tea accidentally looked at the latte and suddenly smiled: “The latte is also growing up, then you should accompany the tea brother, I will come over later.”

After the milk tea left, Latte looked at Mocha and said, “Are you all gone, you can wake up!”

Mocha sat up directly, haha ​​laughed: “It really takes no effort, and there are inscriptions again. I want to delete my Mocha inscription, and wait another million years!!”

Latte said: “And my salmon!”

Mocha said: “Know it, I will buy it for you.”

One big and one small two orange cats looked at each other, all laughing and jumping, jumping excitedly.

Mocha: “Yes! There are inscriptions!”

Latte: “Yes! There are salmon!”

Two orange cats jumped up and down happily, looking forward to the longing for a happy life in the future.

Suddenly, with a bang, he slammed his head and saw the milk tea open the door, and there was a canned salmon in his mouth, watching them cold and cold.

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