Am I A God? Chapter 962

When he heard what Elizabeth said, Napoleon was as stiff as a thunder.

‘This bald and fat guy is really Elizabeth? ‘

‘After the end, Zhao Yao knows that I am going to catch the cat? ‘

‘I have to be eaten yet? Braised or steamed? It’s so painful to think about steaming! ‘

Countless thoughts came to me, as if to explode Napoleon’s head in an instant, so that he could not do anything at all at this moment, just looking at Zhao Yao silly, do not know what to do.

Zhao Yao looked at his stupid look and said slowly: “Come on my island to catch a cat? You are very courageous. If this is the case, simply take you…”

“Don’t!” Napoleon reacted at this moment and shouted loudly: “Don’t eat me! As long as you don’t eat me, I can do whatever I want, what to do! Oh, beg you not to eat me. !”

Zhao Yao ate another piece of braised pork and said slowly: “What can I do?”

“Whatever you can!” Napoleon said arrogantly: “Just don’t eat me! You can do horses and horses!”

“Well, I have to take care of it, remember what you said.” Zhao Yao sat up straight and showed the color of appreciation: “If this is the case, you will make money for me to pay the debt.”

Napoleon took a sigh of relief and said in his heart: ‘There is no need to be eaten. ‘

The other Mocha and other cats looked at each other and looked at Napoleon’s eyes with a trace of pity.

Mocha: ‘The future of this cat… No… This cat has no future. ‘

Elizabeth: ‘Poor cat, live in the shadow of Zhao Yao in this life. ‘

YuanYuan said in the heart: ‘Eat is not necessarily true to eat, but the money is really selling his more than ten pounds of meat to Zhao Yao…’ I thought about myself until now, I still have to pay Zhao Yao every month. YuanYuan left his head and left a sad tear.

On the other side, Zhao Yao counted his fingers and said: “Since you are willing to pay back the money, it will be easier. We will not do dark things, and how much money will be owed to you. I am the most cat-to-cat. Fair, to ensure that you do not pay a penny, but also a lot of money.

As long as the damage caused by your visit to Cat Island is fully compensated, I will let you go back. ”

Napoleon nodded fiercely, and his heart moved: “Who said that the headless knight is not reasonable, swaying the river, bullying the cat? This is not very understanding. We came here to cause damage, and indeed we should lose money.”

Fortunately, I have saved a little money to buy a house in the past few years, and there are more than five million. It should be enough to lose…”

“Well, let me calculate.” Zhao Yao squeezed his chin and said: “The greening fee for destroying the grass… disturbing the mental loss of the super cat… If you are cheaper, eight small targets.”

“eight small goals?”

“Eight billions.” Zhao Yao said: “Don’t say I won’t give you a chance. Before the end of this month, you’ve put eight billion dollars in my bank account, and I’ve let you go.”

“Eight billion?!!” Napoleon’s shocked tongue was spit out, staring at Zhao Yao and saying, “You… are you counting it again? I don’t think you even use the computer, it will be calculated in a few seconds… …”

Napoleon’s heart was arrogant: “What you said is what you said, how can I cause so much damage to 800 million!!”

“Without a computer, don’t look at me like an ordinary human being. In fact, my brain is faster than a computer. Don’t worry, it won’t be wrong.” Zhao Yao said softly: “How? Go to Alipay or credit card? ”

Napoleon glared at Zhao Yao, and his heart was speechless: “Pay your sister to pay! I will give you 800 million! This is too dark for him!”

Zhao Yao looked at Napoleon and said, “What? You don’t want to accompany me?” He said, he picked up a piece of braised pork and ate it. He looked at Napoleon’s gaze and showed a dangerous atmosphere.

Napoleon immediately nodded madly and said: “I am willing to be willing… I will pay… pay!!”

“That’s right.” Zhao Yao took a piece of paper from behind and put it in front of Napoleon: “Come, sign and draw, then we are the relationship between the pure debtor and the creditor. You just need peace of mind.” If you pay back your money, you don’t have to worry about being eaten anymore. You can live a safe life every day.”

“Call, yeah, no longer have to worry about not eating, you can live a stable life.” Napoleon signed and drew, with the right paw dipped in ink, pressed his own meat pad on the other’s paper, in my heart I thought: “The headless knight is really ready, and you can sign it when you take it out.”

Looking at the signature of Napoleon, Zhao Yao immediately took the paper and looked at it. He smiled with satisfaction: “Well, from now on, you are your own cat, what is your name.”

Napoleon said, “Napoleon.”

Zhao Yao said with a smile: “Hey, Napoleon, you are carrying it on the side. I will arrange the work for you when I finish the matter.” After Zhao Yao looked at the human being with Napoleon, he smiled and said: “You guys The same is true, as long as everyone loses this loss, I will let you go.”

Napoleon breathed a sigh of relief: “It turned out that everyone lost this 800 million together, so…”

“What a joke.” Zhao Yao said: “Of course, each of you has to lose 800 million.”

Napoleon opened his mouth and couldn’t close it for a long time.

Immediately, the apostles immediately asked for money and jumped out and shouted: “800 million?! You might as well kill me directly! No money! A jump!”

“Oh.” With a sneer of Zhao Yao, everyone in the room felt that there was a cold wind blowing through the body.

“Want to die?” Zhao Yao gently squeezed his hand and took off the dragon knives hanging on his chest. He said: “I’m doing things in my life, never killing innocents, and naturally won’t kill you.”

“But I don’t want to pay back the money? Is there any Wang Fa? Is there fair?” Zhao Yao’s finger flicked, and the next moment, the Dragon Sword was turned into a golden light, which was inserted into the speaker’s arm.

Everyone saw the screams of the speaker, and the next moment on the ground, madly rolled up, and there was a scream in his mouth, calling everyone cold and vertical, a kind of chill.

Seeing that the Dragon Sword was going to come again, the man immediately shouted: “Repay the money! I will pay back the money, don’t tie me any more.”

Zhao Yao glanced at the others and asked, “Is there anyone else who wants to pay?”

The super cats who watched this scene were a bit cold, and the other side was still busy in the kitchen at midnight, Lang Lang and other people but they looked at each other: ‘There is someone to help cook. ‘

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