Am I A God? Chapter 959

Falling down on the ground, the latte heart smug: “Hey, this trick is to kill Mocha with the super, I don’t dare to hit me.”

Diana walked up to the front of the latte, and her nose sniffed and sniffed: “It seems that I am not dead. I just didn’t have much effort.”

“Is it a porcelain?”

Just then, a shadow overshadowed two super-powerful cats. When Diana looked up, she found Zhao Yao in front of them.

“Zhao Yao!”

Zhao Yao looked at Diana’s cat hair that had been shaved from head to back. He said without words: “What are you doing? Do you know that your hair type is not suitable for you? There is no sweetness of ragdoll, like a fool. same.”

Diana looked sadly at the cat hair on her back and said, “It’s not me shaved! It’s all Mocha! He not only shaved my hair, but also shaved Elizabeth’s hair!”

Zhao Yao’s face sank and nodded toward Diana. He opened the Space Gate and said, “I know, you are advanced. I will grab Mocha and figure things out.”

After Diana ran in, Zhao Yao snorted and looked at the latte and said, “Okay, get up, don’t pretend.”

Seeing that the latte was still motionless, Zhao Yao rolled his eyes: “This guy…whatever he learned to die.”

The milk tea on the side immediately ran up and pushed the latte with the claws and said, “Oh, don’t pretend, get up soon.”

Latte privately said: “Don’t push me over the milk tea, the other side is testing me, I just ignore him, he will believe it!”

“Trust you a big ghost.” Zhao Yao slaps on the head of Latte, and says Space Gate: “Come in for me. I will pay attention to myself, learn more tea, don’t always Mocha learns something messy.”

Latte bowed down in a dejected way, and said in his heart: ‘This can be seen, where I am exposed. ‘

Zhao Yao’s sheriff in his arms smiled slyly: ‘Little devil, you are all flawed. ‘

Grabbing Diana and Latte, Zhao Yao continued to follow the Mocha taste, moving all the way, and soon came to a big pit.

I saw Baiquan standing in the position of the pit, looking at the movement in the pit with helplessness.

Hearing the sound of the wind behind him, Bai Quan turned and said: “Boss? Are you awake?”

“Yeah.” Zhao Yao looked at the situation in the pit and said nothing: “What is this?”

I saw the little pit below, and Napoleon and his apostles squatted on the ground, crawling like caterpillars, yelling at the white springs on the side of the pit.

“Bastard! Do you dare to come down and play with us?”

“What kind of heroes are buried in the pit! There is a kind of let us go out and fight again!”

“Don’t worry, I have found the trick, we can climb out of the pit.”

Bai Quan pointed to the following apostle and explained: “The super-ability of this guy seems to be invincible on the ground. I tried all kinds of attacks and it didn’t work. I dug a pit and led them in. ”

“Hey? Under the Invincible?” Zhao Yao picked up his eyebrows and looked at the apostles who were kneeling in the pit, even with their faces directly facing them. Raising their hands was a sword that stabbed the field and stabbed them. Sure enough, it has no effect.

“Interesting.” Zhao Yao’s originally gloomy mood was a lot better. He glanced at the bottom of the crowd and his eyes stopped on Napoleon’s body, feeling his chin: “Superability is this ragdoll?”

Bai Quan said: “It should be him. After he left, my attack did not work.”

Zhao Yao nodded with satisfaction: “Not bad.” He said that he had opened a Space Gate in the pit: “White Spring, you will lead them to the Space Gate for a while, I have something to talk to them.”

At this moment, Caesar and Lightning, who were rescued by Baiquan, ran over and saw that Zhao Yao’s face was black because the anesthetic bomb was still in a coma. He pointed to Elizabeth’s bald head and stomach: “Mocha dry of?”

Caesar said on the side: “Before listening to Elizabeth, Mocha cut her hair.”

Zhao Yao shook his head and shook his head. He said, “I am going into the stomach pocket of the yuan. I have something to say.”

When the super-cat was driven in, Zhao Yao saw that Baiquan was trying to lead the apostles in the pit to the Space Gate and thought about it: “You are bother to get in, let me try.”

Zhao Yao is going to try to see if the super cat above lv10 can affect this Invincible ability, so he switched to Ekaterina’s superability, and snorted, accompanied by the ability to launch, they saw an apostle directly I slept.

However, some of the apostles still lie on the ground, and they are motionless. Obviously, the ultra-ability has not been successfully launched.

‘Even if it is a conscious bonus, the ability to deal with this immune attack does not seem to be 100% successful. ‘Zhao Yao thought at the same time, once again cold a few times, watching an apostle fall into sleep, said to the side of the white spring: “Well, you move them into the stomach pocket.”

Bai Quan tried it and found that even if he went to sleep, they were still in an Invincible state on the ground, and he could not even carry them.

However, they cannot be transported directly, but they can be moved together with the ground below them.

So Bai Quan directly moved with the ground beneath them, and they were thrown into the stomach pockets of the yuan.

Zhao Yao continues to pursue the scent of Mocha.

“Ares, what are you doing?”

Picking up the Ares and Lucifer cats who were beating Cheese, and looking at the Cheese who had been shaved into a light pig, Zhao Yao said, “What are you doing?”

Then Zhao Yao caught another super-powered cat who was only fighting, and all of them were thrown into the pocket of the yuan, waiting for his instructions.

When I finally ran into a cat’s nest, Zhao Yao saw Mocha, Ricecake and Gaia, who were playing with the game console, lying on the bed. The three of them were playing games happily, as if they didn’t know what happened outside. What is the same.

Zhao Yao unplugged their game console, and Gaia immediately screamed: “Zhao Yao, what are you doing! Why shut my game console!”

Mocha and Ricecake also glared at Zhao Yao, looking angry and wronged.

Zhao Yao first looked at Gaia and said, “When are you still playing? How long have you been playing today? You are not sleeping, you are worried about dying, you go to bed early, can you get up early tomorrow?”

Gaia is uncomfortable: “I am dying, how can I play the game? It’s better than going out for a gun, fighting, and grabbing the sofa!”

“Not allowed to play today, go to sleep.” Zhao Yao licked Gaia’s head.

Gaia walked away angrily, and Ricecake and Mocha were angrily wanting to walk away, but they were stopped by Zhao Yao.

“Ricecake, do you know that your brother is shaved, are you still playing games here?”

Ricecake didn’t care: “The hair is shaved, it’s just fine, it’s very refreshing. If you don’t like it, it’s fine if you grow up.”

Zhao Yao shook his head helplessly and pointed to the Space Gate behind him and said, “Go in.”

After Ricecake entered, Zhao Yao looked at Mocha again and asked, “What have you done tonight?”

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