Am I A God? Chapter 967

Maria shrugged and said: “Bring back to control one or two people and cats to continue to go fishing. There should be some restless guys in Thailand, they will be finished in three days, we will go to India to support.”

Behind Maria, more than a dozen apostles rushed up and sent the rebels one by one to the car.

The giggling strategy is that he himself controls the highest level of a country, and his apostles annihilate the rebellious apostles and let his apostles control these rebellious apostles.

Like Maria, he used the ultraability to control more than a dozen apostles who had resisted.

Such constant absorption and control, whether it is against him or joining him, will eventually be absorbed.

This made the giggling power expand like a snowball. After controlling the whole America, it now has an absolute advantage in Southeast Asia. Victory in Maria seems to be only a matter of time.


On the cat island, late at night.

Bai Quan frowned and found Zhao Yao: “Boss, something went wrong.”

Zhao Yao, who is waiting for the settlement at the end of the month, wonders: “What happened?”

Bai Quan: “Old He called me again, I hope I will help.”

Because Zhao Yao’s suspended animation, only the highest level in the country knows his situation.

After giggling to control the high level, Lao He also began some temptation and resistance.

However, the old man at this time did not know Zhao Yao’s suspended animation, so he came to seek the help of Bai Quan.

After all, in their view, Zhao Yao passed the cat city to Baiquan, so Baiquan should have a lot of super-ability that Zhao Yao showed before.

Zhao Yao frowned. “Called over again? Reject him.”

Although the giggling controlled the top level, he did not ask Zhao Yao about the situation, because in his cognition, the little character that Tom had to cut along the network line was dead.

The seal world opener he was looking for did not have much contact with Zhao Yao.

However, Zhao Yao also understands that if the other party integrates all the intelligence forces, then it is only a matter of time to detect this matter.

So before this, Zhao Yao was not willing to expose himself, just want to use the fastest speed to accumulate power until he can beat the alien cat.

Bai Quan said: “The situation seems to be very bad. The north side has been completely controlled. They have contacted the remaining natural disaster apostles and wanted to rescue the leaders. He hopes that I can help him.”

Zhao Yao shook his head: “It’s not the time.”

At this moment, Baiquan’s cell phone rang, and the old anxious voice came: β€œBaiquan, when things have reached the most critical time, if they are not resisting now, more and more people will join them and there will be no chance in the future. It!”

Bai Quan looked at Zhao Yao. He knew that Zhao Yao could hear the voice on the phone. After Zhao Yao shook his head, Bai Quan said, “Sorry.”


In a long sigh, the old man hangs up.

Lin Chen said aside: “How does Bai Quan say?”

Hehe shook his head: “He doesn’t want to come.”

A white man on the side said: “Is it the successor of the headless knight? Is this a crucial moment that he still wants to stay out of the way?”

Another black man said: “He doesn’t want or cares. Was the former headless knight not killed by Maria before? It shows that his ability can’t deal with Maria.”

Lao He looked at the two foreigners in front of him and did not speak. The other party was an apostle sent to cooperate in Europe, in order to fight against the squeaky forces.

He also didn’t want to tell Zhao Yao’s intelligence with the two, but he continued to discuss with the other party the way to deal with the apostle.

β€œThe self-reinforcing superability is the best solution, the orcs transform, shoot, time accelerate…”

“It is necessary to attack and not confront them.”

“Just killing the apostle is meaningless. The key is to kill the super cat. Otherwise he can create more apostles to control us anytime and anywhere.”

“Although he can directly control people’s consciousness, but there is no power to fight in front, the weak body is his greatest weakness.”

The strategy of giggling is to constantly control more people and eventually integrate the entire planet.

So old and their rebels understand that their only choice is to kill the clucks, otherwise it doesn’t matter how many people are controlled.

“Fortunately, their speed of expansion has slowed down, maybe there is any limit to the ability.”

Of course, what they don’t know is that the reason why the giggling is not fast is because his majority of his attention is still in the world of seals. Even the countries that have chosen the strategy are also selected from the east to the west by turning the globe.

After all, for the giggles, the so-called big country on this planet is only a difference in numbers for him. Compared to the openers of the seal world, real-world rebels are not giggled at all.

The white man who came to talk said: “Converging the top super cats and apostles, assassinating, as long as the other side is killed, all problems will be solved.”

“Time is accelerating…Laser…Baifa hundred…Superman quality………………”

“Gathering the top self-strengthability, the most sophisticated weapon and then killing him, this is our only chance.”


On Cat Island, Bai Quan looked at Zhao Yao and asked, “Boss, is there really no chance at all?”

Zhao Yao shook his head: “No, the other party is not even physically here. It doesn’t make sense to die many times. He can change at any time. If you want to kill each other, you must master the consciousness and erase the other’s consciousness. Row.”

“Otherwise, any action is just a slap in the face.”

Two consecutive and giggling hands, Zhao Yao has a general understanding of the giggling ability.

Controlling consciousness and distorting the mind is inherently an extremely powerful capability. Under the utmost increase in consciousness, the power of the giggling is magnified to the extreme, and Diana of lv15 has only escaped.

Therefore, Zhao Yao is silently hidden, and the power is saved for the sake of one blow.

And he can’t provide this information to the old and the rebel. After all, this may lead to the giggling to target the old and the old, and then find Baiquan, and expose himself in advance.

Shaking his head and giving up the idea of ​​the current shot, Zhao Yao looked at the panel on the book and went to the end of the month to settle again.

This month, Zhao Yao constantly brushed the task every day and collected the evolutionary bar. Diana finally rose to the next level and reached lv16. After the transformation, the physical immunity is 60%, and the skill effect is enhanced to 160%.

β€œIt’s too slow.” Zhao Yao frowned. β€œIf you go on like this, you have to reach lv19 that is enough to compete with the other side. At least half a year, you have to think of a way…”

After the business settlement is multiplied by two, Zhao Yao has provided more than 30,000 experience points. Together with the brush task, Zhao Yao’s face has become:


Mocha lv10

Elizabeth lv9 (14500/100000)

Bridget lv9 (13800/100000)

Ares lv8(13800/50000)

Lucifer lv8 (8900/50000)

Pharaoh lv7 (9900/20000)

Ekaterina lv12

Diana lv16

There was no upgrade in the experience, and Zhao Yao looked at the 90 draw and frowned.

The number of lottery settlements per month is based on the market share of catnip in Jianghai City.

The 90 draw showed that Bridget’s market share of catnip was reduced from 100% to 90%.

This has the effect of catnip being burned out, but the biggest reason is that because of the chaos in the upper layer, Zhao Yao’s suspended animation has led to changes in many channels. Bridget catnip has no such strong dominance in Jianghai.

“If you want to think of a solution this month, let’s draw a lottery.”

Looking at the number of 90 draws, Zhao Yao gritted his teeth and went straight to a ninety draw.

In addition to more than 10,000 experience points, several cat spicy strips also rewarded three fortified stones, as well as the cat prince’s dress fragments.

Zhao Yao looked at the total number of pieces and his eyes slowly lit up.

Cat prince’s dress fragment (82/80)

“I finally got it.”

After a year of collection, Zhao Yao finally got together the cat prince’s dress. He immediately chose to cash it, and saw a black dress emerge from the void and slowly fell on his hand.

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