Am I A God? Chapter 964

“The price of the door to eternal life is to change lives.” Zhao Yao looked at Arya and said: “The most important material for building the door to eternal life is blood, and it is best to be the blood of intelligent life, right?”

Arya looked at Zhao Yao in surprise and said, “Do you know?” But thinking about everything he experienced in his dreams, he nodded again and felt that the other party knew it for granted.

For Mocha, they are only a short night. For Arria and Ase, it is really a year.

After all, Diana, who has reached lv15, has its dream ability to display it, and it can reach every second in the real world. It has been more than twenty hours in the dream, and if it is transformed into a dreamability, the ratio can be Break through thirty hours.

Aria and Ase made a dream of a night, which is truly a day, and has been in the dream for many years.

They were surrounded by the zombie Zhao Yao and chased by the ghost Zhao Yao. They were intimidated by the more than 100-meter-high monster Zhao Yao. They were chased by several robots, Yao Yao…

One night’s experience, almost all of a few million words of novels, including spiritual, sci-fi, urban subjects.

It is also because of the profound memory in the dream that they have a deep fear of Zhao Yao.

Just listen to Zhao Yao and say: “I will let the super cats on the island help you build the door to eternal life. The blood needed to build the gate is also provided by me.”

“Do you offer?” Arya said: “The amount of blood required is very large. If it is not the blood of wisdom, the dose should be multiplied by ten times. Like the door of eternal life I built. The animal blood, it was collected for a long time and a long time.

There is also a life-changing life. If you use animals, the number you need is also very amazing. I ruled the whole kingdom before I made enough animals…”

“Do not worry, let me come.”

Arya looked at Zhao Yao and didn’t talk. In her heart, she said: ‘With the cruelty of this devil, in order to create the door of eternal life, maybe I can do anything. ‘

With the full support of Zhao Yao, hundreds of super-powered cats used their own capabilities. In the north of Cat Island, a huge stone gate of tens of meters high was quickly established.

Unlike the giant gates and fortresses in North Africa, there is no need to build the palace of Arria, but only the door to eternal life. There are hundreds of super-powered cats to use super-ability to build, and Zhao Yao and Baiquan to personally transport. The material, the entire construction is fast, and in less than three days, the general framework has been completed.

On this day, Aria stood at the top of the door of eternal life, and looked at Zhao Yao, who said: “The next step is to use blood as a guide, pour it into the door of eternal life, and then officially open the door of eternal life, but… you are ready Where is the blood?”

Arria looked at the empty space in front of the gate, not knowing where the other person got a lot of blood to pour into the door of eternal life.

Zhao Yao grabbed Lucifer in her arms and said, “Here.”

Aria glimpsed: “A cat?”

Zhao Yao said nothing, already on Lucifer’s chest, suddenly accompanied by Lucifer’s happy snoring, blood spurted like a shower, splashing Aria’s foot.

Aria frowned: “A cat is not enough…” The mind thought: ‘It’s a cruel and bad guy, actually doing this kind of thing to his cat. ‘

After waiting for Arya to finish, he saw Zhao Yao leave the knife in Lucifer’s chest, and then squeezed the other’s body, constantly squeezing out the blood to spill on the door of eternal life.

“Ah!” Lucifer tilted his ass and struggled and said, “Zhao Yao…you…what are you doing! Don’t lick me with a knife.”

Arya looked at Zhao Yao’s “murderous” look, and her heart was cold: “This guy is so fierce, I still don’t provoke him.”

Zhao Yao looked at Lucifer’s blood but was a bit dissatisfied: “Too little, so don’t know when it will go.”

Then in the astounding look of Arya, Zhao Yao released the sword that repelled the field, and gently smashed one of his hands with a sword, then looked at the blood and sprayed it, irrigating it in eternal life. On the door.

“You! You! You!” Arya looked at Zhao Yao’s movement in shock, and said in her heart: “It’s too ferocious! Is it too human? Is it even chopping?”

But then, seeing the position of Zhao Yao’s broken arm growing and healing, he soon grew a hand again. Aria realized this: “Is the reliability of Quick Regeneration? But even Quick Regeneration is very Pain?”

Seeing that Zhao Yao chopped off his palm again, and then shivered slightly, Arya said in his heart: “This guy is so good, it must be painful? It can be resisted. But even then, I want to rely on myself.” The supply of blood is too chaotic.”

After five hours…

Arya stupidly squatted on the door of eternal life, watching the blood that had become a small lake below, and then looked at Zhao Yao, who continued to spurt the blood, and said in the heart: “This is also OK? Even if it is Quick Regeneration, So torture yourself, is this guy a robot?”

After another five hours, Zhao Yao looked at the side of Aria and said, “Enough.”

Arya nodded and said, “Enough is enough.” Then he saw the door of eternal life under his feet constantly emitting a trace of bloody red light. Under the control of Arria, the red light slowly became darker. , getting deeper and deeper, gradually moving towards a darker direction.

At the center of the door, a black gas came out. It seems that the door to eternal life has reached an abnormal dimension, giving off a heart-rending chill.

Aria shouted: “The door to eternal life has already been opened. In the next hour, enough life must be sacrificed to complete it, otherwise it will be done before.”

Arya looked at Zhao Yao with a cold light in her eyes: “Ten wisdom life, or 10,000 cows and sheep, or 100,000 birds, or one billion insects… kill them and then invest in the door of eternal life. Inside sacrifice, and this is just the price of opening.

All life is in front of the door of eternal life, there are prices, opening, closing, and resurrection are all different prices. ”

Looking at Zhao Yao, Arya’s heart secretly said: ‘Use someone else’s life to save your own life. Once you start using the door of eternal life, you will embark on this path of deprivation of life, destined to become the enemy of all life in the world, then you What will happen? ‘

In Arya’s astonished gaze, Zhao Yao went straight to the front of the eternal life, and at the same time stepped out, he cut off his head with a sword.

Looking at Zhao Yao, who didn’t regenerate quickly again, watching the headless body and his head fall into the black air of the door of eternal life, Aria opened his mouth incredulously, making a sound of ah, only in his mind. A word can reflect his emotions at the moment.


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