Am I A God? Chapter 956

The boat slowly docked on the beach, and the apostles on the boat walked one by one.

“Is this the cat island?”

β€œLooks nothing special?”

“Be careful, there may be hundreds of super-powered cats on this island.”

A man with a thin body and a black trench coat slowly walked down, holding a ragdoll in his arms: “It’s finally arrived.”

The ragdoll in his arms screamed and pressed the phone and said: “Go to Elizabeth! Remember! It’s a cat with a particularly long ragdoll! It looks very sweet!”

The eight apostles in front of him stunned. This description seems to mean nothing to humans.

The man holding the puppet said: “Da Napoleon, don’t worry. Although the headless knight is dead, so many cats on Cat Island, we can’t sweep all the way. Still steady and steady, while accepting the super cat, while Look for the trace of Elizabeth.”

Ragdoll, known as Napoleon, frowned, and some dissatisfied said: “Hey, which cat on the cat island will be my opponent. I am coming to Cat Island this time, I want to tell Elizabeth that she was wrong.” More outrageous!”

The cat cat persuaded: “The superability of Napoleon is of course Invincible, but there are too many types of superability in the world. We must be careful and slowly advance.”

Napoleon nodded helplessly.

Suddenly, there was a burst of fire that skyrocketed and it seemed that there was a fire.

An apostle was excited: “The headless knight is really dead, or how can Cat Island be so hot?”

“Maybe the super-powered cat on the island is no one, noisy!”

“The legend has been lost on Cat Island and Cat Le City. Now there are no cats on Cat Island. Is it true?”

The cats calmed them and told them: “Don’t be excited. Those super-powered cats are very powerful even if they are not managed. Everyone checks the equipment and will act together. Got away.”

The pedestrian took out the explosion-proof suit, electric shock stick, anesthesia gun and other equipment from the boat and walked slowly toward the woods.

After a while, they heard all kinds of screaming cats and explosions coming from the depths of the forest. It seems that all kinds of super cats are fighting.

The group who felt this scene was even more excited. For the headless knight who was dead, the information on the cat island without heads was more convinced.

Excited to move on, looking for the traces of super cats.

Suddenly, a fat man who took the lead stopped his steps, reached out and stopped everyone, pointing to the front.

I saw the thick, long cat tail exposed outside in the front maneuver.

The eyes of Napoleon’s cat lit up: “That is the tail of ragdoll! Hurry up and grab him!”

The apostles carefully looked at each other and divided them into left and right sides, slowly adjacent to the grass.

At the same time, shoot a grid at the same time, cover the past where the cat’s tail is, and then force it.

Along with a scream, a cat was struggling to get caught, and he saw his limbs constantly struggling and striking, but with the sound of a current, the cat twitched a few times and stopped struggling.

Holding the cat man holding Napoleon and going up to see the cat, he saw a cockroach with a wet body and a white gas ragdoll appeared in front of them, it was ragdoll dad Caesar.

Napoleon was excited: “Caesar! Are you Caesar?”

It was first washed by Bridget, then grabbed and clicked again. Caesar looked languid at the moment, squinting at Napoleon and wondering, “Are you?”

“It’s me, Napoleon.” Napoleon shouted: “You forgot that you grew up watching me grow up? Let me and Elizabeth set a kiss!”

Caesar reacted in an instant, and looked at the hair in front of her eyes with a sleek, tall, tall-looking Napoleon.

“Is Napoleon? Are you awakened?”

Napoleon said coldly: “Oh, I have long awakened. In the years that I have abandoned, I exercise my ability every night and every night, honing the skills of killing, and fighting in the endless battlefield, for One day I will be able to find you and let you know how wrong you have made in the past.”

Caesar groaned and looked at the apostles around him and the power grid on his body. He suddenly smiled: “Okay, okay, Napoleon, you are back, just walk, let’s go to Elizabeth, she can. I miss you.”

But Caesar had just moved, and he was smashed out of the net. He squatted in his hand and asked nervously: “What do you want to do?”

Napoleon said: “What do you want to do? Of course, to catch cats, Caesar, you and I know each other, but work is work, we still have to catch you.”

‘Catch me? Just by you? Caesar stretched out a pair of claws and slammed his nails, making a low snoring sound toward everyone present.

A fat man held him on the spot, pulled out his claws, and cut his nails one by one.

After being bathed again and cut his nails, Caesar felt that his dignity had to be cut today, and he looked at Napoleon with anger.

Looking at Caesar’s cut nails, Napoleon said: “You’d better match it, or the next time it’s not as simple as cutting your nails. Maybe cutting your hair, scratching your face, or cutting your tail. Did you know? Caesar?”

Caesar looked angry at Napoleon: “What do you call me?”

Seeing Caesar suddenly so excited, Napoleon wondered: “I call you… Caesar… What happened?”

“What do you call me to do so!!” Caesar said: “I know that your relationship with Elizabeth is good. You will call my father from today.”

“Ah?” Napoleon said a little shy and a little shy: “Dad?”

“Oh.” Caesar hurriedly said: “Elizabeth can think of you. During the time when you are not there, she talks to me about your name every day.”

“Really… Really?” Napoleon was a little embarrassed, and said in his heart: “I actually want to do this at most once a month… Did Elizabeth like me for so long?”

“Of course it is true.” Caesar said: “You let me down first, I know where Elizabeth is, I will take you to her.”

Just as Napoleon and Caesar spoke, the voice of the cricket came from far away, and the cat whispered, “Be careful! There are cats coming!”

Several people immediately found shelter and hid, holding equipment to guard against the gods.

Then I saw a bush, one yellow and one white cat rushed out, and soon twisted together.

Elizabeth is both slap and slap at Mocha, and Mocha screams and screams: “Elizabeth! You are crazy!”

Elizabeth: “I want to pull out your hair one by one.”

Mocha’s figure flashed and appeared in a position ten meters away. He was angry: “You are enough! I am going crazy again!”

Elizabeth slowly stood up, and the hat on her head had already fallen out of the fight, and the clothes on her body were torn apart.

Caesar surprises: “Mocha! Elizabeth!”

“This is not my Elizabeth.” Napoleon looked at Ragdoll in the distance and said calmly: “Who is this fat and bald cat?”

I have dinner with my relatives today, and there is a chapter later.

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