Am I A God? Chapter 977

“Seal the world?”

Zhao Yao directly fed Diana’s spicy bar, first forced Tom in front of her dreams, then dismissed Diana’s props, and gave Tom to the dream, and she came to the world of seals.

Looking at the seal world that is still the same, Zhao Yao said in his heart: “The trouble is that this place is made by the alien cat. If he really hides here, I really can’t find him.”

For the giggle, Zhao Yao must grasp it. On the one hand, the other party still controls the world of seals. This online game Zhao Yao is determined to win.

On the other hand, from the mouths of Arya and Ase, they learned about the situation of alien cats. Zhao Yao is also reluctant to flee the earth and return to his hometown to rescue the soldiers.

However, Zhao Yao had just arrived in the world of seals. It was felt that between the heavens and the earth, a tyrannical pressure was falling on him.

“You dare to chase in!”

The giggling roar came from the distant sky. The next moment, Zhao Yao felt that his consciousness was severely squeezed, as if the whole world had become a big grinding disc, and his consciousness was madly torn.

β€œHe is attacking me with the power of the seal world?” Zhao Yao gave a slight glimpse, and immediately jumped out of the seal world and returned to the dimension of consciousness.

In front of him, the light spot representing the dream world of the seal world floats in the dimension of consciousness, as if it is a spherical Lightning, which appears at random and randomly appears in different positions.

Zhao Yao shouted toward the light: “What are you hiding in? There is a skill to come out and fight with me.”

Cluck: “What are you hiding outside! You have the ability to come in!”

Zhao Yao fell into the world of seals and slammed the world of seals. Every time he went in, he directly kicked off a lot of players, and the number of online users in the seal world continued to decline.

Giggle: “I tell you, you are not allowed to come in again! You come in and I will kill you.”

“How about I go in?” Zhao Yao sneered: “I am coming in and out, you hit me? When I kick everyone off, I see what you are playing with me.”

boom! The giggling consciousness suddenly slammed out and slammed into Zhao Yao, but was broken by Zhao Yao.


When he was about to seize him, he directly abandoned a large amount of consciousness, and he screamed and hid back.

Zhao Yao: “You really dare to come out, what if I can’t move it?” He said, his consciousness wrapped the light spot in front of him, and continued to pat the light and said: “You are giving I am coming out! Otherwise I will go out and give you a power outage!”

No matter what Zhao Yao said, he didn’t respond to Zhao Yao. It seemed that he was determined to hide in the world of seals.

Zhao Yao’s eyes narrowed. He understood that, like his previous judgments, the seal world is indeed absorbing the spiritual power of the players to grow, and this power can also be used.

It’s just that unlike Zhao Yao’s direct upgrade to Diana, he is better at using the seal world as a fortress than using the power of the seal world to bless himself.

As long as he stays in the world of seals, his strength will be greatly blessed.

Looking at the seal world in front of him, Zhao Yao snorted and retired, then immediately took Diana.

Zhao Yao said: “Diana, you look at this guy for me. If you escape, you will give me a fight.”

Diana kept nodding: “But what if he keeps hiding inside?”

“I will let him out.”

Zhao Yao sneered, first looking back at Tom, who was still in Dian’s dream, and confirmed that there was no problem, he jumped out of the consciousness dimension and returned to the material world.

He first opened the Space Gate and glanced inside. He saw thousands of hostages and apostles lying down in the stomach pockets. Many of them have become coke bodies.

This is the first time Zhao Yao has noticed the nuclear explosion. When it is directly opened, it stops and the Space Gate, and they are loaded in.

However, although he stopped and Space Gate had already opened very quickly, there were still many people who wore a zero and a few seconds in the nuclear explosion and died directly.

Mocha said nervously: “Zhao Yao Zhao Yao! What to do! Several people are mad!”

Zhao Yao said proudly: “I want people to live, Jesus can’t stay.”

I saw Zhao Yao stepping into the stomach pocket and then walked into a Space Gate. After going out, he came to the depths of the Kunlun Mountains.

In the world of ice and snow, a tens of meters high gate stands again, and the center of the door is rolling black and white, like a door leading to the underworld.

This door is the door of eternal life created by Arria, the super-energy that can renew the life with life.

In order to deal with alien cats, Zhao Yao prepared to evacuate Cat Island and Cat Le City in advance, and moved the door of Eternal Life to the depths of the Kunlun Mountains.

At the top of the door of eternal life, Pharaoh sits cross-legged, his eyes closed, his body constantly vibrating at high speed, and he seems to be doing some kind of exercise.

At the moment of Zhao Yao’s arrival, Pharaoh opened his eyes and looked at Zhao Yao and asked, “Win?”

“I still haven’t caught one hand. I will resurrect the person first, and then I will pick him up again.” As he said, Zhao Yao sent the body of the Diyuan stomach bag and threw it directly into the stomach pocket.

While losing, Zhao Yao’s eyes flashed through the painful color, which was replaced by his life.

In the cabin next to the Gate of Eternal Life, Arya and Aseel trembled in the window, and the group became two balls.

Looking at Zhao Yao outside the window, Arya was shocked: “When it’s over, this is finished, this guy actually won? I still wait for the fellows to win him and take me out to the waves. Now I am not going to give Zhao Yao Fighting for a lifetime?”

Ase said: “Zhao Yao is not saying, are we free as long as we have paid back?”

“Innocent.” The mourning from the cat toilet was faint: “Is this what Zhao Yao is telling you while you are?”

Looking at the cat in front of the cat toilet, Ahsai nodded and said, “Yeah, what happened?”

The funeral said in a tone that came over: “Zhao Yao, when you are talking to you, don’t believe a word.” He said, slowly walking past the two cats, and going back to the yuan stomach bag to continue cleaning. .

Just passing by the two cats, once again said: “Don’t believe Zhao Yao.”

On the other hand, as a body was put into the door of eternal life, he saw a man who died in the nuclear explosion slowly coming out of the door of eternal life, still with a stunned face. Know what is going on here.

Of course, Zhao Yao did not intend to tell them that he was resurrected. After all, he did not intend to fully expose his secrets of resurrecting others, or he might be annoyed.

Then Illusion started, directly dragged the resurrected person into sleep, and then transported it back to the stomach pocket.

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