Am I A God? Chapter 970

When he heard what the other person said, there was silence and no speech. He didn’t know the power of the enemy, but now there is no way to do it. This will put hope in the bottomless, even when it’s time to stop. The ability of Zhao Yao.

“And Zhao Yao… is it really dead?” Lao He’s heart was worried about whether Zhao Yao was dead or not. This is another reason why he has been in contact with Baiquan.


“Boss, it is old.” Bai Quan took the mobile phone and walked to the beach. He saw Zhao Yao floating in the air and looking at the sea with a look of contemplation.

“Just do as I said before.” Zhao Yao’s mouth tilted slightly and touched his chin and said, “It’s been a long time since it was hidden for a long time.”

In the past month, Zhao Yao has been constantly improving, and while accumulating strength, he is also considering ways to fight against alien cats and speed up his own strength. Now it is finally time to take the shot.


Lao He put down the phone and his face showed a hint of joy: “White Spring has finally loosened. He is willing to help us to deal with the gangs. We can organize another counterattack.”

The white agent on the side frowned and shook his head and said: “Before we found the real weakness of the giggles, we have no intention of acting again.”

The old man changed his face and said: “Durante, is the British side going to give up?”

A representative from the British Protoss Army, Durant said: “It is not a waiver, but a temporary stagnation. It turns out that all the means we have now are ineffective against the enemy. Trying again will only bring unnecessary sacrifices.”

He said: “Bai Quan said that he has a way to counter the giggles. If he can really do it, this is a huge opportunity to boost the confidence of the global apostles.”

Durant shook his head and didn’t believe the rhetoric: “Amateur who has never even participated in the assassination. You think he will gather countless cutting-edge equipment, professionals, and the most powerful apostles. Will they still be useful?”

The black officer on the side shook his head too: “He, you are so irrational.”

He said: “I believe Baiquan’s judgment, the super-powered cat left by the headless knight, has unique capability, and the super cat with the ability to counteract the giggling may actually exist.”

The Black Army officer still shook his head: “You are irresponsible under the opponent, the Holy Sword will not participate in this kind of action, until we study the glitches of weakness, we will not act again on a large scale.”

The old man frowned: “Is the French side also giving up?”

The black officer said: “This is responsible for the apostles under our command. I will not let them make meaningless sacrifices.”

Looking at the two people who left, he still hesitated: “Is it really okay?”

After thinking about it, Lao He began to contact the resistance of other countries, Japan…Vietnam…Australia…United States…Canada…

For several days in a row, Lao He kept looking for other collaborators, but what made him disheartened was that everyone chose to refuse.

For one month of assassination, snipering, etc., giggling, by the power of oneself, directly caused the top apostles of the entire earth to smash their heads and beat them coldly.

No matter how old and how to contact, no one is willing to work with him again to fight against it.

Lao He understands that this is the worst situation he has mentioned before. The confidence of the apostles has been defeated. Now no one wants to go out. Everyone is watching. No one wants to sacrifice their own apostles.

“If you go on like this, losing is only a matter of time.”

There is no ally support outside, and the internal situation is equally bad.

There is almost no credible generation at the higher level, and the lower level is also difficult to distinguish between loyalty and loyalty. Although there are strong apostles, few can fight with the giggles, let alone kill the giggles.

The power of the old can only use three or two big cats and cats under his own hands, as well as the super cats in the white spring.

A feeling of sadness rises from the heart, just when the old man feels that the future is uncertain, and the future of mankind is dark.

“Old, how do you do it? It looks like constipation for a week, do you want me to clear it for you?”

Hearing this familiar and unfair voice, the old man opened his eyes in surprise and turned his head and saw Zhao Yao wearing a suit with a cat in his arms and smiling at him.

“Zhao Yao…you really didn’t die! I said that good people don’t live long, how can you die so early!”

Zhao Yao’s face was black and said: β€œWhat are you talking about? Now you are alone and helpless, only I will support you.”

The old man was moved: “Thank you, but now the world’s apostles are not willing to go out. Even if we shoot, the power is probably too weak.”

Zhao Yao said: “It’s okay, there is me. You just have to prepare a battlefield for me, and then provide information.”

“Do you want to go with Baiquan and the super cat on the island?”

Zhao Yao shook his head: “I don’t have to be so troublesome, I am alone.”

β€œOne person?” Old He was shocked and said: β€œAre you crazy? You know how many people have died in the US this month! How many cats!”

“You can rest assured, I am not trying to kill the cat directly. We will start with the apostles under him.” Zhao Yao smiled and said: “First give him some trouble, attract his attention, then find Looking for his weakness, although there is no way to kill him, but with him, I still have confidence.”

Zhao Yao understands that with his own strength at the moment, the confrontation is still not the opponent of the opponent.

But it is not that it can’t be played at all. In addition to his strength improvement this month, he is constantly estimating his super-ability and the strength of the other side.

With the super-ability grade at the moment and the addition of the cat prince dress, Zhao Yao still has a lot of confidence to play with each other. Through tactical strategies, try to see if you can close the gap or achieve some tactical purposes, such as Speed ​​up the efficiency of collecting evolutionary strips in the world of seals.

After all, according to their own judgments with Diana and Assas, the seal world itself constantly absorbs the spirit of the players to enhance themselves. If it is only hidden and secretly developed, the other party may also become stronger.

“So…” Hehe nodded and listened to Zhao Yao’s words and said, “What help do you need? I will fully support you.”

Half an hour later, the old man woke up in a shackle. The conversation for half an hour had been completely forgotten by him. He lost his memory.

But when he saw the note left on the desk, he took it and began to read it. His face flashed a glimmer of color.


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