Am I A God? Chapter 974

Three hours later, it was still black robe, headless, flame and explosion.

Looking at the computer room that was once again burned, I felt like I was going to explode. What kind of rogue game is this? How can someone use the reincarnation superability so cumbersome and so disgusting.

Giggle again transferred the location of the machine room, this time there is no labor to move the crowd, but all secrets, only a few confidants know.

After three hours, the explosion.

He slammed the computer room again silently. This time, the computer room was placed in a submarine base of the US military. No one left in the entire base. Only he and Tom two cats guarded.

After three and a half hours, the entire submarine base exploded and forever sinking into the sea floor.

Once and for all, the server that hides the seal world is hidden again and again, but no matter how it is done, it will always be found, and then watch Zhao Yao blew.

Once again, I saw that the server was burning in a sea of ​​fire. I slammed the phone and opened the phone. I asked, “Is this guy’s foot checked?”

Maria returned: “According to the information we collected in China, the true identity of the headless knight is Zhao Yao, and I went to see him last time…” When it came here, Maria hesitated a little, then said: “I didn’t kill him, I was cheated by his ability to swindle.”

He smirked and said: “What about people now?”

“We have sent people to immediately search all the properties and sites in Jianghai and failed to find him.”

Giggle and said: “Continue to find, not only to find him, but to find his loved ones, find his friends, and bring me all the people who have a relationship with him.”



The door of the Xiaoyu family was directly broken, and a large group of soldiers with bullets and guns rushed in, and the rooms were searched.

But at the moment the room has already gone to the building, not to mention people, even the furniture has been moved away, even the hair did not leave one.


Zhao Yao listened to the news from the dolls according to the headset: “Zhao Yao, they have already searched in Jianghai, but fortunately you have turned people away in advance, or you are unlucky now.”

“It seems that I have figured out my identity, and even if I can’t see my face, I recognize that I am the same person through the contact of consciousness?”

“But in this case, it is still impossible to come directly to my body, indicating that the limit of long-distance landing is more than identity…” Zhao Yao nodded and continued to ask: “Where are the next set of servers arranged?”

The doll asked the cat worker intelligence on the side, and the latter immediately reported the information collected on the network to the doll.

Although the ontology of the seal world is in the dimension of consciousness, it still needs a realistic network to help connect, and as long as the network is connected, the doll will have a way to search for the location of the server through layer protection.

So three hours later, with the cooling time of space-time distortion, Zhao Yao appeared again in the live broadcast.

Only this time, Zhao Yao, simply did not hide his identity, but directly exposed his face, wearing a black robe appeared in the live broadcast, immediately triggered countless attention.

This immediately shocked countless super-powered organizations, because they immediately recognized the identity of Zhao Yao through facial recognition, a person who should have died.

β€œThis is Zhao Yao?”

“Before we suspected that he might be a headless knight, is it really him?”

However, most people have not yet confirmed the headless apostles who have been suicidal attacks before, and it is also Zhao Yao.

It was not until three more hours later that when Zhao Yao appeared again and blew again, everyone’s face changed.

“Is he not dead?”

“It turns out that he has been attacking from start to finish?”

β€œIs this reborn ability?”

At this moment, the top executives of all the super-energy organizations around the world are excited. If there is such a capability, then even if it is not screaming, it will be enough to compete with the other side.

The value represented by the rebirthability is to make countless people covet. The secret that is not controlled by the giggling is equally dazzling.

“Hurry up and contact him!”

“Tell him that the UK is willing to support him unconditionally!”

“I want to find a way to talk to him, as long as he is willing to be a member of the French Holy Sword, we can give him the highest treatment.”

With the popularity of Zhao Yao, his photos and various materials appeared on major portals and social networking sites. Zhao Yao became a world-renowned figure almost instantly.

But most of the civilians who don’t understand the situation hate him and hate him. He thinks he is committing suicide attacks and attacking Apple’s online game server.

Among them, the players who seal the world most hate Zhao Yao, and Zhao Yao’s photos are quickly made into various expression packs, which spread throughout the world of the seal world.

Zhao Yao is very fond of this. He doesn’t care whether others like him or hate him. Just pay attention to him, and it is better to be a player in the seal world.

On the other hand, he quickly couldn’t stand Zhao Yao’s continued suicide attack, so he also launched a video that hangs directly on several well-known video sites.

In the video, an orange cat (the newly occupied body) squatted in front of the camera, lifted the cat’s claws and screamed.

Below the cat’s head, the translated subtitles are lined up.

“Stupid people, you have completely angered me.”

A message quickly flashed under the video.

“This cat is so cute!”

“Hand over the small meat pad!”

“Give me a lot of zero points.”

Giggle continues to scream, the subtitles write: “Zhao Yao, I give you 12 hours, 12 hours, come to me, or else…”

Speaking, a squeaking popped out the cat’s claws, made a movement to smother you, then the camera turned around and saw the giggles behind, thousands of humans were all tied to a metal chair. But the eyes are calm and indifferent, apparently all have been giggled and then controlled.

Giggle continued: “These are your past classmates, colleagues, teachers, superiors, neighbors, etc. If you don’t appear in front of me after 12 hours, then I will kill 10 people every 1 hours. Until you appear.”

Giggle sneered: ‘Zhao Yao this guy… As long as he dares to stay in front of me for a second, I can completely control him, and when I control him…’

Tom asked at the side: “What if he doesn’t appear?”

“ι˜‰εŸŽ.” giggled indifferently said: “If you kill the people here, he still does not appear, use the city to threaten him. Once it does not appear, it will light the people of a whole city and give them all sterilization. If he If you don’t want human beings to be completely extinct, you will definitely compromise.”

The anger that was completely irritated said mercilessly: “We are the dominant side of power. Does this guy think that he can play with me with a little advantage in ability? No, he is just really… It really irritated me.”

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