Am I A God? Chapter 961

Just as Napoleon was scared and shivering, Zhao Yao slammed his finger and said, “Ares, come over.”

Ares sneaked to Space Gate: “I don’t want to be eaten! I don’t want to die! Cats don’t taste good!”

But just a few meters away, Zhao Yao grabbed the tail and dragged it back a little bit.

“You look at you so fat? I eat so much every day, I can’t afford you. Now I have shaved the hair of other cats, so I can’t do it. I messed up the whole cat island and simply put you. Let’s barbecue cat meat.”

Seeing another super-cat was sent to the kitchen, Napoleon was already unable to stop shaking, his teeth trembled, his tail huddled, and a large pool of urine stains left behind the ground.

“What should I do? What should I do?”

“Will you eat me? Will you eat me? Will you eat me? Will you eat me? Will you eat me? Will you eat me? Will you eat me?”

“It’s dying to die, dying, dying, dying!!!”

Napoleon, who was nervous, seemed to repeat whispers as if he were a repeater.

The apostle on the side asked: “Napoleon, do you know what they are saying? Is this person Zhao Yao? You just yell, not you call two…”

“Call a fart! Who told you to pull me to Cat Island!” Napoleon burst into tears and said: “I used to be an Elvis in college, and I have to pull me to Cat Island. Now Elizabeth is not. Found, have to be eaten!”

Napoleon thought more and more sad, and soon he couldn’t make a sound, his face was tears and his nose was together: “Hey!”

The latte next to Mocha also opened his mouth and looked at the scene with horror, desperately pushing Mocha, pointing to Zhao Yao, pushing Mocha and pointing to Zhao Yao.

“Empress and wipe… tea!”

“Someone eats a cat!!”

Mocha turned his head and looked at Zhang Dazui, a frightened latte, and said, “Don’t talk! Don’t get Zhao Yao’s attention! Learn how I look like this, look down at your paws, when It doesn’t happen anything.”

“But it is! But he wants to eat cats!!”

“Don’t worry about latte, it should be scaring them, not really eating.” Mocha said: “Be patient, keep calm, even if you don’t eat cats, if you are eyeing, God knows what Zhao Yao will do. “”

Dealing with Bridget and Ares, Zhao Yao looked at the shaved Cheese, Diana, Elizabeth and other cats and asked with concern: “Are you okay? Is there a cold fever? If you are sick, you can only do it.” Stupid cat meat.”

Originally, because of the stunned Elizabeth, I quickly and madly shook my head: “Nothing is ok, I have nothing at all! The hair is shaved very cool, I feel more comfortable!!”

“Unfortunately, the cat’s meat is a little bit of catnip, very fresh.” Zhao Yao showed a trace of pity, then looked at Mocha and asked: “Mocha, Elizabeth and Diana said that you shaved their hair, Bridget It is also said that you burned cat mint field, what do you want to say?”

Mocha’s figure was stiff and his hind legs were soft. He fell directly on the ground and couldn’t stand up.

“I… I… I… I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I…”

Looking at Mocha, I won’t come out for a long time, Zhao Yao said slowly: “Do you want to say that you didn’t do it?”

Mocha turned into a vibration mode, and he said while shaking: “Yes, yes, yes, yes!”

“That’s not what you did, who did it?” Zhao Yao’s eyes swept over the group of cats.

x At this moment, I feel that a bitter cold has fallen from the sky. It is clear that there is no body, but there is a feeling of cold sweat everywhere.

“What? Why do I have to be so scared.” He shouted to YuanYuan: “Hey, your plan is not reliable. Zhao Yao won’t really eat both of us?”

β€œWhat plan?” YuanYuan wondered: β€œWhy Zhao Yao wants to eat me? I just made a great contribution to Zhao Yao and settled the cat island.”

“You guy, you forgot you…” When I said half of it, I gave a slight glimpse: “No, YuanYuan, this guy is too calm, he communicates with me directly, even if Self-control is strong, and there is no possibility of panic… unless he…”

“This guy, my own memory has been washed away?”

“What about Caesar?” x through YuanYuan’s eyes, aiming at Caesar not far away: “But Caesar was read by his heart… and so on… So, it must be that even Caesar washed away the memory. As long as you wash YuanYuan’s memory and then wash away Caesar’s memory of YuanYuan’s memory, then this thing becomes a real secret, and it has achieved this point… But when is it?”

“Why am I completely unaware? Unless!!”

x looked at YuanYuan in surprise: “Unless I even washed a part of my memory, I was completely unaware of this.”

“But since I have done this step, why not wash away my memory? I still have a part of my memory about this incident…”

“Is it my intention to store my memory here? Because I am hiding in the subconscious and cannot be read, so store this part of my memory here?”

“In order to prevent the ability of reading cats, I will use it as a tool for memory backup, and use the degree of reliability to this extent.” X heart secretly said: “YuanYuan this guy, maybe really can…”

Just then, I saw a large pot of braised pork coming out at midnight and sent it to Zhao Yao.

“Boss, this is today’s braised cat meat.”

As the lid was opened, the scent came over and a piece of braised pork floated in front of Zhao Yao.

But in the face of this fragrant food, many super-powered cats on the scene are all horrified and suspicious.

β€œIs Bridget really made into braised pork?”

“No, even Zhao Yao, this is too…”

β€œIt’s very fast, midnight.” Zhao Yao grabbed the chopsticks and took a sip. He chewed and said, β€œWell, it’s very slippery and fragrant. It’s better than pork, and it’s a kind of beef.”

In the horror of the cats, Zhao Yao, while eating braised pork, looked at Napoleon and said, “What are you doing on Cat Island?”

Compared with other super-character cats with suspicion, Napoleon really scared the urine, while crying and crying: “I am not coming! These guys are forcing me to come! Right, I met Caesar and their family, grew up with Elizabeth and grew up!”

“Don’t eat me! I am my own cat! It’s my own cat!”

Zhao Yao looked at Elizabeth and was curious: “Will you grow up together?”

“I don’t know.” Elizabeth turned her head indifferently: “When he met me before, he didn’t say that, he said that he would take all the super cats on the cat island, and one would not stay.”

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