Am I A God? Chapter 955

With the passage of time, the cat island gradually became bright and clear, and more and more screaming cats rang through the sky.

The chaos continues to spread, from the Jin Maowei, the grass department, the cat and coffee department, to the past, to Ares, Cat Daxian and even the cat factory.

At this moment, the order on the cat island was completely broken.

More than an hour later, on the highest cliff of Cat Island, YuanYuan stood on the top of the peak and looked at the chaotic cat island. The smile on the corner of the mouth was getting bigger and bigger.

He looked into the woodland in the middle of Cat Island.

Cheese squats in the lawn, his ears are shaking, and he listens to the movements around him. After a long while, Ricecake talks behind him: “Going to Ricecake, there should be no cats nearby.”

Said, the two cats slowly marched forward, the goal is a cat litter 100 meters away.

Ricecake, while advancing, typed a message on his mobile phone: “Cheetah cheetah, here is a vulture, we are already in place.”

Cat Daxian returned: “The cheetah received, the vulture you wait for the signal to be dispatched.”

In a short while, along with a dragon, Cheese and Ricecake rushed to the charge.

But in the next moment, more lights are on and more cats are coming.

The golden dragon that just flew up to the sky was pulled down by Ares’s exclusionary field. The scream of the cat fairy was heard in the woodland: “There is an ambush!”

Cheese quickly took the Ricecake and wanted to fly away, but was hit by a few waves of wind gods.

“Come on, Ricecake!” Cheese flew Ricecake out: “Don’t look back! Hurry!”

Seeing that Ricecake didn’t look back, Cheese frowned. “I really ran away without looking back. This is my sister…”

Ricecake suddenly turned his head: “Are you still stupid standing? Run!”

Cheese smiled, but shook his head: “It’s too late.”

The next moment, he saw that he had been captured by the air, and the field was turned into a myriad of swords and swept toward him.

Cheese shouted: “Running Ricecake! Run!”

Ricecake glanced at Cheese deeply, and the next moment ran wildly, and behind the screams of Cheese’s heartbreaking screams.

Ricecake finally couldn’t help but go back and saw that it was cut by thousands of swords, and the cat’s hair was broken. The cheese from the cat to the pig screamed and fell to the ground: “Brother!”

Ricecake resisted tears, turned his head and fled into the woods.

YuanYuan’s line of sight looked from the central woods to the northern beach.

Behind the beach, the Space Gate of the Dimensional Stomach Bag is directly in the sea, madly absorbing the sea and forming a large vortex.

In the south of Cat Island, Bridget’s mouth was wide, and a wave of waves sprang from his mouth. It seemed to spurt the flood like a super-powered cat in front, and turned a super-powered cat into a chicken.

The egg was on the ground, and the electric sparks flashed on his body. He yelled and shouted: “Quick stop! Stop! Don’t wash!”

Caesar fell to the ground in wetness, his eyes were a godless, as if he had lost his soul: “Don’t wash the cat… The cat is soaked…”

I saw that the super cats in front of me were washed away one by one. Bridget closed his mouth and said: “I don’t want to continue to be washed, tell me where Mocha is! Otherwise I will wash your hair.” It is.”

The egg trembled and stood up, helplessly: “We really don’t know where Mocha is!”

Bridget angered: “You are with Mocha all day, and you don’t know?!”

The egg egg hurts: “It’s the cat all day with Mocha. I haven’t been with Mocha for a long time.”

Bridget: “Are you not a cat old?”

Eggboy: “I am the eggboy, Bridget! Do you admit the cat?” He swayed his body at high speed, hoping that the other party could see something. After all, the cat looked at things more clearly.

Bridget: “!”

Slightly rubbing his eyes, feeling the sound in the blurred line of sight, the heart said: “How have you seen things getting blurred recently? Is it that the TV series has been seen recently? But this guy seems to be really not a cat old…”

She sniffed her nose again, but except for the smell of sea water, she couldn’t smell anything: ‘I have been too dependent on my eyes recently… I will smell it again next time. ‘

In a silence, Bridget vomited the cat’s old face and said: “Nothing to pretend to be another cat, don’t let me see you again!”

On the cliff, YuanYuan’s eyes were slightly stunned, but there was no mention of the attack on the cat factory. Instead, x said: “You have been beaten under your hand, don’t you help me?”

YuanYuan: “Where is this time now?”

“This time does not appear, the team is not good to bring it in the future? There is no face in front of the younger brother.”

β€œWhat is the use of face? Face?” YuanYuan sneered: β€œIf you can eat stronger, can you eat or not?”

“Don’t eat.” x said: “How can I eat ε ‚ θΆ… super super cat peak? Even if it becomes stronger later, it will be a stain of my life.”

“So you are only being beaten by people now,” YuanYuan said, then turned his head and looked at the direction of the seaside villa.

“Mocha seems to be coming out…”

I saw Mocha jumping from the balcony of the villa, and the latte was behind him, and said with a look of horror: “Milk tea is so angry.”

Mocha said: “Cut, if you don’t see him just a kitten, I just smoked him.”

Latte said with a big eyes: “Really Mocha? Then let’s go back, my can of salmon has not finished yet.”

“Eat and eat, I know to eat all day.” Mocha slaps on the head of Latte: “If it weren’t for you, I am already lying on the sofa and continue to play the game. Cut, today’s daily life is not finished yet.” “”

Latte was photographed with his head, his ears shrunk, and he silently followed Mocha.

After a while, Latte said with a collapsed ear: “Mocha, I am so hungry.”

Mocha ignored him.

Latte said again: “Would you like to go to the tea to apologize?”

“Apologize for going!” Mocha dismissed: “I won’t apologize to the kitten.”

Latte: “Hey, then I am going.”

Seeing the appearance of the latte turning away, Mocha couldn’t stop for a moment, and stopped him and said, “What are you doing! Just apologize for a bite?”

“Yeah.” Latte said without any burden: “Is it enough to eat?”

Looking at the latte and looking at himself purely, Mocha sighed: “Hungry? Going, you are waiting for me here, I am going to look for milk tea to apologize.”

Just as the two cats walked back to the villa, in the darkness around them, there was a pair of yellow, green, and red eyes that kept lit up.

Elizabeth slowly came out of the woods: “Mocha…”

Mocha looked at Elizabeth and wondered: “Elizabeth, how do you wear clothes today? Have a hat?”


At the same time, the sea outside the cat island.

A pair of squats stared at the cat island in the distant clouds.

“Elizabeth! I finally found you!”

There were several men standing beside him and looking at the cat island in the distance: “Is this the cat island?”

“The rumored headless knight is dead, and his super cat is left on Cat Island.”

“Everyone is careful, the super cats of the headless knight are not the best, don’t take it lightly.”

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