Am I A God? Chapter 960

“What have I done?” Mocha looked at Zhao Yao innocently, and said in his heart: “Did I lie to tea, the plane, their things exposed?”

Zhao Yao listened to the report of the sheriff and looked at Mocha with suspicion and said: “Is there anything about Elizabeth that has anything to do with you?”

“Elizabeth?” Mocha immediately recalled Elizabeth’s appearance at this time, laughing happily: “You said Elizabeth is so stupid! Hey, who told him to beat me, I will bite her hair. It is.”

The sheriff shrank in Zhao Yao’s chest and said: “Mocha was beaten by Elizabeth, and the hair on his buttocks had bitten down a bunch, but Elizabeth shaved his hair. He didn’t remember it at all. It didn’t seem to do it. “”

Zhao Yao touched his chin and said that Space Gate said: “Go in, stay in it, and come back to talk to you later.”

Mocha was sent to the Space Gate, Zhao Yao was about to catch other troublesome cats, but the ears moved slightly, and turned around and found a blue light, the former star cat’s Assas, Merlin, Anthony, they have already sent the remaining cats to Zhao Yao.

YuanYuan came out of it and looked at Zhao Yao and said, “Zhao Yao Zhao Yao! I took Assas with them and grabbed the messy cats. Now the island has stabilized again.”

“Hey?” Zhao Yao touched YuanYuan’s head and said, “Good job.”

YuanYuan smiled and glared at Zhao Yao’s palm, and thought: “It’s good to help Zhao Yao… I want to help Zhao Yao… help Zhao Yao manage Cat Island…”

The sheriff listened to YuanYuan’s voice, and Zhao Yao listened to the sheriff’s remarks and touched YuanYuan a few times: “Is YuanYuan so embarrassed now?”

YuanYuan’s heart is secretly saying: “Good guy, this guy is perfectly controlling his own thinking, and it’s getting better and better. I really didn’t choose the wrong cat.”

Zhao Yao looked at the cats like Assas behind YuanYuan and said, “You are also good. Bring the cats into the stomach pocket. I have something to say.”

The sheriff listened to the spiritual cat Assas, sent the cat Anthony, and foreseen the words of the cat Merlin, and reported it to Zhao Yao: “They seem to have been convinced by YuanYuan, and now they all plan to join the cat factory.”

“Hey?” Zhao Yao looked at YuanYuan with surprise. This is the eight super-powered cats from the Star Cat. It is a very powerful super cat. If they join the cat factory, then YuanYuan will become a cat. The most powerful super cat on the island.

But what makes Zhao Yao puzzled is why, with the strength of YuanYuan, why can you convince these super-powered cats?

“You listen to their voices and see how they are convinced by YuanYuan.” Zhao Yao waved and said: “Walk, go into the stomach pocket.”


Among the distressed stomach bags, Napoleon woke up a little dizzy, and when he woke up, he found that something was wrong. He was tied up and hung in the air.

This is the white spring directly lifts the mud and rocks below them, throwing them into the stomach pockets, leaving them out of the ground and out of the Invincible state.

Napoleon looked around again, and his companions were all tied up with their hands and feet, hanging in the air, yelling and shouting. Some people roar, some threaten, and some are innocent.

“What are you doing!”

“Let us down! We have more than one hundred apostles companions to meet us at sea, and they will come over!”

“Our ship was killed and I accidentally went to the island!”

Upon hearing this noisy voice, Zhao Yao waved his hand and directly deprived the apostles of their touch and stopped their movements.

“It’s all shut up, it’s not your turn yet.”

Napoleon and others were forcibly deprived of the sense of touch, and it was difficult to control the body. Only then carefully looked around and found that they had come to an unknown room. There were super cats everywhere, and at first glance, there were at least two hundred. Only the super cats were surrounded by the four, all quietly squatting or sitting, looking in the direction of Zhao Yao.

When he saw the position of Zhao Yao, Napoleon gave a slight glimpse: “This… this is Zhao Yao? Zhao Yao of Cat City! Is it likely to be a headless knight? Not that he is dead! Why not die? what!”

Others have found this problem in succession and started to get nervous.

Napoleon’s heart said: “Awful, was it caught by the headless knight? I heard that the cats that he caught were all controlled to work and earn money. If it’s not working, I can only temporarily pretend for a while, then I will find a chance to escape. It is.”

Napoleon thought in his heart: “Hey, my powerful ability, even if the headless knight knows, will reuse it, maybe it will become the most favored cat here? But I still have to escape, I am not Pet cat.”

Zhao Yao didn’t care about their thoughts, sat on his sofa and looked at the super cat around him and said, “Today’s things, you let me down. How long have I slept? Ten hours are not At the time, look at what you have done with Cat Island? Playing with water, destroying the home, fighting, and shaving the hair of other cats, more and more, you?”

A cat all looked down with fear and dared not look at Zhao Yao.

Zhao Yao looked at Bridget and said coldly: “Bridget, let me talk about your problem first, and then I will drive out the cats of the Dimensional Stomach Bag, and also suck the sea to rush to other cats, and make the Dimensional Stomach Bag into this. Look like…”

Bridget rushed out and stumbled in front of Zhao Yao: “Zhao Yao, I am wrong! I really know it wrong! Don’t wash me with water! Don’t shave my hair! I must work hard to earn money!”

Zhao Yao shook his head and went forward. He grabbed Bridget and put it in his hand. He suddenly touched his chin and said, “Bridget, I have been raising you for several years. How has it been so small?” ”

Bridget’s body was stiff and suddenly there was a bad feeling: “Well?”

Zhao Yao looked at Bridget and said, “You said that if you eat it, you can’t raise fat. If you don’t grow up, you will destroy your home and bully other cats. This will not work. I can’t eat this cat.” Not as good as…”

“Make you a braised cat!”

“!” Bridget had a soft body and almost didn’t scare him out. He said with a smile: “Zhao…Zhao Yao… Are you kidding?”

“I am like a joke?” Zhao Yao said: “The braised cat meat is delicious, add an egg, add some seasoning…” As he said, Zhao Yao had thrown Bridget into the middle of the night: “Take Go to braised, remember to put a few more eggs together.”

“!” Napoleon looked at the scene with a stunned look, watching Bridget struggle, crying, and finally being dragged into a container-made kitchen, in a scream, the door smashed a large pool of blood…

Seeing this scene, Napoleon was scared to squirt the urine directly. He had already heard that the headless knight was the enemy of the cats, the cat madman, the predator of the super cat, but did not expect the other party to be so mad. Even the cats have eaten.

“Isn’t it good to work to earn money?!!”

“How come you start eating cat meat!!!”

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