Am I A God? Chapter 978

The dead were resurrected, and then Zhao Yao rushed back to the river and directly threw all the people rescued from the nuclear explosion into the open space in front of their building. He has no interest in doing the specific handover work.

So the people in the building were surprised to see an individual falling out of the void, piled up in front of the building, and immediately there were many staff members who went up to rescue the wounded in the coma.

In the office inside the building, Lao He is on the phone.


“I know.”

“He will contact me if he contacts me.”

“What he likes…” He thought about it and said affirmatively: “Money and cat!”

“Woman? No, no, no woman, I have tried it. This guy is not a man who will be confused by beauty…”

Lao He put down the phone and took a deep breath. Although Zhao Yao only caught Tom and did not catch it, it also allowed Tom to release all the people under his control. In this case, the governments of all countries in the world will immediately recover a lot of high-level waking. Naturally, I was immediately contacted.

“Hey, it looks like you are going to be promoted?”

When he heard this familiar voice, he turned his head in surprise: “Zhao Yao? Are you successful? Rest assured, you have made great achievements, this country will certainly not treat you badly…”

Listening to the old Hobala Barra, Zhao Yao is also a nod to the United States. He can already imagine that he will cooperate with all parties in the next step. Bridget catnip sells all over the world. Cat City is fully expanded and draws every month. It’s hard to get a lot of experience.

‘And the seal world, wait for the cluck, this thing has to be managed by me, if you can let the people of the whole earth play this game, then my evolution speed…’

At the thought of this, Zhao Yao couldn’t help but laugh.

β€œZhao Yao?” He looked at Zhao Yao and wondered, β€œWhat happened to you?”

“Ah…no, nothing.” Zhao Yao still had to solve the giggling first, so he looked at the old saying: “Help me contact Apple and the US government. I have some things to discuss with the seal world. “”

So two hours later, in the headquarters of Apple Inc., a large group of high-ranking officials and government officials stood at the door of the building, and looked at the watch from time to time, seemingly waiting for something.

A few minutes later, an air wave smashed the sky with the sound of screaming, and Zhao Yao slowly landed in front of everyone.

A company executive went up and said: “His Zhao Yao, we have lunch, do you want to eat and talk…”

“No, the server has disconnected all players? Make sure that there is no player inside.”

Zhao Yao walked into the office building under the guidance of everyone, and all men and women were full of tension and respect.

Although they do not understand the strength of superability, the division of strength of the apostles, the existence of consciousness, but the man can come out from the nuclear explosion without any injury, but they know.

Therefore, in the eyes of Zhao Yao in their eyes, it is basically the slain of the human skin, the flow of Godzilla.

So for the next half hour, the server of the seal world has been completely controlled by Zhao Yao.

β€œHey.” Zhao Yao looked at them and said, β€œLook at this, the server continues to run, but no accounts are allowed to connect.”

“Ah…” a program on the side said: “But the players will be rioted.”

Zhao Yao said indifferently: “What riots in riots. Everyone sends a piece of equipment afterwards.”

The program said: “No, we can’t manipulate the data of this game, let alone send the equipment, we can’t even send a grass.”

β€œSo?” Zhao Yao brows and remembers the essence of the seal world. Online games are just his appearance. Dreams are his essence. Perhaps after the dream has absorbed the power of countless people, it has not been easily changed.

“This is the case.” Zhao Yao said with a smile: “That tells the player that I want to maintain the server.” He patted his chest and said: “You don’t have to feel the pressure, let the players blame me.”

Zhao Yao suddenly remembered that this is another good opportunity to collect the attention of the players. If there is no leek, the Buddha will not look down.

Zhao Yao suddenly remembered and asked: “Right, how many players are there in the seal world?”

β€œOn average, about 10 million active users a day.”

Zhao Yao’s eyes lit up: “I have set this pot.”

The program said: “Then I will let people write announcements now…”

“When you write an announcement, you will think that you will find an excuse for writing an announcement.” Zhao Yao said: “I am going to.”

So long after the short-lived nuclear explosion of Zhao Yao, he once again boarded the homepage of countless websites.

“You guys who seal the world, there is one thing to announce…” Zhao Yao said after a moment of silence: “I am your father.”

Seeing the quick brushing comments below, Zhao Yao smiled with satisfaction: “The next seal world will enter the maintenance state, the maintenance time is unknown, I don’t know the maintenance results, the maintenance compensation is not, welcome everyone to continue to support the seal game. We strive to provide you with the best gaming experience.”

Turning off the live broadcast, Zhao Yao Meiji nodded. Although the player has not been able to put it into the game, he can already imagine how many players in the seal world think about him. When he grabs the seal world and reopens it, This evolutionary speed must be awkward.

After all, the world is the only one that can replace the virtual online game of sleep, players have no choice.

After finishing the live video, Zhao Yao observed the status of the server for a while, and determined that after a player did not, he planned to leave.

After returning to the dimension of consciousness, Zhao Yao and Diana watched the world of seals in front of them, making sure that they could not leave.

‘The seal world works and strengthens by absorbing the spirit of the player’s distraction. Then if there are no players, he will continue to weaken. ‘

So in the days that followed, Zhao Yao and Diana took turns guarding the entire world of seals, and Zhao Yao would go in once a day, feeling the power of the seal world continually weakening.

Finally, seven days later, when Diana took care of the seal world, a wave of volatility emerged from it. The giggling consciousness and Diana slammed once and immediately fled to the distance.

Diana immediately chased it up, and the two cats entangled and slammed back and forth, screaming and yelling: “You are a cat traitor! Help humans to deal with the same kind?!”

After a long period of entanglement, I felt that an amazing pressure fell from the sky, and Zhao Yao came.

“Stop it, you can’t escape.”


“Surrender?” Giggle: “How can I surrender like the primitive, disgusting, and incompetent humans!”

Then I saw the giggling and rushed to Zhao Yao and Diana.

Feeling the grombling consciousness continues to collapse, Zhao Yao said: “Hey! What are you doing? You are going to die like this.”

Knowing that he had escaped, he was biting his teeth, and Diana and Zhao Yao stole together. Until the last moment, consciousness disappeared completely into the dimension of consciousness.

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