Am I A God? Chapter 958

Listening to the noisy voice on Cat Island, Zhao Yao frowned. He first looked at Ase and Aria, who were still sleeping on the ground, and decided to shut the two cats into the stomach pocket.

As a result, he just opened the Space Gate, and the raging water came to him, and he headed for him.

Zhao Yao immediately opened his mouth and sucked it, sucking the gushing seawater into the stomach pocket, then reaching out to close the Space Gate, and a self-swallowed into the stomach pocket.

Looking at the dip stomach bag that has been filled with Jinshan, filled with sea water everywhere, Zhao Yao airway: “Bridget! What are you doing?!”


Bridget, who is constantly spitting on the cliffs and playing the brilliance of the cats, laughs: “Where is Mocha? Give him up soon! Otherwise I will wash you again twenty times.”

The plane raised his wet head and said angrily: “Bridget! You are finished, you wash your cat like this, Zhao Yao knows that you won’t let go of you.”

Bridget dismissed: “Hey, plane, you don’t look at whether Zhao Yao is important to you or to me.

The money I earn every day is one hundred times more than yours. It looks cute and touchable. The superability is better than you. Does Zhao Yao know how I bully you? ”

The plane and other Cats of Super Cats were in a hurry, screaming at Bridget: “You give me a wait, Mocha will help us out! Zhao Yao hurts Mocha!”

“Mocha?” Bridget sighed coldly: “This time he can’t keep himself, but also for you? I advise you to have something to tell you honestly, to avoid getting Zhao Yao to ask questions and ask what to shave. Mao’s great sin, no one can hold you.”

Just then, a dark Space Gate was opened behind Bridget, Zhao Yao’s head slowly extended, and Bridget’s body suddenly stiffened.

Bridget shouted: “Zhao Yao Zhao Yao, listen to me! Things are not what you think…”

The next big hand has grabbed Bridget’s head and dragged her into the dark Space Gate.

Meow! !

Bridget screamed and held out his claws, and he was horrified to climb out. The result was firmly grasped by the big hand, leaving a long line of scratches on the ground and dragging directly into the stomach pocket.

As the Space Gate slowly disappeared, the cats with their hearts hanging in the air were suddenly relaxed.

The plane was covered with hair: “Fortunately… I didn’t find me.”

Suddenly, Zhao Yao’s head stretched out from the void and looked at the position of the plane. He was so scared that the plane sipped and looked down at the meat bag.

Zhao Yao said, “You go to the cat room and blow it up. If anyone is sick with a cold, then I can only eat him if it is not cured.”

Meow! The plane and the cat immediately stood up and ran wildly towards the location of the cat room.

Zhao Yao turned her head back into the stomach pocket and looked at Bridget, who kept shaking and shivering in front of her eyes. She said slowly: “Bridget, where am I sorry for you?”

Bridget shook his head quickly: “No, no, no…”

Zhao Yao touched Bridget’s head and said slowly: “Isn’t I fed you recently? Didn’t you marry you? Or didn’t you eat delicious?” He turned his head and looked at the dimension that was flooded again. Stomach bag.

At the moment, the stomach pockets are full of wetness. A computer and a cat toilet seem to have broken into the water, watching Zhao Yao’s eyes murderous.

Bridget’s big round eyes, watching Zhao Yao said: “Zhao Yao Zhao Yao! Really can’t blame me! It was Mocha who burned my catnip field on the island! I only played with them!”

After hearing Bridget’s small report, Zhao Yao gave a slight glimpse: “What?”

β€œMocha!” Bridget said: β€œMocha burns all the catnip fields on the island! We have to supply all the goods in the city next month!”

Zhao Yao’s eyes instantly shot the road, and the murderous gas seemed to condense into substance. It scared Bridget’s ears to flatten and the tail was shrunk to his stomach.

“I will go to him for Mocha.” Zhao Yao looked at Bridget and said, “You should stay here and give me a good introspection. By the way, I will check it out later.” Zhao Yao pointed out that he was in a coma. Arya and Asai said: “And, give me optimism about them.”

After all, Zhao Yao’s figure has already stepped out of the Space Gate, and then the figure of the whole person draws a shadow and then rushes toward the villa.

boom! When the door of the villa was opened, Zhao Yao swept his eyes and saw Zhao Xuezheng wearing his pajamas, squinting and falling asleep. “What are you doing tonight? I am sleepy and can’t sleep.”

Zhao Yao looked at her and asked, “Have you seen Mocha?”

“No.” Seeing Zhao Yao’s serious expression, Zhao Xue was excited: “Is it going?”

At this moment, the milk tea also ran downstairs and asked: “Zhao Ye! Is Mocha out of trouble?”

Zhao Yao said with a pair of dead fish eyes: “Bridget said that Mocha burned the catnip field on the island.”

“Ah!” Milk tea looked shocked, then immediately reacted and looked at Zhao Yao and said: “Zhao Ye Zhao Ye, although the tea brother sometimes disobeys, but burns cat mint field, give him a hundred courage I am sure I will not dare to do it. There must be something behind this thing.”

Zhao Yao nodded and said, “You don’t have to plead for Mocha. I will figure out what the matter is.” He said, turning his head and looking at the tea, asked: “Where did you see Mocha?”

He listened to his ears and did not hear Mocha’s voice in the villa.

Tea tea swallowed: “Mocha just had a fight with me, and went out. I don’t know where he went…” He said in his heart: ‘It was gone, tea brother will not be destroyed because of the inscription. I also had a quarrel with me and made an impulsive thing directly. ‘

At the thought of this, the milk tea immediately anxious, a pair of small claws together, asked: “Zhao Ye, you take me to find tea brother, his inscription was deleted, the mood is very bad, I am worried about what happened to him “”

β€œIs the inscription deleted?” Zhao Yao smelled an unusual smell from two things. He grabbed it and grabbed the tea on his shoulder and walked toward the door.

His nose smelled slightly, and he smelled Mocha from the outside of the house. He followed the taste and quickly saw a ragdoll and an orange cat.

Then I saw Diana hold a latte’s head with one paw. The latte did not stop her legs and slammed it toward Diana. Diana took a paw on the nose of the latte and directly smashed the latte to the ground.

While Diana wanted to win the battle, she found the latte screaming and looked at him and said, “You…you! How do you put such a heavy poisonous hand!” The next time the latte is lying down on the ground, it doesn’t move. It looks like it is fainting.

“Ah?” Diana wondered: “I hurt him?”


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