Am I A God? Chapter 973

“The first time I came, it was done when we met, that is to say, when I first met, attacked, and then had a headache, he had already applied directly to my body, and then I stopped using it when I used it. Ten kilometers away, I was finally rid of with rebirth.”

Zhao Yao understands the other’s ability more clearly: “The ability to distort the consciousness is first of all close-up. First, it can be controlled directly by the ability to distorted consciousness. Second, it can directly fall into the other’s body. Third, If the host dies, you will not be able to stay in the other person.”

“As for the long distance, first, you can make a long-distance landing like the beginning of Maria. The second point, then you can’t track me dozens of kilometers away, indicating that it should be some kind of limited length. The distance is coming.”

While analyzing the other’s ability in the heart, Zhao Yao’s shoulder, YuanYuan launched the Stealth’s ability, completely hiding Zhao Yao and himself, just like the ghosts ran outside the city.

‘So, it seems that the temporary use of the time stop can complete the temptation, and you can retain other tactics. ‘

Zhao Yao didn’t enter the Dimensional Stomach Bag for the first time, because he had to confirm that the alien cat didn’t leave any trace of his back hand on him. Otherwise, the Diyuan stomach bag was used as the base camp. Once the alien cat was found in the pot, Zhao Yao can lose completely.

Shortly after the departure of Zhao Yao, dozens of apostles descended from the sky, and Mary, who was controlled by the giggles, looked back and looked at the unrecognizable ground frown of the plasma bomb.

β€œIs there a satellite image nearby? What happened just now?”

Looking at the explosion that occurred a while ago, I whispered in my heart: “Is it self-destructive after suicide? Hey, I thought I could die after I was possessed? Innocent.”

Just then, the apostle on the side said: “Giggle, the battle on our side has been broadcast live, and hundreds of millions of people have seen our battle process.”

Clucking his mouth, he said indifferently: “Don’t worry about this, give me an investigation of the headless knight, I want to know who the cat behind him is.”

In the training base of the Protoss troops in the United Kingdom, Durant looked at the live broadcast with regret.

The camera made and arranged by the doll loyally recorded the whole battle. Even before the second move of Zhao Yao, Zhao Yao smashed his body and the explosion of the plasma bomb was clearly recorded. .

“Is it suicidal? This may be the last resistance that can be made after being controlled.” Durant sighed in his heart: “But our previous apostles, as long as they squeak the possibility of distorting, will be immediately controlled, but he can Hold on for a while and move smoothly into the trap to complete the suicide.”

“But it’s still useless. If you commit suicide, just change your body, but he is really dead.”

Durant sighed and walked out of the office silently.

At the same time, the people who watched the live broadcasts of the world’s major super-energy organizations were all disappointed.

Originally they saw that the headless knight could be the other Maria, not controlled by the other’s ability, and there was still a glimmer of hope in his heart.

But the next moment of hope was completely slammed, watching the headless knights forced to suffocate in a few seconds, everyone’s heart once again cast a shadow, giggling in their hearts more and more invincible.

Others want to find a cat with a headless knight, thinking that maybe they can find the secret of the headless knight against Maria.

However, when the apostles found the cat city and found the cat island, the entire cat city and cat island had already been completely evacuated.

At the same time, the entire network on Earth was also smashed by the broadcast of Zhao Yao.

This can be said that since the awakening of the super-powered cat, for the first time, an apostle has been exposed to the world in such a large scale, and various messy rumors have been circulated.


Three hours later, when Mocha’s rebirth skill ‘space-time distortion’ was completed, it was cooled.

The websites with huge traffic were hacked again, and countless people on the earth saw the live broadcast of Zhao Yao.

“What are you doing again!”

“Say black is black, say go and go, when our website is a public toilet!!”

“This time is the apostle war?”

In the office of Durant in the United Kingdom, after hearing the news, he was also surprised to open the live broadcast. He saw a huge office building, wearing a black robe and a headless knight with no head standing on the roof. .

“This is… is it coming again? Another apostle dressed as a headless knight?”

Durant frowned: “What does he want to do?”

Zhao Yao stared at the office building in the distance and said to the doll in the headset: “Is there?”

In the office, Maria was resting in bed, and a nanofly flew out of her hair. It was Zhao Yao who held her head in front of her head and stuffed the flying insect directly into her hair.

The doll said: “The whole building is their apostle, and there are two cats on the top floor that are suspected to be alien cats.”

“Well, it’s up to me…” Zhao Yao’s body slammed into a slam, and slammed into the building: “I personally confirmed…”

As the floor-to-ceiling glass on the top floor of the office building collapsed, Zhao Yao’s feet were stepping on the floor.

The floor layer shattered, leaving a crack that spread out in all directions.

In the central position of the room, with the game console, Tom, who is playing the world of seals, just reacted.

On the other side of the computer, the office giggling also looked at Zhao Yao’s position.

“It is him again!”

Giggle launched the first time, but saw that Zhao Yao did not hesitate to insert a knife in the chest, the other hand slowly threw out the plasma bomb made by the doll.

Zhao Yao’s eyes before his death were staring at the heads of two cats.

“Lv19 and lv18? Two alien cats confirmed…”

In the loud noise, the raging flame skyrocketed, and the giggles and Tom in the room were instantly evaporated.

Downstairs, an apostle’s look was awkward, and he giggled and looked up: β€œThis guy… actually committed suicide attacks?”

Although I can’t see Zhao Yao’s face, but giggling to know each other’s consciousness, he can feel that the guy who is blew in front of him is the same person as the guy who had previously blew himself.

On the other hand, Zhao Yao, who was out of the state, appeared in a position dozens of kilometers away. He smiled slightly: “Two alien cats… Diana of lv16 can withstand their control for a moment, enough for me to stop And…and they seem to have no way to check and stop… then the next step is to use the c plan…”

An apostle from around the world was also surprised to see this scene in the live broadcast. I did not expect that the forces represented by the headless knight had not given up. After killing an apostle, an apostle was sent to blew himself up.

Three hours later, outside the computer room of the seal world, Zhao Yao rushed in like a Lightning, and then disappeared again in the skylight.

Four hours later, outside the sealed spare room of the world, Gluck and Tom manipulated more than 500 apostles to guard the place, and looked angry at the seal world.

Tom wondered: “This guy, can you be born again?”

“It’s useless to kill him.” He frowned and said: “You must control him. If he appears again, let us take the shot and control him for the first time.”

Five minutes later, under the lens of the global live broadcast, the fire was swept again, and the servers in the spare room were all evaporated, causing the seal world to collapse again.

Countless players have also thoroughly remembered the guy wearing a black robe, no head, and a bombing world server.

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