Am I A God? Chapter 968

A black dress appeared in the hands of Zhao Yao, and a strange golden cat paw print floated on it. Zhao Yao is close to the dress and seems to be able to hear the screaming screams from the void.

“I finally got it, the cat prince’s dress.”

Zhao Yao showed a happy expression, and slowly felt the message from the dress.

The cat prince’s dress, gathered in the dress of countless cat family wisdom, has several powerful functions.

1 self-cleansing: Just like a cat licking its own hair every day, the cat prince’s dress can launch a self-cleaning ability every hour to clean the inside and outside of the clothes and the stains on the wearer.

2 stretches freely: The cat prince’s dress can stretch itself like a cat, wear it in the most fitting way, and provide a strong defense for the wearer.

3 Variety of Thousands of Magic: It can record the appearance of twelve kinds of garments to create a variety of shapes.

4 Super Infusion: You can borrow and store two super cats, and only one can be used in the same time period.

5 Leopard Leiyin: The cat prince’s dress can be self-repaired by specific vibrations like a cat, and long-term wear can enhance the wearer’s physique.

Seeing the 5 function of the cat prince dress, Zhao Yao showed a pleasant expression, which was even worse than he had guessed before. Zhao Yao quickly took off his coat and put on the cat prince dress to test it.

At the moment of putting on the clothes, Zhao Yao felt the clothes shrink automatically and fits the body of Zhao Yao, just as light as his own skin.

Zhao Yao tried to pull the clothes off her body and found that she could stretch too far, just like a rubber band.

Slightly rubbed the sword with the exclusion of the field, a sword squatting, basically unharmed. The two swords were squatting at the same time, and there was already a break. When the three swords were squatting at the same time, the cat prince’s dress was directly cut into a hole.

“The defense is not bad. If a sword is not damaged, it is basically equivalent to most of the light weapons.” Zhao Yao looked at the cut position and saw the black material healed with a slight vibration. It’s like Lucifer’s Quick Regeneration.

“Very good, so I am not afraid of being broken.” Zhao Yao nodded with satisfaction: “With such repairability and defensive power, I don’t care about most of the regular attacks.”

Then Zhao Yao thought about it, pressed his arm on the undressed coat, and saw the cat prince dress shrinking in a burst, and the undressed clothes were eaten bit by bit.

When the clothes were completely eaten, along with Zhao Yao’s thoughts, the dress on his body changed like a chameleon. In a blink of an eye, it became a casual dress for the t-shirt shorts.

Then, between Zhao Yao’s thoughts, the clothes squirmed and had been cleaned. Zhao Yao was able to feel the stains and greasy on his body cleaned and the whole body was dry and comfortable.

β€œNot bad.” Zhao Yao’s eyes lit up: β€œI don’t have to take a bath to change clothes every day?”

Looking at his clean clothes, Zhao Yao is next to try the most important super-perfusion capability.

Directly called Mocha, the whole process is like the super cat will lend the ability to the apostle, but this time the target is the cat prince’s dress, and even if Mocha loyalty reaches 100, it can be borrowed for the dress.

I saw Mocha’s cat’s palm on the clothes. After a minute, Zhao Yao felt that he could stop the performance through the cat prince’s dress.

At the same time, after switching to the exclusion field, he can also use the capability of the exclusion field.

That is to say, after wearing the cat prince’s dress, Zhao Yao can use two kinds of superability at the same time.

But the most crucial place is not only that, unlike the cat princess’s dress, from the description, the dress can not only borrow the superability of the book.

Zhao Yao directly called YuanYuan, let YuanYuan try to borrow the ultraability to the cat prince dress, and it was successful.

Zhao Yao wearing a dress can switch the dress to stop or Stealth ability at any time. YuanYuan looks at Zhao Yao when he looks at it. He is surprised: “What happened? Zhao Yao could not borrow my superability before. What? Now how can it be?”

x: “This guy is getting stronger. YuanYuan, start working overtime this evening, or your ability will be farther and farther.”

The successful Zhao Yao eyes are getting brighter and brighter. The cat prince dress can successfully borrow the capability, which means that in addition to the 8 kind of super-ability of his book signing, you can borrow the rest of the more than 200 cats on Cat Island. Ability and use at the same time.

“Although the performance of other super-powered cats on Cat Island is not as strong as the super cats of the book, but a lot of super-ability two-two match…”

Zhao Yao’s mind flashed the ability of a super cat on Cat Island and immediately came up with a variety of combinations.

In fact, many of the super cats on Cat Island have the ability to see Zhao Yao, but the book signing is an upgrade, and the upgrade requires more and more experience, so Zhao Yao has not been able to use the performance of other super cats. .

But now it’s different. After having the cat prince’s dress, Zhao Yao can use the cat prince’s dress to use the ability of other super cats while using the super cat’s ability on the book.

“With such a combination of two or two, even if there is the existence of consciousness, the alien cat is extremely resistant to ordinary superability, but it can also produce many tactical effects.”

Zhao Yao thought about it, but still kept a capacity stored in the cat prince’s dress. It was time to stop. When I was wearing a cat prince dress, I had a time-stop capability.

As for the availability of the second store, there are already several options in his mind.

‘This is the case… maybe I can go back and forth with that alien cat now. ‘

Suddenly, Zhao Yao looked at the cat prince’s dress, and said: “Will this dress be beaten, will it be completely destroyed? Or can you draw a set for Bai Quan and Zhao Xue to wear?”

At this moment, Zhao Yao, once again looked at the lottery pool, suddenly found that the cat prince’s dress fragments have disappeared, and the extra is a new prop, called the pieces of the emperor cat armor.

At the moment of seeing this thing, Zhao Yao will light his eyes, his heart beats faster, and his face flashes with an excited blush.

“Good things, it’s a good thing at first glance.” But looking at the number of sweepstakes that he had already used, Zhao Yao sighed deeply and really wanted to recharge tens of thousands of thousands of draws. Everything is drawn out.

“There is no way to increase the number of draws.”

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