Am I A God? Chapter 966

With the power of the super cat equivalent to the lv19 level under the book, in front of the giggle, even if Zhao Yao borrowed the superability of Diana from lv15, he could only choose to escape, let alone the ordinary apostle who did not even master the consciousness. And super cats.

These apostles and super-powered cats on Earth have almost no resistance in the face of giggling.

With a glimpse of consciousness, they have been directly distorted by the girds of super-ability, and have changed their minds. All of them have become the giggles and loyalty max.

Easily control the high-level of a country, and after arranging the next two tasks, let them leave.

He has done many things like this, and the top leaders of several big countries on the earth are already in his control.

“Hey, wait until I directly control all the governments on this planet, manage them in a unified way, look together, control the world, don’t believe you can’t find you.”

The giggling pupil was slightly erected, and the figure of the man hanging in the seal world was once again drawn in his mind.

The clucking control is almost absolute, but after all, there is no way to control a whole planet. Even with his power, controlling most of the top is already the limit.

Therefore, the changes in the upper-level rights field, an awkward anomalous behavior, quickly attracted the attention of many people, causing the middle and lower levels of the waves.

Not to mention that there are many apostles who have powerful powers but are not high-level executives.

When they perceive anomalies in the upper realm, various temptations, rebellions, and espionage actions follow.

On the earth, a stock has slowly emerged to counter the giggling power.

Within the world, there is a sudden flow of undercurrents, and there is a tendency to storm.

But with the glance of the unique ideology, it doesn’t matter to him. For him, whoever kills him will do it. He doesn’t even deliberately hide his existence.

For this original planet, his strength is almost irresistible. He has no idea how many bad games he has played on a similar planet.


On Cat Island, Zhao Yao stood on the highest cliff position on the island, looking at the back of a cat in front of him, curiously asked: “How is it feeling dead?”

Pharaoh seemed to be sitting on the edge of a cliff like a human being, looking at Sunshine, who was slowly sinking into the sea in the distance. He looked strange: “Nothing special, just like sleeping, except for a darkness, it is absolutely nothing.” Nothing, nothing exists. But…”

Pharaoh looked at the world in front of him and took a deep breath and said: “But look at the world again and it seems to feel more lively.”

Zhao Yao touched Pharaoh’s head and said, “I can’t believe the alien cat. The door to eternal life needs a cat to guard.”

Pharaoh nodded and said, “I will look at him here.”

Zhao Yao nodded. After all, Arya was also a super-powered cat from an alien. It ruled in countless humans in ancient times and affected the existence of earth history. How can Zhao Yao be assured that the important things of the eternal gate can be given to Aria.

Moreover, the strength of Aria and Azeri is very powerful, and it is the existence of consciousness. It has strong resistance to the performance of all super cats below lv11.

However, Pharaoh’s super-physical quality is not in this case. In particular, Pharaoh has a clear-cut insight in addition to his super-cat-like physical ability. He has a very high reaction speed and has experienced many battles. He is here to supervise the two cats. Zhao Yao is more worried about the door of eternal life.

“The door to eternal life is still very useful. Every day, you can save a lot of resurrections.” Zhao Yao said with Pharaoh: “You will help me to harvest every day besides optimistic about the two alien cats.” Number of resurrections…”

Zhao Yao said about the plan to harvest the number of resurrections: “Midnight…Mocha…inscription…kill…”

After listening. Pharaoh looked at Zhao Yao with amazement.

“What’s wrong? Don’t understand?” Zhao Yao looked at Pharaoh with concern, just like a farmer uncle who cares about his own situation in the field: “Then I will tell you again.”

“No, I understand…” Pharaoh said in his heart: ‘This world is still as cruel as before…’

In the next month, Zhao Yao continued to hide, while filling the world with the task of brushing, while constantly entering and leaving the world of seals, opening a small collection of evolutionary strips.

And the gate of eternal life also has thousands of sacrifices of intelligent life, even Pharaoh is enough to resurrect 10 times.

However, when Zhao Yao quietly developed its strength and continued to level up, the global super-energy field also became more and more choppy because of the arrogance.


In a conference room.

More than a dozen super-powerful cats and apostles who are well-known in the super-energy world in Southeast Asia have sat together and the atmosphere is extremely heavy.

“You can’t go on like this.” A middle-aged man said: “The cat’s power is getting bigger and bigger, the United States…China…Japan…South Korea…Thailand, they are everywhere.”

“Continue this way, the whole world will be completely controlled by him.”

β€œThe situation in India is also very bad.” A dark-skinned Indian man said: β€œMore than half of the top officials have changed, some are controlled, but most choose to join.”

A white cat pressed the mobile phone and said: “This is the most horrible place. It is like snowballing. More and more people and cats choose to join after they find each other’s strength. The resistance is less and less. It is.”

“But they are too strong.” The Indians said: “I heard that the Chinese headless knights were also killed by them.”

The middle-aged man said: “So we must unite and we can no longer fight each other. The Americas are almost completely controlled. The form of Southeast Asia is also very bad. According to their direction, the next is West Asia, Europe, Africa… ”

At this moment, among the loud noises, the walls behind the conference room were directly shattered, and a large number of black apostles wearing black combat uniforms rushed in.

“It’s a star cat!”

“Quick withdrawal!”

“Ah! It is his apostle!”

The raging consciousness swept over, and a rebel-replaced apostle sat back in distorted manner.

Maria walked slowly, as the number one apostle, and the last time she went to Jianghai to arrest Zhao Yao was the team she brought.

During this time, she clamored for Southeast Asian countries, and she also led the team to clean up the apostles of various resistances.

Coldly glanced at the people and cats in the conference room, Maria said faintly: “All brought back to interrogation.”

The men on the side said with a smile: “These idiots, people inside are not controlled by us.”

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