Am I A God? Chapter 972

Looking at Maria, who stood up slowly, felt the pressure from the other side, and saw the words lv19 on his head. Zhao Yao smiled and said: “It’s finally here.”

He asked the doll in the headset: “Doll, how many people are watching now?”

In a space station in outer space, the doll that is ready to slip away from the earth sucks the oil while looking at the screen to his own cat intelligence: “There is no ghost, how many people are watching?”

No heads: “Hey… Now there are about 130 million people watching the live broadcast. I have already hacked into the top global websites to deliver live content, but…”

The doll is curious: “What?”

The headless ghost said: “But they seem to have no interest in the live content, and have been saying something weird…”

The doll wondered: “What?”

The headless ghost instantly lists a lot of messages.

“What happened? I just showed it to me when I was finished?”

“fuck! I just arrived at the crucial moment!”

“Thank you for the landlord, the landlord is a good person… What happened? How was the video just gone?”

“Is this a new feature film? Very interesting.”

“The protagonist has no head? This is a ghost v? Heavy taste… I like it.”

“Which company took it? The special effect of this ghost v is more than the Avenger Alliance.”

Looking at the rows of messages, the doll immediately felt that something was wrong, and quickly asked: “What website are you black? Is this the mainstream website?”

The headless list of the websites that he hijacked said: “Hey…hey…yes, these are all from the top 100 websites of global traffic, according to the download traffic, duration, and data volume. website.”


The doll sprayed a large amount of oil on the screen and said nothing: “The human race is thinking about it all day long.” He immediately ordered: “Don’t care about the data, arrange it according to the flow, from high to low. How much black can be black, so that they can all see the live broadcast!”

“Oh… I understand the doll and the handsome cat. If you are small, you will do it.”

The doll suddenly whispered: “Right, don’t let Zhao Yao know that the most on the live broadcast are these sites…”

At this moment, Zhao Yao’s impatient voice came from the ear of the doll: “Hey, ask you, how many people are watching now?”

The doll quickly replied: “100 million … more than 100 million, the response is very good, they say that you are very handsome.”

“Hey?” Zhao Yao’s voice sounded a bit happy: “I’m not surprised if I can’t hide it so deep today.”

Opposite Zhao Yao, Maria said in a curious tone: “Who are you? Headless knight? Zhao Yao? Or someone else? Why do you master consciousness? Or, the cat behind you has a sense of consciousness. force?”

Giggle said in a tempting tone: “As long as you tell me, I can let you live a path, you should be able to feel the gap between me and you, and the gap between me and the cat behind you.”

Zhao Yao smiled and said: “Stupid cat, how about you to be my cat? Otherwise I will shave after you have smashed it and make a pet cat.”

“Looking for death!” giggling, he was discriminated against because he had short hairs and short hairs. He finally got into a short hair and became better. The most hated thing in his life was being shaved.

Accompanied by the giggling fury, the distorted ability was fully launched, and the consciousness was like a tsunami. The apostles around the four were affected. Unable to stop the invasion of consciousness aftermath.

Zhao Yao, who bears the brunt of it, feels a pain in his head. It seems that there is a huge drill bit that is constantly drilling against his brain and going into his brain.

Then I felt the moment of the offensive. Zhao Yao held down YuanYuan, which helped the invisibility on the shoulder, and immediately started to stop, and the whole world instantly entered the stillness.

‘This guy is really strong. ‘Zhao Yao stands in a still world, and secretly says: ‘I just stopped when I switched to it. Although the dress hangs lv16’s Diana, I still can’t stand it. If I don’t stop, I might only need one or two. I will be controlled in seconds. ‘

Zhao Yao looked at Maria with a look of anger, and the whole figure flashed, and it was already ejected in an instant.

lv10’s Mocha already has a full 18 second time pause. Under the effect of the virtual boiling, Zhao Yao can perform 10 times speed in the 18 seconds of the stop, which is equivalent to having a relative time of 180 seconds.

Superman’s physical quality broke out completely, until the end of the time, he ran out of tens of kilometers in one breath, completely out of the battlefield.


In the stomach pocket, I felt that time stopped and passed, and the time-stop capability entered the cooling. Mocha turned his head and looked at Lucifer.

“I am!”

The cockroach’s claws were on Lucifer’s face, and Mocha followed by a series of cats punching Lucifer’s head, hitting Lucifer’s head and lying down on the ground and twitching.

“I said that I love you and I love you!”

Mocha put his paws on Lucifer and said slowly: “I tell you, our Jianghai fold cat is not a sick cat.”


In the material world, in the process of Mocha’s attack to help Zhao Yao eliminate the time to stop cooling, Zhao Yao just came out of the time, and immediately there was a sharp pain in his head.

The giggling voice spread throughout Zhao Yao’s mind: “Immediately moving? Does it make sense? How can a limited space be more infinite than consciousness, and you can’t escape it.”

Zhao Yao was shocked. He understood that the giggles gave up Maria’s body directly, and fell on his body. He wanted to kill him and control him completely.

However, Zhao Yao had already expected this situation, almost a tenth of a second, and before he could fully control his time, Zhao Yao pulled out the Ricecake vibrating knife directly in his right hand. The position of the heart of his chest.

“What!” stunned and felt this scene. The next moment his consciousness flashed again, and instantly separated from the dead Zhao Yao, and came to a nearby human body.

Zhao Yao has already launched a time-space distortion, and when he re-enters, he stops again when he enters again. A sprint has already flew away in the distance.

When the time flowed again, he ran out of the distance of tens of kilometers in one breath. After the end of this time, he did not feel a headache.

“So if you die, you can get rid of control.” Zhao Yao quickly thought about the income of this confrontation with each other: “And the clucking did not catch up with the distance of tens of kilometers as the first time, which means The other party cannot chase the target across dozens of kilometers.”

At the same time, at the moment when time resumed flow, Zhao Yao’s second and squeaking position, the plasma bombs that had been arranged by the dolls exploded at the same time, and the tens of thousands of high-temperature plasmas directly turned the space of five meters into A sea of ​​fire, the earth is also directly melted, forming a flowing magma.

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