Am I A God? Chapter 957

“Who is this fat and bald cat?”

With the words of Napoleon, the scene suddenly quieted down.

Napoleon looked at the stiff body, Caesar and Mocha, motionless, wondering: “What happened to you?”

Mocha’s body flashed and had been directly launched for a time to escape.

Caesar kept waving at Elizabeth and said, “Elizabeth, it’s none of my business! Don’t be impulsive…”

Napoleon looked at Elizabeth, but saw that Elizabeth at the moment was bloody red, staring at him and saying, “I have said it many times… I am just too bloated…not fat!”

Napoleon glanced at the bald belly of the other side and said casually: “If you look at your stomach, it will stick out, and it will only swell. Usually too much to eat too much, fat man…”

Caesar said: “Don’t talk about Napoleon! Elizabeth is angry and terrifying!”

Napoleon said: “She is so scary now. Let’s go straight, such a cat, I don’t even want to catch it, it’s too greasy…”

The roots of the hair on Elizabeth’s body were erected, and the hair was completely fried. There seemed to be a blue rib on the head. The blood-red eyes glared at Napoleon: “The cat has a small belly when it is squatting!!!”

The next moment, the man holding Napoleon slammed Napoleon into the ground, and after a bang, he slammed against Napoleon.

“what happened?”

“Come on!”

Other apostles saw this scene wanting to stop men, and as a result, they were blacked out and had been directly deprived of five senses and fell into a coma.

“Dead…death…dead…death…” Elizabeth’s bloody red cock was staring at the man, controlling the other Napoleon who was slamming under his feet, as if to trample the other person into a patties. same.

Then the man actually took out the pistol in his arms, and Napoleon on the ground was a dozen shots.

Caesar on the side took a sigh of coldness and quickly turned his head. He couldn’t bear to see Napoleon who had been shot after the explosion: “I told you not to talk nonsense, really…” Just then, he Suddenly I felt a stiff body and seemed to have a cold wind.

I saw Elizabeth asking: “Caesar, what do you mean just now? Did you say that I am fat?” The man had already pointed the pistol at Caesar.

Caesar shook his head and shook his head like a vibrating file. He said in horror: “No! You are the cutest little Yi in the world, how can you be fat? You let him put down the gun.”

At this moment, the laughter of the hahahaha, Caesar hurriedly turned to look at the ground, and saw Napoleon’s body shaking on his face, and the screaming voice came from under his body.

“Ha ha ha ha, dead fat man, do you think this is over?” Napoleon sneered: “Your superability can’t kill me! See clearly, this is the real world Invincible’s ability!”

Caesar said strangely: “This guy… Why do you always talk face to face?”

Napoleon continued to kneel on the ground, and said with a proud face: “Come on! Random attack! I understand how small you are in front of my Invincible’s ability!”

Looking at Napoleon, who was still lying on the ground and facing the ground, Caesar was curious: “Is your superability squatting on the ground?”

“You…what are you talking about!” Napoleon quickly smiled and said: “I just don’t bother to stand up. To deal with the super cats of this grade, I am too lazy to stand up!”

Elizabeth controlled the man to pull out the dagger and smashed it on Napoleon’s body.

But the dagger seemed to be cut on a layer of invisible barrier, and it was impossible to break Napoleon’s flesh.

The man was black in front of him and lost five senses directly. Elizabeth’s eyes looked at Napoleon who was lying on the ground and found that he could not control each other.

Napoleon: “Hey, understand? You little tricks are useless to me.”

In the next moment, the original few were deprived of five senses by Elizabeth. The people who fainted to the ground also squatted on the ground at this moment. They found that they were not under the control of Illusion and took out the arrester at Elizabeth. The direction.

Elizabeth quickly showed Illusion and wanted to control the crowd again, only to find that her Illusion was ineffective against these guys lying on the ground.

A large net was shot from the catcher and directly enveloped Elizabeth.

Then several episodes of anesthesia shot and hit Elizabeth’s body.

Although she has a strong Illusion ability, Elizabeth’s body is not much stronger than the average cat. As the anesthetic bomb enters the body, her head sways a few times and falls to the ground.

The apostles who were kneeling on the ground immediately encircled them, and excitedly put Elizabeth into the sack.

“This super cat is so good! It must sell a lot of money.”

Another person said: “What money to sell? Didn’t you see that she can control others? Directly borrowing her ability, we will send it.”

After collecting Elizabeth, the group simply squatted on the ground and continued to move towards the interior of Cat Island. Caesar was carried in a cat bag and kept talking about Elizabeth, but he was completely awake to the anesthetic bomb.

Then Napoleon and his party went forward here, and they swept all the way. After the squatting, almost any attack did not work for them. They directly grabbed more than a dozen cats along the way, and looked forward to the results of this trip to Cat Island. .

Lightning slammed into an apostle, and Super Static Electricity didn’t have a miraculous effect. When he screamed, he was stuffed into a sack.

The electric shock of the egg was easily taken by the apostles who were squatting, and the whole cat was stunned into a sack by several anesthetic bombs.


“Too much, there are so many super cats here.”

“When we grab all of them, half of them are sold, and half of them are kept for use. It’s not awkward in this life.”

“Small voice, it seems that another cat is coming.”

Accompanied by the footsteps of the rustling sand, Bai Quan slowly came out of the bushes and looked at a group of apostles who were kneeling on the ground. They looked puzzled and said, “What are you doing?”

The captured super-powered cats screamed excitedly, Bai Quan said: “Don’t call, you are not an innocent guy. It’s so big this night, wait for the boss to wake up…”

Hey! Bai Quan pinched the anesthetic bomb that was shot at him, and hit the other side with a backhand.

But seeing the unscathed apostle, Bai Quan raised an eyebrow: “Hey?”


On Cat Island, the original Cat Valley was built to seal x.

Ase and Aria closed their eyes, so they lay on the ground, twitching from time to time, and their faces were scared.

In front of them, Zhao Yao’s figure slowly emerged from the void, this is his dream of entering the two cats with Diana’s ability, and now from the dream back to the real world.

“The two cats have almost negotiated with them.”

Suddenly Zhao Yao frowned and his ears shook slightly, and he heard a lot of what happened on Cat Island.

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