Am I A God? Chapter 975

On the other side, countless videos were watched, and Zhao Yao’s threatened audience was immediately excited, and various reactions were not shown.

The apostles of the super-organized organizations watching the video were heart-warming, and immediately began to leave various messages, persuading Zhao Yao not to be impulsive and to be patient.

After all, the performance of Zhao Yao is the only force that can counter the giggling. If Zhao Yao is controlled by the impulse, then the only hope is not there.

There are also forces to persuade Zhao Yao to join them and hope that Zhao Yao will share the ability with them.

Lao He also kept sending a message to Zhao Yao, hoping that Zhao Yao would calm down and not be impulsive.

Then, Zhao Yao has no more attacks on the server of the seal world. Everyone feels that he is definitely in the inner torment, and he is also paying attention to Zhao Yao’s choice.

Just as there was a storm on the earth, and when countless people were watching Zhao Yao, Zhao Yao was quietly looking for a place to climb the world of seals.

Almost at the moment of entering the world of seals, Zhao Yao’s eyes slammed brightly, and the eyes of the book were filled with excitement.

I saw the book above, Diana’s evolutionary bar is growing at a rate that is visible to the naked eye.

Zhao Yao was a live broadcast of the day and night, and the attack was screaming, not just to harass the other party, to irritate the other party, not just to gather information about the other’s ability.

He is also to get attention and get the attention of players in the seal world.

And what better than the server that broadcasts the seal world?

After having the cat prince dress, Mocha of lv10 and Diana of lv16, Zhao Yao has achieved these goals almost completely.

In this short day and night, he collected the attention of hundreds of millions of people around the world.

And among these people, tens of millions of people are the players in the seal world.

So when he logged in to the world of seals again, the evolutionary strip on the book grew wildly, and almost three hours later, Diana rose directly to lv17.

After a few more hours, lv18 was reached.

Then Diana upgraded to lv12 in one breath before the screaming 19 hour limit.

Until this time, the growth rate of the evolutionary strips slowed down, and Zhao Yao felt that it would take a day or two to evolve to lv20.

But this speed has already made Zhao Yao feel very excited. After the transformation, Diana has a physical immunity 85%, and the effect of the skill is enhanced to 190%.

“The next step is to be positive.”


On the other hand, as time approaches, countless people are concerned about Zhao Yao and the giggle.

In order to refresh the attention again, Zhao Yao once again opened the live broadcast.

In the picture of the live broadcast, Zhao Yao, wearing a black robe, appeared above a base in the desert. His body flashed and several layers of fortifications had been broken. He slammed into the roof and landed. Inside the base.

Giggle at Zhao Yao, who appeared in front of me, his mouth slightly tilted up: “It’s finally here.”

Looking at Zhao Yao, who appeared in front of the giggles, Durant’s face of the British Protoss showed a hint of gloom.

“Too impulsive.”

Lao He looked at the airway in the live broadcast: “Too impulsive, Zhao Yao is too impulsive, he is not a hostage to die together?”

Countless people sighed and lamented that Zhao Yao was still unable to endure and lost to giggling.

Glucking thoughts, consciousness rushed into the other’s body without reservation, the consciousness twisted and launched, constantly distorting Zhao Yao’s mind.

When he saw the picture, he lifted his paws and hooked his fingers. Zhao Yao looked blue and walked step by step to him.

The countless apostles who watched the live broadcast immediately had a feeling of sadness. Did humanity lose to a cat after all? Even many people can’t bear to watch it again.

The apostles who were giggling and distorted, they saw too much, and Zhao Yao attacked so many times, how bad it would be, and you don’t have to know.

But the next moment, Durant of the Protoss, the black officer of the Holy Sword, Lao He, and the apostles of the major organizations all stared at the picture in the live broadcast.

I saw Zhao Yao walked to the front of the giggling, violently reaching out the palm of his hand, pinching the giggling neck and grinning: “What are you doing?”

Both the giggling and Tom looked at Zhao Yao with amazement, and Qi Qi launched the distorted ability and wanted to distort Zhao Yao’s consciousness.

But the next moment I saw Zhao Yao’s hand flashing, the two cats had been stunned and fell to the ground.

However, their consciousness quickly shifted to the apostles on the side, staring at Zhao Yao.

Cluck: “You! Your consciousness has become stronger?”

He has just tried his best to distort his consciousness. He wants to control the other party in one breath and does not give the other party any chance to commit suicide. However, he still has no success. The only possibility is that there is only one. The other person’s consciousness becomes stronger, at least it is strong enough. To the extent that this can be so resistant to his ability.

Zhao Yao smiled a little, his face was very arrogant, and his heart still kept the battle calm.

“After the Diana lv19, I was not so susceptible to their ability. The next step is to grab the two cats…”

In front of the computer screen, countless apostles on the earth showed ecstasy, and Zhao Yao resisted the other’s ability. He was well prepared.

On the other side, the giggles and Tom’s two cats were furious after the failure of the ability.

“Kill! Kill him!”

With the giggling, the apostles of the entire base acted and quickly surrounded Zhao Yao.

At the same time, the two super-powered cats continued to exploit the ability to attack Zhao Yao’s consciousness.

Even if you have strong super resistance, it does not mean absolute defense. After all, the gap in consciousness between the two sides is not so big.

Clucking and Tom believe that they have multiple, long-term attacks and still have the possibility of success.

But the next moment, Zhao Yao’s body became vain, and the whole person floated in the air, exuding the inexplicable breath, and even the figure became somewhat translucent.

He directly applied the transformation ability of the nightmare lord, entered the physical immunity 85%, and the effect of the effect was enhanced to 190%.

Giggle and Tom instantly felt their consciousness hitting Zhao Yao’s body, as if they were hitting the steel plate, and they collapsed into the sky and dissipated into the air.

Giggle anger: “He… can he still be strong?”

At the same time, hundreds of apostles controlled by the clucks and Tom have already attacked Zhao Yao.

The viewers who saw this scene were subconsciously tight.

Hundreds of super-abilitys were released at the same time, with various flames, lightnings, explosions, invisible powers, curses, toxins intertwined, and even many apostles pulling the triggers to release a burst of metal storms. The rockets swept through Zhao Yao.

Zhao Yao’s body was almost swallowed up in an instant. The wall of more than ten walls belonging to the base behind him collapsed completely in the next second. The turbulent flow of destruction continued to spread backwards, leaving several hundred meters behind Zhao Yao. It became a scorched earth, and the entire base was destroyed in the blink of an eye.

But the next moment, I saw that Zhao Yao came out slowly from a piece of smoke, and he could hardly see any trace of injury.

In fact, all kinds of flames, such as Lightning, venom, sluggishness, curse, air bombs, power, and so on, can not even break the super resistance of Zhao Yao lv19, and all are ignored.

At the same time, various guns and sticks, explosions, metal controlled cutting, bullets, rockets, lasers, etc., were first physically immune to 85% by Zhao Yao, and the remaining 15% was dragged down by Zhao Yao’s superhuman body at the moment. The last bit of damage caused by the Quick Regeneration is instantly cured.

Looking at the unscathed Zhao Yao, the giggling and Tom were shocked and angry. They suddenly reacted. With the consciousness expressed by Zhao Yao in front, the super-ability of most ordinary super-power cats is invalid, let alone he still Can be born again.

A monster that can resist their ability, most of the attacks are invalid, and can be reborn…

Thinking of it, the gamble and Tom’s face slowly showed the color of fear.

What kind of monsters did they encounter on this original planet?

The next moment, their face immediately showed a hint of twilight.

The camera turned into a black screen in an instant, and after a full minute, with the doll’s several switching and constant adjustments, it became a scene of looking at the base on the high ground outside the kilometer.

I saw a huge fireball instantly swallowed up the entire desert base, and the hot high temperature, radiation, and shock waves twisted, shattered, and collapsed everything.

Countless viewers stared at this familiar and unfamiliar scene, covering their mouths with their hands, and the brain was in a blank.

The ultimate force of mankind – the nuclear bomb, this moment engulfs all life in the base.

Gluck and Tom also escaped from the host’s body directly through this huge explosion, jumping into the dimension of consciousness and smashing into the distance.

At this moment, along with the constant expansion and contraction of the lens, the crowd opened their mouths and the stunned scene appeared.

Then I saw a figure floating slowly out of the nuclear explosion. The raging high temperature and blazing radiation could not hurt his body. The ultimate weapon of human beings could not even open his clothes.

Along with this scene deeply reflected in the minds of countless audiences, Zhao Yao, who was behind the Space Gate, looked up at the sky and his eyes glowed, seemingly to see the dimension of the void.

“Want to escape?”

The next moment, his figure disappeared in an instant, and it has already entered the dimension of consciousness as if he had entered a dream.

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