Am I A God? Chapter 979

β€œIs such an anal fissure?” Zhao Yao’s heart sighed and said: β€œBut… is it really dead?”

Then Zhao Yao and Diana searched together for a while, but they couldn’t find the clucking place, so they went back to the world of seals. I was going to search for it and see if there was any hiding inside, and look for the world of control seals. Methods.

However, although the seal world is just a game, a dream, but the internal space structure is intricate, with different terrains such as the mainland, the sky, the ocean, and so on, and thousands of copies.

Even if Zhao Yao and Diana had the dream of relying on the nightmare of the nightmare, it took a full two weeks to search for a rough.

“It seems to be really dead…”

Since there is indeed no clue, Zhao Yao does not intend to continue to struggle. His most important thing is to take over the world of seals.

After all, the giggling is only a member of the alien cat. Zhao Yao clearly remembers the day of destruction that was taken away.

At the thought of the destruction of the day, Zhao Yao felt that some scalp was numb.

“Don’t give me tens of thousands of Toms, giggle guys out…”

In addition to the Day of Destruction, Zhao Yao learned about the intelligence of many alien cats from the mouths of Arya and Ase. Their powers are complex and complicated.

After all, these guys are not as docile and bully as the Earth’s super cats, and Zhao Yao needs to be more prepared.

So Zhao Yao said nothing about it and began to prepare for the seal world.

“In the previous week plus the next two weeks, the world of seals has become weak to the extreme. Now I am working with Diana to show the dreamer’s ability to steal this dream. If you manipulate this dream, you should have a chance.”

Zhao Yao and Diana shuttled in a row, and a series of flashes of light and shadow appeared in the depths of the dream, a place that ordinary players absolutely could not come.

Diana’s ability Nightmare Lord, able to dream, and be able to move space, accelerate time, and edit things in a dream.

The world of seals in the past is too strong, even Diana, who has already been LV19, can’t edit this dream.

But now that the seal world has been broken for three weeks, the power has dropped to the bottom, and Zhao Yao and Diana have easily moved through the space to the core of this dream.

In front of Zhao Yao and Diana, a huge heart is continually beating, and in the sound of snoring, along with every beat of his, there seems to be invisible force absorbed around and released.

Diana was surprised: “What is this?”

Zhao Yao said: “This is the core of the seal world. I found it yesterday.”

Diana is curious: “How do you definitely be the core? Isn’t it a copy or something?”

Zhao Yao looked at Diana’s look at the moment, all of them were covered with dense white hair, and the thick hair almost made her a round hair ball.

Think about Diana’s reality being shaved. Zhao Yao can understand his behavior as a hairball in the world of seals, but after all, he can’t help but say: “Can you become normal… you look like this Really…”

“Ah? Is it not enough?” Diana hurriedly turned and observed her body and said, “Where is the hair lost?”

“Forget it.” Zhao Yao rolled his eyes and turned to the back of the heart and said, “This is why I know that this is the core of the seal world.”

When Diana followed, she saw a huge heart behind her, and wrote a few lines of characters.

“The eternal deflagration super-power core of the seal world.”

“Don’t grind your paws here! Don’t grind your paws! Don’t grind your paws!”

“I remember shaving my feet every Monday.”

“The powerhouse door is here.”

“…” Diana looked at the cat paw prints under the lines of the big words silently and said, “I feel very unreliable.”

β€œIt’s not reliable, go in and see it.” Zhao Yao said, he went forward and gently pushed the position of the cat’s paw print, and pushed open the door in front of him. The inner space of the heart immediately appeared. In front of him.

I saw a huge space that far exceeded the size of the heart, and countless pipes were densely arranged in the void.

Feeling the consciousness that flows through it, Diana surprises: “It’s really here, I feel that I am absorbing my consciousness here.”

At this moment, the light and shadow flashed, and a short-haired golden-haired cat illusion appeared in the void.

β€œHey!” said Jin Mao’s virtual shadow: β€œWelcome to the eternal detonation super power core, please receive verification.”

During the conversation, the surrounding areas immediately consciously rolled up. The next moment, the scarlet light shone through the space.

The golden cat shouted: “You are so bold, you feel like you are here! You have to die!”

Zhao Yao frowned, which was obviously the defensive system that stayed here. As the mind swept over and squeezed it, he could only join hands with Diana immediately, smashing the opponent’s offensive, and then breaking the gold with a blow. Cat virtual shadow.

After the phantom disappeared, the brightness of the entire space continued to drop. Diana was shocked: “It seems to be broken by us.”

Looking at the flash, it seems that the light bulb has broken the same power room, Zhao Yao said: “Recover him together!”

During the speech, one person and one cat launched the capability together, and in the distorted void, a golden cat illusion slowly emerged.

It was Zhao Yao and Diana who used the nightmare lord to edit the dream’s ability and copied the golden cat that had just been smashed.

Zhao Yao dared to find out and try to control the world of seals, naturally it is emboldened.

With the weakness of the seal world, Zhao Yao and Diana can weave this dream, which is his greatest strength.

A few minutes later, watching the Golden Cat virtual shadow was defeated again, the power room began to collapse again, and Zhao Yao knew that he had to completely control the world of the seal, I am afraid it could not be done in a short time.

After thinking about it, he simply let Diana stay here first, optimistic about this power room, and wait for him to study slowly.

Zhao Yao went out to do the finishing work himself. At least the nationwide catnip market should be carried out, and the expansion of Cat Le City should continue, as well as the operation of the game in the world of seals…

So in the next few months, a meeting about Zhao Yao opened up in China.

“Zhao Yao’s potential has been seen by everyone. His influence on the whole world situation can be said to be very important. And he also intimately approached us and continued to cultivate his relationship with us. It is a re-calculated investment. ”

“Indeed, all his foundations are on our side, and the performance of this battle can be seen. Xiao Zhao is still very patriotic.”

“And with such a strong force, he does not want money, does not have the right, and only wants to sell cat grass, open shopping malls, and do online games, so there are not many young people who are dedicated and do business in a down-to-earth manner.”

“Support, we should fully support his cause!”

Zhao Yao has a lot of things to do, but he is now a man with a hard-core explosion.

Therefore, everyone naturally sees great potential and investment value in him, and what is done is naturally a green light.

Sorry everyone, there is only one chapter today… The second chapter can’t write…

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