Am I A God? Chapter 981

Just as the latte was still sighed by the cruelty of society, Ningning, who prepared the cat meal, put several large food bowls on the ground, put the rest on the plate, put it on the table, and shouted : “Eating!”

In an instant, the sound of the footsteps kept ringing, in the cupboard, under the dining table, in the toilet, on the beam of the house… It was like the cats appearing out of thin air, and they came in one by one, and then more than twenty cats seemed to I walked into the kitchen like a shopping.

Latte also rushed up immediately, and asked him what to test, first eaten and said: ‘I eat, and what to do. ‘

Elizabeth’s tail was erected high and tall, as if it were a model on the eaves. He slowly walked over to a plate, frowned and tasted, and swallowed.

Beside her, a hairball slowly moved over and smiled softly. “This is not my sister, Elizabeth. How do you feel that hair is thinner recently? Is it a lot of hair?”

Elizabeth shook his body, and the three layers of fake hair on his body danced with the wind: “This is not my shaved sister Diana. How do you look like this cat hair is stiff and dry? Wouldn’t it be fake?”

In the ball of hair, Diana panicked and said: “What do you say, how can I get a fake hair? Hey, I think your hair color is not right, and it is so hard to pick it up, is it fake? ”


“Elizabeth !!”

In the distance, Lightning glanced at the two hair balls hitting the table and licked his mouth: ‘Two fakes, how can you compare my natural smooth hair? ‘

He turned his head to look at the plate in front of him, carefully took out the phone, placed the phone on the side of the plate, and prepared to eat while watching the phone.

“How can I not watch the phone when I eat?” Lightning swept aside the same kind of people who had eaten in the head, and raised a sense of superiority in his heart: “When I was eating, I didn’t give up studying.”

Glanced at the circle of friends, Lightning immediately expressed an expression of interest on his face.

I saw a picture of Pharaoh walking on the Himalayas on the screen of the mobile phone.

“Pharaoh, is this guy going to be a fairy?”

Lightning knows that although Pharaoh was sent by Zhao Yao to guard the door of eternal life, there is actually a Space Gate, and Pharaoh can come and visit at any time.

However, since the resurrection, the other party seems to have become a little different from the past. It stayed in the snow and ice all day, and asked a lot of books on biology, physics, qigong, martial arts, etc., and did not know What to do.

“Oh, it’s all useless. Finally, I don’t want to see Zhao Yao.” Thinking of it, Lightning looked at Zhao Yao subconsciously.

At the same time, YuanYuan, who is eating at the side, is also thinking about Zhao Yao.

“In the past six months, Zhao Yao has concealed himself to study the world of seals. From time to time, he has to deal with things outside. If you want to relax and relax, avoid those annoying guys, and you won’t come here.”

YuanYuan’s eyes turned and whispered, asking x to the body: “You said that Zhao Yao is studying the world of seals, how is the research?”

x said: “The world of seals has not been open. Naturally, there is no success. You don’t think about this anymore. Zhao Yao can’t pass the world of seals to you. It’s better to practice what I teach you than this.”

Just listen to x and say: “No matter how magical the dimension of consciousness, as long as you still live in the material world, you must be influenced by the laws of the material world, even Zhao Yao and those alien cats are no exception.

Gravitation, radiation, time, and space are still affecting them. It seems that Mocha’s time has stopped, and Pharaoh’s exercise, even without the bonus of consciousness, has the capital against them. ”

x persuaded: “You should practice as I said, and you will be able to defeat Zhao Yao in the future.”

YuanYuan snorted and idiots practiced honestly, and there was a slogan with Zhao Yao.

Ning Ning specially took a small portion of the cat rice to a golden plate, put the plate on the table and shouted to Mocha: “Mocha, come and have dinner.”

Mocha walked slowly and leaped to the table. After a few mouthfuls, he slammed the plate down the table and looked at Ningning with disdain.

Ning Ning said with a pity: “What are you doing? Mocha.”

Mocha hurriedly pulled out his mobile phone and slammed it in the top of it, then turned it over to Ningning.

Ning Ning wondered: “Too bad?”

Mocha immediately flipped over the phone and typed: “Technology is too bad, redo.”

“This dead cat…” Ning Ning pulled the corner of his mouth and looked at Mocha’s proud look. He really wanted to kill each other.

Just then, I thought about it, a group of toilet paper hit directly on Mocha’s head and fell to the ground.

Zhao Yao’s voice came quietly: β€œDon’t eat, don’t bully Ningning.”

Mocha immediately ate for dinner.

Ning Ning looked up and approached Zhao Yao: “Boss, are you awake? Do you want me to do something for you?”

“No, you are busy with yourself.” Zhao Yao casually sent his clerk, his mouth could not help but slightly tilted up and laughed.

Just now, the seal world he spent more than half a year studying has finally fallen into his hands.

On the other hand, Ning Ning, who was sent to work by him, grinned and opened the phone to see the news from his friends. It turned out that his girlfriend had joined an apostolic organization in the provincial capital. He was even assigned to a super-powerful cat and asked if she would join.

Ning Ning politely and gracefully congratulated the other side, while secretly cursing the other side of the dog, and then carefully looked at Zhao Yao, my heart said: “The boss’s super cat has no chance to use it for me… but carefully Think about it, the apostles and super-powerful cats that come to our small county towns are not so powerful.”

“Would you like to join the apostolic organization?”

“But I have to go to the provincial capital… Then I don’t want to live alone. It’s a lot of trouble.”

My little shop assistant is entangled in thinking about the job-hopping. Zhao Yao doesn’t care about it, or he doesn’t care if he knows it.

As for taking care of yourself, how is this possible? He was a man who came out of the nuclear explosion. He had never heard of anyone who had gone out of the nuclear explosion and had to clean himself and cook food. The world of seals was his top priority.

At the thought of the seal world, Zhao Yao at this moment was happy: ‘The power room has been completely controlled by me. With the power of the nightmare lord, I can already edit the settings of the entire seal world. ‘

Zhao Yao touched his chin and thought: ‘I have to change the setting of this sand sculpture. Otherwise, how can I promote it and let people all over the world play? ‘

Zhao Yao is working harder to think of Tom and Giggle, the super-powerful cats who have mastered consciousness at any time.

After all, according to Tom’s intelligence, they are only members of the middle-level strength in the alien cats. More powerful alien cats than them, there are many alien cats who have more terrifying super-ability.

“Well, I want to make this game design fun…”

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