Am I A God? Chapter 969

While thinking about the number of draws, Zhao Yao tried to redeem the cat princess’s dress and wanted to see if he could use another kind of capability. It turned out that the dress and the dress were not shared.

So he tried again to strengthen the cat prince’s dress with the strengthening stone, and the result was the success of the cat prince’s dress + 1.

Cat prince’s dress + 1, the defense increased by 10%.

“Haha, it really can be strengthened.” But Zhao Yao looked at the remaining two strengthening stones, and some depressed. This strengthening stone is not enough for him to use, not only the cat prince’s dress, but also the dragon sword, the golden dog’s eye, the paralyzed ring and other props can be strengthened, the strengthening stone is not enough.

The fortified stone comes from the lottery, and in the final analysis, the number of draws is not enough.

When Zhao Yao thought about how to get more draws, he suddenly found the task updated.

Branch task: transformation and upgrading

Mission Objective: Sell Bridget Catnip to all parts of the country. After more than 30 cities, the settlement task will be upgraded.

Mission Reward: The settlement task is upgraded, the new settlement task is completed, and the 300 lottery reward is obtained every month.

Failure penalty: none.

Zhao Yao sees this new task, and his eyes are bright. He is now clearing the task of catnip every month. It is the 1 lottery chance for every 1% of Jianghai catnip market, but at most there is only 100 lottery chance. .

After the task of this transformation and upgrade is completed, the settlement task will be updated, and the 300 lottery will be obtained.

“Okay… but unfortunately…” Zhao Yao was happy for a moment, then shook his head.

Although he is eager to complete this task to improve again, in the current form, there are giggles and forces everywhere, in order to complete the catnip sales in more than 30 cities, and it is estimated that the settlement tasks after the upgrade and transformation are also national. The market is too easy to attract attention and expose itself.

“The sweepstakes have improved, and there has been an evolutionary improvement… now it’s being blocked by this alien cat.”

Zhao Yao’s brow wrinkled, and the two ways he can get the biggest boost now are blocked by alien cats like roadblocks.

“With the cat prince’s dress, maybe I can change my mind.”

The combination of new tactics, ideas, ways to counter the alien cats, and ability flashed through Zhao Yao’s mind.

However, Zhao Yao did not do it right away, but slowly thought about it and slowly corrected the next plan.

So in the next few days, while Zhao Yao continued to quietly enhance his strength, he also tried various new tactics brought by the cat prince dress, considering how to upgrade himself faster.


On the other side, on the distant American continent.

“Giggle! Pick me up!”

Tom ran into the giggling room happily, consciously rushing toward the other side, but felt like he was hitting a mountain. The rushing consciousness was directly rolled back, and it could not affect the giggling.

Tom looked at him with a shocked look and said: “I have been playing games for more than 14 hours a day, and it has become a lot stronger. How could it not affect you completely!”

Giggle, watching Tom say: “Not only you are making progress. By controlling the country on this planet, my game spreads more widely. As the number of players grows, the world of seals becomes more powerful, I naturally Also followed the proceeds.”

Tom said with a grin: “Dry! Then I can’t ever surpass you?”

Giggle: “You don’t have to worry, you are only five years old, still a young cat, some time…”


Just as half of the two cats were talking, a rocket exploded directly into the window and hit the front of the two cats.

The blazing flame, the hot high temperature moment filled the whole room, and the specially added burning agent brought out the flame of thousands of degrees of high temperature, directly turning everything in the room into ashes…

On the roof opposite the street, a white man slowly put away the rocket launcher, calming the tension in his heart: “Successful, three thousand degrees of burning temperature, these two cats are dead.”

The soldier on the side said excitedly: “Successful? I immediately called and told you that this time you made a great contribution…”

The man put down the rocket launcher and the whole person relaxed. “First retreat, the two cat apostles will soon find it.”

But in the next moment, the soldier beside him turned his head and looked at him coldly and said: “Who are you? Why kill me?”

The man gave a slight glimpse: “What happened to you Jason?”

The giggling warrior rolled his eyes and said, “Tom, don’t play.”

The next moment, the man found that his body was out of control, and there was even a strange voice in his mouth. That was Tom: “Hey, can you trouble me to explain the things that have been explained? I have made an appointment. The copy is going to be played.”

Then the man’s consciousness was embarrassed, and the next moment he said what he knew.

Tom: “It’s useless. He knows too little.”

Cluck: “They know that we can control them, of course, no one knows too much information, but it doesn’t matter…”

“It’s all dying.” The giggling eyes shot two cold lights: “The key is that the guy who hangs in the world of seals, like a parasite, doesn’t kill him, I can’t feel at ease.”

With the start of the assassination of the giggle, more and more, various endless assassinations were staged one by one.

What slams, poisons, and explosions are the most common.

All kinds of singular superability took turns to debut, killing the super-capable cats one after another.

This is a human counterattack against giggles. No one wants to be overwhelmed by a cat. Watching a cat hide behind the scenes, rule countless countries and master the future of the planet.

But the result of the assassination made all the resistance organizations feel deeply desperate.

In the face of a ghost that can’t be killed, can’t be defeated, can let the comrades turn against the eyes, and let the loyalists become traitors, countless apostles feel the fear.


“It doesn’t work, it doesn’t work at all.”

The white agent who had planned the assassination with Lao He shook his head and his eyes were bloodshot: “No matter how many times he kills him, he can once again be attached to other cats. We have no way to kill him.”

The black officer on the side said: “Explosions, poisons, corpses, fires, electric shocks… all have no effect, and the death of ordinary meaning has no meaning for him.”

Lao He’s eyes also revealed a trace of exhaustion and sorrow. He was still useless in making all kinds of means, which is very serious for the mental blow.

Laohe said slowly: “The most troublesome slashing and assaults have failed once and for all. The confidence of other rebel groups has disappeared. As far as I know, the rebels from the United States who originally came from cia, fbi and star cats have all chosen. Surrender.”

The white agent faintly said: “The Indian and Thai resistance organizations have also lost contact, and there is news that they have been seen in the hands of Mary.”

The old man is anxiously saying: “You can’t go on like this. If everyone’s heart is gone, everyone loses confidence, and we really have no chance.”

“But what we have to do, all the weapons and superability known are ineffective for him!” The white agent said with anger: “We have no choice.”

The black officer muttered: “Perhaps surrender is the only option.”

“Can’t surrender, we haven’t lost yet.” Old He said: “I will contact a white spring, the super cat left by the headless knight, if they can get their help…”

The white agent sneered: “The headless knight can’t even beat an apostle, and his super cat can do anything. We gathered strength during this time, and it has already far exceeded him.”

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