Am I A God? Chapter 971

A week after meeting with Lao Yao and Zhao Yao.

In the training base of the British Protoss, Durant, who returned from China, received a mysterious mail.

He curiously opened the URL of the email and found several live cameras.


He frowned and looked at it for a while and found that it seemed to be in an apartment building in the United States, where several apostles lived.

“They seem to be…”

In the office building of the French Saint Seiya Army, the black officer frowned and looked at the live video in front of him: “Is the Chinese apostle? What do they want?”

A similar scene took place in front of members of dozens of super-organic organizations around the world. At this moment, countless global top apostles gaze into a small building in the central United States.

What happened in the small building quickly spurred their nerves.

Then I saw a group of black people rushing into the small building. They were like a cheetah. They broke the wall and slammed the door. Like the thundering Lightning offensive, after a short fight, they quickly moved the small building. The apostles were uniformed one by one.

Durant picked an eyebrow: “Is it a star cat, and the number one apostle Maria, who is going to the United States?”

The black officer shook his head: “Is it ‘why’ their people? At this time, they still left so many apostles in the United States. But they didn’t look like they resisted. Did they give up?”


In the small building, under the guard of dozens of powerful apostles, Maria slowly entered the interior of the small building.

Looking at the apostles who were pressed to the ground, she frowned. “Is they? Contact my family?”

“It’s really weak and stupid.” Maria looked disdainfully at the rebels on the ground: “Let me see who sent you over.”

Consciousness spread from Maria’s mind and drilled toward the apostles on the ground.

“Tell me, which organization do you belong to?”

At this moment, the whole building suddenly shook, starting from the roof of the apartment building, a layer of reinforced concrete was torn, revealing a blue sky.

Zhao Yao slowly floated down from the top of the torn roof and looked at Maria and others in a condescending manner.

Maria was surprised to see the apostle wearing a black robe and her head empty. He said: “The headless knight? No, he should have died. I personally controlled him and saw that he was killed. You are in the end. who is it?”

Zhao Yao smiled and said coldly: “Only you are here? Then don’t go back.”

“I don’t know what to say.” Maria smiled and didn’t even take the other person’s words and directly manipulated her consciousness to shoot at each other. She planned to take it down and interrogate it.

With the advent of the headless knight, Durant, the black officer and other people watching the live broadcast in front of the video were also surprised. They did not expect the headless knight to actually appear.

But even then they are not optimistic about Zhao Yao, which in their view is pure death.

But in the next moment, all of them watched and squinted and looked at the picture in the screen with surprise.

Then I saw a sprint of the headless knight, completely ignoring Maria’s distorted super-ability, grabbed Maria’s head and slammed into the ground.

Maria opened her mouth and her head hurt so blank that she almost fainted.

The four apostles were shocked to see this scene, and the next moment they shot.

“Let her go!”

“Give me a hand!”

“kill him!”

Dozens of apostles who were distorted by Maria with ability were mad, and all kinds of abilities seemed to tide toward Zhao Yao.

In the face of their offensive, Zhao Yao still pressed Maria’s head with one hand, and the other hand gently pointed out, and all kinds of flames, Lightning, acid, qi, and so on, have been rejected. The field rewinded back and went out.

At the same time, Zhao Yao’s fingers moved gently, and the three men were already rushed up, using the lightsaber, the long knife and the giant petrified body to attack their apostles.

“Get out.”

With a light drink, Zhao Yao’s body instantly worked.

The lightsaber apostle first flew out, and in the midair, he was already fainted, and the lightsaber disappeared into the air.

The body of the megalithic apostle broke into pieces and turned into countless stones flying in all directions.

The last apostle armed with high speed swordsmaned escaped the first fingering, but then I felt that Zhao Yao’s palm seemed to be turned into black Lightning, and the storm was like him, he had no time to react. Then I smashed the wall all the way and smashed the outer wall, and slammed into the street dozens of meters away.

By blocking the attack and killing the three apostles, Zhao Yao was able to observe the situation of the audience.

“Remnant Apostle 32 people…”

“There are no support troops on the periphery…”

“Maria is in a semi-conscious state, her ability is ineffective for me…”

As Zhao Yao estimates, the alien cat, like the past, did not lend to Maria and other apostles too powerful.

The distorted consciousness of Maria’s apostle could not have an effect on Diana, which had already reached lv16, and naturally could not produce an effect on Zhao Yao who played Diana’s ability.

At the moment, Zhao Yao borrows Diana’s ability to use the dress, possesses the super resistance of lv16, and uses the repulsive field of Ares to resist the opponent’s attack.

“Isn’t the alien cat coming?” Zhao Yao’s eyes were slightly stunned, and even if he was mostly focused on preventing alien cats that might appear at any time, the apostles who were present were enough.

He saw that he held Mary in one hand and sat still in the same place. With only super physical fitness and exclusion of the field, he had already pressed dozens of apostles.

From time to time, several apostles were shot and flew out of the wall or glass, and they slammed into the street and fainted.

The man under his command began to struggle fiercely, but was gently pressed by Zhao Yao and completely passed out. From the beginning to the end, she did not play any role in borrowing self-gigma.

In a short period of time, dozens of apostles were beaten to only three, and they looked at Zhao Yao in a dull manner.

Zhao Yao didn’t relax at all. Attacking Maria was just a matter of convenience. His real goal was to be an alien cat. At this moment, his attention was focused on the alien cats that might come at any time.

Durant and the black officers who watched the entire battle through live broadcasts were shocked.

They had not dealt with the giggling apostles like Maria before, but to deal with this apostle, they could not compete with each other’s consciousness distortion except to kill each other first.

Almost all apostles and super-powered cats are distorted and controlled as long as they are stared at by Mary.

But now, the headless knights have shown the ability to resist the distortion of the sense of how to make them feel shocked.

At this moment, one person broke into Durant’s office and shouted: “The accident happened to Durant, you can see the website I sent you.”

Durant wondered: “What?”

The other side looked at Durant’s screen and said, β€œYou are watching too? Now the whole network has been spread, and countless people are watching this live broadcast!”

“What do you say? How many people are watching?”

“According to estimates by the network department, at least 100 million people are watching the live broadcast, and the numbers are still increasing.”

At the same time, the amazing pressure was uploaded from the body of Maria, and Zhao Yao flashed, and he has withdrawn from the position of more than ten meters and completed the capability switch.

He looked at Maria, who stood up slowly, and said in his heart: ‘It’s finally here. ‘

Sorry, there are too many things. There is only one chapter today.

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