Am I A God? Chapter 954

YuanYuan in Stealth came out of Mocha’s room and kept laughing in his mouth.

x said: “There are so many super-ability here, they will find your head sooner or later.”

YuanYuan Self-channel: “Do you think this is all my plans? Hey, this is just the beginning. I want to see the whole cat island burning, and then rise in the ashes and become the first cat on the island. ”

x heard YuanYuan say so, and began to wonder: “What are you going to do?”

YuanYuan has already moved to the catnip field on the east side of Cat Island. He sneaked into the position of more than 100 meters outside the catnip field and saw several super cats patrolling there.

“Cat Mint?” x strangely said: “You want to steal catnip?”

“Hey, steal catnip? You are too young to look at me.” YuanYuan walked to a tree hole and squatted inside, seemingly looking for something.

After a while, a Mocha-like doll was placed on the head. The next moment, as YuanYuan entered the Stealth state, he saw the Mocha-like doll squatting in the woods and running towards the catnip field. go with.

A few super cats who are guarding the catnip field chat while they patrol the field.

The red envelope that led the team said: “Everyone has been watching a little bit recently. These days are the days when the goods are ripe. If you are missing a little, beware that Bridget sister is killing you.”

Cannon said on the side: “Know the red brother.” He licked his paw and said with a smile: “I have a little tight hand recently, I don’t know when the salary will be sent.”

The red envelope glanced at him and frowned and said, “Is it gambling again?”

Cannon said with a chest: “Exercise exercise, do you know 100,000 times of theory? I think it makes sense. When I gambled 100,000 times, I became a master. I still don’t want to earn much. Now it’s tuition. “”

The red envelope turned a blind eye and said: “If the goods are sold, they will give money. And you are not looking for Lightning to borrow money?”

β€œLightning is a street fight.” Cannon yelled: β€œI promised to borrow money in the morning, I can’t find him in the evening, and disappear with me…”

Suddenly, the ears of several cats shook together, slammed their heads and looked at the distant position. Then they saw an orange figure flashing away and jumping in the catnip field. go with.

“Who!” The red envelope rushed to catch up: “The cat grass is heavy! Who made you come?!”

“Catch him!”

“Don’t let him run!”

“Come me down!”

“It’s Mocha!”

After a while, the raging fire burned on the catnip field, watching the cat peppermint field that was burning more and more, and the Mocha figure that escaped into the woods. The red envelope fell to the ground and muttered to himself: “The egg is finished.” This is really finished.”

“The days of this cat island really have to change color.”

On the other side, YuanYuan, who pretended to be Mocha and burned Maomintian, smiled a little more, and secretly hid the Mocha-like doll and looked at the dark smoke and the fire in the distance. The heart smirked: “The big thing is done!”

x: “Are you provoking them to fight?” He was excited at once: “How will Bridget respond? Will the grass-roots people fight with the Jin Maowei people?”

After thinking about it, x shook his head again: “But even if it’s a small fight, as soon as Zhao Yao appears, it will immediately suppress the audience.”

“Crap, I don’t want them to kill and die.” YuanYuan dismissed: “x! You have been learning with me for so long, I really didn’t even learn a little fur. This trick is called the bottom of the salary.”

“Mocha can have the status of today and today, what is it? Isn’t Zhao Yao behind him?”

β€œWhy is Zhao Yao always supporting him? That is because Mocha is his first cat.” YuanYuan exclaimed: β€œIn the human heart, the first cat has a special status and is a very deep memory. ”

“While the cat is expensive, and wants to weaken Mocha, it needs to weaken his position in Zhao Yao’s mind, so that Zhao Yao feels that Mocha is not a good cat, always mischievous, always miserable.”

x said: “Mocha does not always have trouble? Not enough?”

“Hey, what do you know? When it comes to the wrists in the cats and the rules of humanity, you are too tender.” YuanYuan said: “You see Mocha always causing trouble and trouble, but he is all other super at home. Cats and bullies are all other cats. And when they get there, they will never bring a real, huge loss to Zhao Yao.”

“It’s like a cat pulling at home, pulling it at the toilet door and pulling it on the bed, can the ending be the same?”

“A cat can pull the urine to measure the position of the urine.”

“It’s the same for other things.”

x: “Hey, you want him to be a big disaster? But what about Zhao Yao?”

β€œZhao Yao is not so coming. I asked Diana and Ekaterina. Zhao Yao is still in a dream and talks with two new cats. I have to surrender them completely. It’s not done in a moment. Now is us. The best opportunity to engage in Mocha.”

“Go, there is one next.”

A moment later, there was a scream in the hair of Elizabeth, and Elizabeth looked at herself in the mirror, not only the hair on her head was shaved, but even the cat hair on her stomach.

Looked at the orange hair left in the cat’s nest, Elizabeth smacked it and smelled it, then gnashed his teeth and said: “Wipe! Tea!”

Diana woke up and looked at Elizabeth’s look and giggled: “Sister, how do you shave your hair on your head and stomach? Hey, look at your little belly, no more. Mao is exposed.”

Diana shook her head. “Oh, not when my sister wants to say you, we are ragdoll, it is the least suitable for shaving. You are shaving your hair now. Who wants to touch you?”

Elizabeth turned to look at Diana, the red light flashed in her eyes, and Diana’s body was slightly stiff, but she was able to control her body immediately.

Diana smiled at Elizabeth and shook her tail and said, “No, my good sister, your current ability can’t help me.”

Elizabeth snorted and said, “I want you to look in the mirror yourself, you don’t want to.”

“Look in the mirror?” Diana jerked her head and ran to the mirror. The next moment, a series of screams came from her mouth.

I saw the cat hair on the back of Diana from the head to the back of the mirror was shaved a long blank, directly revealing the pink meat.


A few hundred meters away, YuanYuan put together a cluster of white cats in front of them and huddled together, and planned to find a place to hide.

x is not clear, so: “What do you hide?”

YuanYuan said: “To sell money, Elizabeth’s original cat hair, there is no market price, and when the limelight has passed, it is a revenue.”

x: “…”

YuanYuan hid the cat hair and looked at the cat island that gradually got up. He smiled and said: “The war… started!”

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