Am I A God? Chapter 965

β€œAre you offering yourself?!” Arya said incredulously: β€œIs this guy crazy?”

He stared blankly at Zhao Yao’s disappearing position. The door of eternal life accompanied by the entry of Zhao Yao’s body, and more black fog, rolling black fog constantly tumbling in the door, just like having life.

“This guy, in order to resurrect his own cat, actually…” Arya shook her head and her heart was shocked.

At this moment, Zhao Yao’s image in his mind has completely changed. From a big devil who has no evil, no bullying, and goodness, he has become a fool who is willing to sacrifice his life in order to save the cat.

“It’s a fool. Even if you sacrificed yourself, it’s a life. What is the role?”

Aria shook her head in excitement, and looked at the built door of rebirth but laughed: “It’s free again… Next, I will try to open the door, then grab some of my talents… Upgrade the door to rebirth…”

Just as Aria thought about the future, she saw a flash of people, and Zhao Yao went out of the door of eternal life.

Aria stared at Zhao Yao, who was in good shape, and then stretched out her claws and washed her face. She looked at Zhao Yao and found that the other party really came out of the door of eternal life.

“What happened? The door to eternal life has lost its effect?”

But he sensed it and found that the door of eternal life did receive a sacrifice of intelligent life, no problem.

“what happened?”

But then all night, he was on the door of eternal life, and he saw Zhao Yao with the captured apostles, and at midnight, the waves of a group, and the white springs they came over.

Then Zhao Yao planned to let Mocha lend them the time-stop capability, but looked at Mocha, the loyalty 100. He grabbed Mocha’s mobile phone and deleted his inscription in front of him again. .

In the screams of Mocha, loyalty has fallen all the way.

Mocha Loyalty – 1

Mocha Loyalty – 1

Mocha Loyalty – 1


Then Zhao Yao let Mocha lend the ability to these apostles, and then recharge him the glory of the king.

Then, except that Baiquan was suicide, all the other apostles were slaughtered by Zhao Yao and thrown into the door of eternal life, and then reborn with the help of time and space distortion.

Although they have the ability to stop, but in the face of the same time to stop the ability, but also far better than their white spring and Zhao Yao, these apostles have no resistance, can only be forced to sacrifice by Zhao Yao,

In less than half an hour, the Gate of Eternal Life completed the sacrifice, but Zhao Yao did not stop. Then, every few hours, the murderer was thrown away every few hours, and the life of the door of eternal life was constantly added.

After one night passed, Caesar erased the memory of several people, letting them forget the time and the process of rebirth.

Arya stunned and watched Zhao Yao and several other people commit suicide sacrifices again and again, and gradually understood.

“This guy’s super cat also has the ability to regenerate?”

Aria, who realized this, looked at Zhao Yao’s eyes immediately.

Rebirth is undoubtedly a very powerful super-ability, and with the power of users, the role of rebirthability is also growing.

Now Zhao Yao has mastered the Mocha of lv10, and has the space-time distortion that is reborn every three hours, which is called the bug-level rebirth ability.

And when this ability is matched with the door of eternal life, it is possible to make the most of the door of rebirth, producing 1+1 much larger than 2.

In this way, he took the people to regenerate every three hours, and he relied on one life to complete the sacrifice.

Zhao Yao satisfactorily watched the black gas tumbling more and more intense, emitting the cold and eternal door of eternal life: “This is equivalent to saving the rebirth of time and space distortion.”

Turning to look at the midnight who had lost the memory of the past night, Zhao Yao smiled.

But this smile at midnight they looked so sinister and full of bad intentions.

In fact, it is true that Zhao Yao has considered letting these guys line up to commit suicide every night to charge the door of eternal life.

Even if you can be born again, but the pain, the fear of death will not be erased, suicide every day is definitely not a good experience.

Perhaps the only thing to be thankful for is that the memories of every night will be erased, and at least the most fresh suicide experience will be enjoyed every day.

At midnight, I looked at the black-hearted door of eternal life. Although I can’t remember that it was dry, there was always a bad feeling. I couldn’t help but ask: “Boss, what is this?”

Zhao Yao said with a smile: “This thing is called Midnight Bailemen. There are hundreds of human bliss in it. You can come and play at midnight every day, it is very fun.”

Arya said silently on the side: ‘There are hundreds of suicide methods…’

Zhao Yao’s attitude at this time is unprecedented, and they have a feeling of being flattered at midnight.

This is because at midnight, because of the new function, they have changed from ordinary leeks to human-shaped poppies in the eyes of Zhao Yao, which is really too profitable.

Midnight: ‘Zhao Yao What does this guy do? Looking at me with such a fascinating eye, is he…”

The wave looked at his own pants and reached out and touched it. He said in the heart: ‘Why am I peeing? How can I not remember that I have urinated my pants? ‘

Appease and send away some of the puzzled midnight, wave hooks, etc., Zhao Yao looked to Arya and said: “The price of the resurrection has already been paid enough? Can it be resurrected?”

“Not enough.” Arya said: “The 32 life is now in the door of eternal life. If you are willing to be my knight, then every life can be revived once. But the cat you want to resurrect is not my knight. And it has been dead for so long, and the strength is also very strong, at least to save enough 100 life to resurrect him.”

The resurrection of the Gate of Eternal Life is related to the strength of the deceased, the time of death, and the preservation of the body. The stronger the strength, the longer it dies, the worse the body, and the higher the cost of resurrection.

Zhao Yao nodded. The door to eternal life has a lot of similarities with his book. It is to satisfy some rules and get some benefits.

Only the book is to do the task and upgrade the cat, the door to eternal life is to offer, resurrect, upgrade and strengthen the Knights of Arria.

This is the first time that Zhao Yao has seen the running mode and its own book is somewhat super-perfect.

So the next two days, Zhao Yao took the apostles to play at the midnight Barre Gate, and after enough 100 people, they finally reached the standard of resurrection of Pharaoh.

Zhao Yao put Pharaoh’s freezer into the dark door of eternal life, and a blue light appeared in Aria’s eyes.

The black gas in the door of eternal life violently tumbling, like an invisible behemoth roaring and striking among them.

The next moment, a strong cat claw broke through the black mist and stepped out of the door of eternal life.


At the same time, the northern capital city.

In a conference room, a large number of high-level leaders gathered together. In their doubtful eyes, an old man came out with a cat.

From the beginning of the United States, the squeaking of the top leaders of several big countries has been slowly raised, and the leaders present at the scene have turned their minds out and quickly controlled all the leaders, security guards and apostles present…

“From today, your country belongs to me.” Giggle slowly said: “Like most other countries on this planet, the only purpose of your existence is to make me happier.”

“Next I will give you two missions.”

“The first task, to promote the world of seals, I want all the cats in the country to play this game.”

“The second task, help me find an apostle…”

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