Am I A God? Chapter 980

Since the continuous live broadcast of Zhao Yao in the past few days, his intelligence and various news have continued to ferment on the Internet, making him a super hot spot attracting countless people.

Coupled with the comprehensive exposure of superability, some people, some countries, some foreign forces, Zhao Yao and ultra-ability information are increasingly presented to the public, and have been in the next few months. One of the biggest hot spots on the web.

Even people who take photos of Zhao Yaoโ€™s former residence, the company, and Zhao Yaoโ€™s school every day have a lot.

“Everyone lined up, took pictures one by one, don’t worry… This is where Zhao Yao deleted the database at the company. Although we have no evidence, but because there is no evidence, it must be done with super-ability.”

At the press conference, a group of reporters were constantly taking pictures of the water dragon.

“I told you, the first time I saw Zhao Yao, I knew that this is very unusual.” Shuilong said with a book: “The specific dragon between me and Zhao Yao, everyone can buy me. A biography written in prison, “People are in the rivers and lakes…”

Outside the African factory, Xiao Ming was ecstatic with a phone call.

“Amount… Do you want to invest in me? Yes, yeah, I owe Zhao Yao a few tens of millions. Itโ€™s wrong. Itโ€™s Zhao Yao who has invested tens of millions in me. I have half of his shares here. ofโ€ฆโ€ฆ”

Xiao Ming said with emotion: “You want to invest too? Well, okay… I have good friendship with Zhao Yao, otherwise he can vote for me tens of millions? That is tens of millions, my parents will turn their faces, you said How iron is our relationship?”

Outside the middle school, a person said with a smile around the rain: “This is Zhao Yao’s aunt, the rain girl?”

“So a young aunt?” A big man was surprised: “It must be the ability to rejuvenate? The aunt’s true body must be a beautiful woman.”

I was just impatient and wanted to take a break from their light rain eyes and said with surprise: “Is this all seen by you?”

As Zhao Yao’s influence continues to spread, his career is progressing steadily over the next few months.

Soon after, the national ban on grassroots began, and Bridget catnip became the only officially designated catnip in the country, starting marketing in several cities.

Zhao Yao also bought a whole street for the loan, and various reconstructions and expansions began.

However, most of the business Zhao Yao has been handed over to Bai Quan, and he himself spends more time on the research of the seal world.


Half a year later, somewhere in China, the 18-line small county town.

A young girl bounced and walked towards a newly opened coffee shop on the street.

I saw the old street, a well-decorated cafe, and a cafe that is completely different from the dilapidated shops around it.

As soon as the girl opened the small door of the cafe, she immediately saw an orange cat lying in the doorway, waiting for her unhappy.

The girl immediately looked down with a sad face and folded her hands with both hands: “I’m sorry Sorry! My mobile phone alarm clock is not late!” She opened her eyes and looked in the direction of the coffee shop: “Is the boss coming?”

I saw a lounge chair, a pale face, a young man with dark circles was squinting, and Sunshine spilled on him, adding a lazy atmosphere to him.

Looking at the youth on the lounge chair, Ning Ning always felt that the other person was like an old cat lying in the yard and sunning Sunshine.

At the same time, the orange cat in front of his eyes shook his head and pointed his finger at the direction of the kitchen. Ningning immediately went to the kitchen to prepare the cats for breakfast.

She used the fresh ingredients prepared yesterday to process the cat rice, and curiously looked at the youth on the lounge chair. She said in the heart: “The dark circles are so heavy, he must sleep very late last night…”

The owner of the coffee shop gave him a very mysterious, very weird feeling.

For example, this coffee shop was established overnight, and even the day before the door was opened, it was an ordinary grocery store.

For example, the boss always squats in a chair every day during the day, and even if there is a guest, he does not say much.

For example, the boss’s face always gives him a familiar feeling, but he can’t think of why he is familiar.

There are also cats who are always mysterious and mysteriously disappearing in the store. Ningning doesn’t even know how many cats the owner of this store has. I only know that she can hardly see a cat when she is usually. But after the meal, it will be surrounded by a variety of different cats.

“The boss must be an apostle? Is the cat in this store feel like a super cat?” Ning Ning excitedly thought: “Will I be friends with them and let these cats help me?”

Mocha squatted in front of Ningning and looked at each other with a look of disdain: “I am a stupid woman, this stupid woman is really the worst clerk I have ever brought.”

Latte came over with his head in his head. After half a year, the current latte has grown into a half-size scorpion. It is basically half the size of Mocha and looks like Mocha, which has been hungry for a week.

When the latte came over, his eyes stared straight at the cat rice prepared by Ningning. He wiped the mouth of the mouth and said: “Is it open? Is it necessary to open a meal?”

Mocha said on the side: “Stupid cat, don’t eat salmon today.”

“Don’t call me a stupid cat, I have measured IQ, there are ninety!” Latte patted his claws angrily. Mocha had been calling him stupid since Mocha and Latte were caught in the milk tea. The cat is a name that makes him hate.

He has an IQ of up to ninety, how could it be a stupid cat.

Mocha said faintly: “You have only three days of memory, how could it not be a stupid cat.”

“Nonsense! I remember everything, don’t believe you test me!”

Mocha: “What did you eat for dinner last Sunday?”

“I… last week…” Latte kept biting his own meat pad, but found that he couldnโ€™t think of an answer when he wanted to go. He couldnโ€™t help but doubt himself: “Is it really a stupid cat? Ninety.”

Mocha continued: “In fact, there is nothing to remember, many cats can’t remember what they had eaten a few days ago…”

With the shovel on the side, he just breathed a sigh of relief and heard Mocha say: “But next month, Zhao Yao is going to start the monthly exam. Every month, the exam will be tested. Unqualified cats will be Deduct the salary deduction bonus, but also make up the class…”

“What!” Latte said with an angry look: “Cats have to take the exam? Do you have to make up the class? It’s too unreasonable! This is a cat abuse!”

But when I thought of doing this kind of thing, Zhao Yao, Latte immediately deflated, can only sigh in the heart of the cat’s hardship, he only lived for a year, and felt the cruelty of society. Even the IQ of 90 is not enough.

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