Am I A God? Chapter 963

Convinced the debtor, Zhao Yao hooked his finger, rejected the traction of the field, was tied by the five flowers, and Blockt and Ares, who were blocked by the mouth, flew out of the container kitchen and saw the super cats loose. Take a sigh of relief.

Mocha: “I said, Zhao Yao is abnormal, but he doesn’t eat cats.”

The latte sighed and fell to the ground: “Scared me…”

Napoleon: “???”

Zhao Yao looked at the two cats and looked at other super-powered cats and said: “I am already very tolerant. Usually, you will not be able to control the small troubles. Even if you play around the clock, go out and shoot, chaos. I have a kitten, and I have one eye closed.”

Zhao Yao: “But this time when you slept me, I turned the cat island upside down. What do you want to do? Do you want to rebel?”

Zhao Yao looked at Ares and Bridget and watched the two cats not being eaten. After the robbery, the rest of the life, cold and cold: “Ares, Bridget, you two are the leaders of the grass and fighting department. Not only does it not manage me to manage Cat Island for me, but I am brave enough to bully other super cats, causing chaos in Cat Island. I am fined for your salary for one year. Do you have any opinions?”

Bridget and Ares headed down. Although they felt so painful, they didn’t dare to say that they had opinions. They quickly nodded and said yes.

Then Zhao Yao turned to look at other super-cats who participated in the fight. He said coldly: “There are the cats who help the two of them fight together, and all the penalties are punishable for half a year. I will make all of you later. barbecue.”

Looking at the appearance of a super-powered cat being punished, Napoleon looked around and said: ‘Hmm… it seems a bit wrong. ‘

Just when Zhao Yao taught the super cat from start to finish, the sheriff also kept reading the mental state of a super cat according to Zhao Yao’s instructions. On the one hand, they looked at their reaction, and the other was to look at their reaction. The purpose of the aspect is to find the guy who burned the cat mint field and shaved Elizabeth their hair.

However, after the sergeant read the mind, especially after reading a few Zhao Yao’s doubtful goals, there was no gain, and no cat was found behind the scenes.

Zhao Yao said in the heart: ‘The super cats on the whole island… are already here, so why… unless the cat thinks about the way to resist reading. ‘

In Zhao Yao’s mind, there are more than a dozen combinations of methods and capabilities for counter-reading super-ability, but none of them can find evidence immediately.

“Hey, is there a cat that is naughty?”

After thinking about it, Zhao Yao intends to pretend to be undiscovered, and then find a chance to get a cat.

So Zhao Yao looked at Mocha and said privately: “You recognize the sin, and I will recharge you to buy all the inscriptions.”

Mocha’s body shook slightly and immediately spit his tongue toward Zhao Yao like a pug: “Okay, okay.”

Zhao Yao said: “Mocha, did you shave Elizabeth, Diana’s hair, and burned the catnip field?”

Mocha spit his tongue and said, “Yes, yeah.”

The milk tea and latte on the side were all surprised to see Mocha. The milk tea said: “Tea brother! You can’t just recognize it if you don’t do it!”

Mocha took back his tongue and said coldly: “Hey, do it, and recognize what it is. I Mocha has been working for a lifetime, when I need to hide my head and tail.”

Mocha looked to Bridget and Elizabeth and said, “I have been holding you for a long time. This time I just set fire to shave, and then provoke me later, beware of killing both of you.”

Looking at the look of Bridget and Elizabeth, Mocha looked up at the sky and looked disdainful. He thought to himself: ‘Hey, I don’t seem to be crazy, super hard. ‘

Zhao Yao frowned and said: “I have played.”

Mocha immediately fell to the ground and turned his belly and shouted: “Zhao Yao Zhao Yao, actually I am not doing it! I have no shaving or burning catnip! I just installed b, all of them are my “”

Zhao Yao: “If you have a good reputation, you shouldn’t argue. Then you will be fined for three years of salary and forbidden. If you don’t allow me within three years, you are not allowed to leave the cat island and cat music city half a step.”

YuanYuan on the side looked at Mocha’s dejected look, his face full of light, and x was in his heart: “YuanYuan succeeded?”

Temporarily dealt with the matter here, Zhao Yao confessed that the super cat regained the order of the cat island, purchased the catnip supply, let Napoleon follow the white spring to get a familiar life, and the apostles of Yeouido followed the white spring. Money, money is not enough to work to deduct and other tasks.

After a series of tasks, Zhao Yao came to Pharaoh’s hall with sleeping Aria and Ase.

I was supposed to resurrect Pharaoh. He planned to do it when he woke up. He knew that he had encountered so many things and dragged it to the present.

Looking at the pharaoh’s body, which was stored in the freezer, Zhao Yao awakened the still dreaming of Arya and Ase.

The two cats climbed up in confusion, and when they saw Zhao Yao, they trembled and hugged together.

Ase: “Zhao Yao! What do you want! I am not afraid of you!” At the same time as talking, Aria on the side of the hug is tighter.

Zhao Yao looked at Arya and said, “Your ability, you can resurrect the dead or the cat.” He pointed to Pharaoh in the hail and said, “I want you to help me resurrect him.”

Arya looked at Pharaoh in the hail and said, “My resurrection requires the door of eternal life. The door to eternal life has been destroyed by you. I can’t live anything.”

Zhao Yao curled up his mouth and smiled slightly: “I know, your ability, I know very well, I will help you build the door to eternal life…”

In the process of pulling two super-powerful cats to dream, Zhao Yao did not know that they were scaring them. Instead, they tried to test the intelligence of the two cats through various imaginary scenes and understood their superability.

Ase has the ability to manipulate blood, can manipulate life by manipulating blood, and can recover injuries and strengthen strength by absorbing blood.

As long as there is life nearby to let him absorb, he can fight undeadly, and the strength of the strength increase, if absorbed the blood of tens of thousands of people, then it will be stronger than Pharaoh.

And Arria, his superability is more special, can create a super-energy creation called the door of eternal life. Strictly speaking, rebirth is not the ability of Arria, but the ability of eternal life, the super-ability of Arria. It is the door to building eternal life.

When the door of eternal life is built, he can regenerate himself almost without limit, and pull other people or cats into it, and constantly resurrect and regenerate.

Of course, such horrible ability naturally has huge side effects or costs.

So Arya looked at Zhao Yao and said with some hesitation: “The super-regeneration of rebirth is not without cost. He is not a free lunch, and it is even more important to resurrect this dead cat…”

“I know the cost of the ability, and I understand the complexity behind it, but it doesn’t matter. I am willing to pay those.” Zhao Yao picked up Arria and put it in front of the freezer, allowing Arria to see the pharaoh in the freezer.

“What you have to do is to build a door to rebirth and resurrect him. I will provide it to you.”

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