Am I A God? Chapter 976

Just giggling, Tom escaped, and Zhao Yao chased away.

Thousands of viewers across the globe were amazed at seeing this scene.

Especially those powerful natural disaster apostles, they are more aware of how terrible the performance of Zhao Yao is.

The black officer first found Durant, the British sword, and said in a tentative tone: “Durant, what do you think?”

“What do I think? What can I think?” Durant sighed: “Exaggerated to the incredible body, and extremely strong super resistance. I can’t even think of anything on earth that can kill him.”

“Yeah.” The black officer sighed: “The front is against the attacks of hundreds of apostles, and the high temperatures, radiation, and shock waves that ignore the nuclear explosion… I have to wonder if he is a human being.”

Zhao Yao’s demonstrated combat power has made the apostles on the earth feel extremely incomprehensible. This has completely surpassed their past understanding of superability and completely shattered their three views.

People are not going to die, but to crush. How is the gap between this person and people so big?

Not to mention the horror of Zhao Yao in all parts of the world, all the pieces of Zhao Yao out of the nuclear explosion were spread wildly.

In the dimension of consciousness at the moment, there is no ups and downs, space time is difficult to define, and everything is in the singular dimension of constant change and constant ups and downs.

If you want to move in the dimension of consciousness, you need to use your consciousness to perceive the material world for comparison. Otherwise, the direction and distance of each movement are different, and you will never reach the destination.

Giggle and Tom continued to flash and jump, while the consciousness of the two continued to entangle each other, communicating the situation just now.

“What the hell is that guy? I feel that my consciousness is like playing my father.” Tom wondered: “I can’t move at all.”

“The guy’s superability is very strange.” Giggle solemnly said: “There has been a lot of improvement in a short period of time. There must be a problem. He is now killed, and the rebirth should still be three hours as before. We are in this time. Think about it…”

Tom said: “Is that thing really fried to die?”

“That bomb is very powerful, it is the power of the star, it should be able to kill him.” Giggle said: “The next thing we want to think about is how to defeat him, first of all to figure out why he suddenly became so strong.”

Tom said: “There is no perfectability in the world. He can suddenly become so strong that there must be defects.”

“Yes, as long as we can find that flaw, we can…”

At this moment, the two cats felt together with a strong sense of consciousness and slammed into it, directly hitting them together, causing a psychological pain.

“Hey!” Zhao Yao: “Escape! You will give me another escape. No one has saved you from the world today.”

Tom and the clenched trembling.

“How to do?”

“Work with him!”

Unlike the seal world, almost all of the pure consciousness has lost its effect, leaving only the most thorough conscious competition.

Tom and the giggling gave the strength to suckle, and the consciousness seemed to radiate a dazzling light, as if the two comets had hit the Zhao Yao.

There seemed to be a huge impact between the three, and Zhao Yao’s consciousness was faint, and Gluck and Tom immediately got excited.

“There is a play!”

“His pure consciousness is not as strong as the two of us!”

Zhao Yao had previously performed Diana’s transformational ability in the material world, which was enhanced by 85% of physical immunity and 190% of effect.

But in the dimension of consciousness, the transformation ability is invalid, and Zhao Yao can only rely on the consciousness of lv19 borrowed from Diana to fight.

This is followed by Tom and the clucker saw the victory.

The fanatical consciousness carries the conviction of winning, almost exhausting all the power of the two cats, and madly bombarding Zhao Yao.

Two cats continually slammed around Zhao Yao, and with the competition of consciousness, the consciousness of the three continued to weaken.

The violent pain was introduced into Zhao Yao’s mind through the collision of consciousness, and it felt like a knife was constantly stirring back and forth in his head.

Zhao Yao is insisting on biting his teeth and slamming the attack of two cats.

“Let’s stick to it, just stick to it…”

Zhao Yao perceives that the giggle and Tom’s consciousness are getting weaker with repeated impacts.

The battle became more and more fierce, and the consciousness of the three people almost entangled together, tearing and hitting back and forth, and a little carelessness would break the consciousness, and the real soul fluttered.

“He can’t hold it anymore!” giggled and said: “Kill him!”

Just as the giggles and Tom tried their best to display the final blow, it was time to smash the consciousness of Zhao Yao.

A violent volatility came again from Zhao Yao’s body.

At this moment, Zhao Yao, in addition to borrowing the monk lord’s ability of the cat prince’s gown, used the ability of the nightmare lord who had switched to the book.

He almost recovered to the peak in an instant, or stronger.

On the other side, the giggle and Tom, who are incomparably weak, feel the renewed consciousness of the other side.

“How did he get stronger again and again!” giggling: “Is this guy a Super Saiyan?!”

The giggling is really unbearable. He feels like an ordinary player who is honestly leveling the blame brush equipment. Suddenly he has encountered a hang, and the hang is not only hanging, but also the quality is very poor, causing his The game experience is extremely poor.

Giggle: “You have become stronger again!!”

The next moment, Diana’s consciousness descended from the sky, and the consciousness of lv19 exuded the fluctuations of the two cats.

“The trough.”

Giggle and Tom were shocked and stunned. They couldn’t take a counterattack, and the figure flickered, and they fled.

Zhao Yao and Diana are catching up, and the consciousness of one person and three cats madly collides, tears, and wanders in the dimension of consciousness.

Tom first exited the battlefield and then fought again. His consciousness was completely broken.

I saw him jumping directly from the dimension of consciousness, returning to the material world and hiding on a cat.

Zhao Yao followed a flash and jumped directly out of the dimension of consciousness. With the help of Diana’s ability, his consciousness was transformed into flesh and blood. He raised the Tom in front of him and said, “Don’t escape.” Already?”

“Don’t escape, don’t escape.” Tom squinted and said: “I think there is a deep misunderstanding between us. It’s all about the cat doing things. I’m just a small one that is used by other cats. Cats only.”

Tom explained: “In fact, I am a half earth cat, I love the earth! I love earth cats…ah!!”

Zhao Yao licked Tom, who was screamed by him, faintly said: “Remove everyone you control.”

Just as Zhao Yao captured Tom, the other side of Diana came to the news: “The guy fled into the world of seals.”

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