Am I A God? Chapter 982

What kind of game can be fun? Can you attract countless people to play?

Zhao Yao thought about it and understood that it was two problems.

The so-called fun is a personal feeling. One hundred players may have a hundred different preferences. For them, the standard of fun is different.

To attract a lot of people to play, it is more different from the standard of fun.

Looking at the rankings of the game revenues in the market now, you can understand that the most fun and most played games can never be one, and there are other factors.

So when Zhao Yao thought about it, he understood that the seal world 2.0 he wanted to build should not be a game that pursues fun, but should be a game that pursues the most people.

“My goal is for people all over the world to play this game, and you can’t make a real free game to attract others.”

Zhao Yao understands that if his goal is to pull tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands of people into the game, he can freely provide game consoles, servers and so on to pull a group of people to play.

However, if the target is billions of dollars in the world, then there must be a fee. Otherwise, even if several major powers join forces, they will have to face such great expenses.

“Free promotion is impossible, only to minimize costs, and then get started from the content.”

Zhao Yao squinted and thought: “The first thing to add should be… milk shake!”

“That’s it, then turn the grandfather into a cat-ear mother.”

Zhao Yao thought about it. She had already squinted on the lounge chair and looked like she was asleep. In fact, she joined the world of seals and began her own plan to design and transform the game.

After all, after a dream, every second of reality, he can spend dozens of hours in a dream. This working time is a thousand times improvement. She estimates the time of the day and can give the seal world 2.0 It’s almost done.

In the distance, Ningning washed the bowl that the cats had eaten, and carefully looked at Zhao Yao. After feeling that the other person was asleep, she whispered, “Boss?”


“Boss, are you asleep?”

Feeling that Zhao Yao was really asleep, Ningning immediately finished eating the room, and Mocha, who was lying still, hugged up and looked at each other seriously.

Mocha: “What do you want this silly woman to do?”

Ning Ning thought: “I have been 20 for the age of this year. I can’t continue to spend time. I have to eat and die. It’s time to make a choice. Let’s start with Mocha. Ask what the cat in the store has.” Ability.”

She thought about it, touched Mocha’s head and said, “Smear ~ tea ~ you have become more lovely recently.”

Mocha stared at each other with a pair of dead fish eyes, and said in his heart: ‘Crap, is this still for you? ‘

Ning Ning took out a can of things from the back and put it in front of Mocha. He said with a look: “Mocha, this is a gift for you.”

Mocha looked at the canned squid in front of him and looked at Ningning with a stern look.

Ning Ning laughed: “Is it happy? I checked it on the Internet. Your cat likes things that are heavy in taste. The smell of fish is very heavy, so you like to eat fish.”

“I am specially looking for foreign super-flavored canned food imported from you, you can eat it soon!”

“Hey, you are not too good to open the can, I will help you open.”

Saying, Ning Ning helped Mocha open the can, that is, the moment she opened the can, she immediately slammed her nose back ten meters and pointed to the canned: “Come on Mocha, your can.”

“Eat your sister! Who wants to eat this kind of garbage!” Mocha flew the cans with a paw, and directly licked Ningning’s face and yelled and left: “Really, I met the race early in the morning.” A stupid woman who discriminates.”

Ning Ning looked at the canned squid on his body: “Damn, I would have liked to ask the super cats what super-ability is, so it doesn’t work.”

Finally, I washed away the canned fish. Ningning began to wipe the table and mopped the floor. She looked at Zhao Yao who was still asleep in the distance, and there was a shop in front of her and Zhao Yao, and she snorted: “I see This shop will fall sooner or later.”

At this moment, the doorbell of the coffee shop rang, a girl with maroon hair, fair skin and tall figure, and the girl who was wearing it came in and looked around. When she saw Ningning, she smiled and walked over. “Ningning, you really work here.”

Ning Ning looked up and looked at the girl in front of her eyes and said immediately: “Yang Hui, how come you? You are not going to prepare to go abroad? Are you too free to come see me?”

“We are good friends.” Yang Hui smiled, eyes smugly and looked at Zhao Yao in the distance, and then focused on Elizabeth and Diana who were still eating.

Ning Ning said something beside her, Yang Hui casually perfunctory, while carefully comparing the looks of two ragdoll, then took out the phone, looked at Elizabeth and Diana, and looked at the storage in the phone. photo.

The true purpose of Yang Hui’s coming here is certainly not to find this classmate. The real reason for her coming is the two ragdoll in front of me.

‘Although Mao is a little longer in the photo, the face and the rough lines on the face are like. ‘

The photos stored in Yang Hui’s mobile phone are the photos taken by Diana and Elizabeth in the cat coffee in Jianghai.

As Zhao Yao became more and more famous, many photos of his previous cats and cats and cats were also circulated.

Yang Hui accidentally saw a photo of the coffee shop in Ningning’s circle of friends. She saw Elizabeth and Diana among them. I felt that they and Zhao Yao’s two popular ragdoll looked like they were, so they came to see it.

“The lines and coats are like. But…” Yang Hui looked up again and looked at Zhao Yao lying in a chair in the distance: “This guy is not Zhao Yao, and how can Zhao Yao come to us to open coffee?” hall?”

Yang Hui stared at Elizabeth and Diana for a while and asked Ningning to the side: “Is the cats seen in this store all super cats?”

Ning Ning immediately nodded and said: “Yes, yeah, otherwise you think I have to come here to work! I have a good relationship with the super cat here. After a while, they might have to lend me the superability.” “”

“Ningning, you are so powerful, you can find your super cat so soon.” Yang Hui took the other side and then curiously asked: “There are a few super cats here, what are the capabilities?” ?”

Ning Ning suddenly swayed, and finally the eyes said: “Superability This kind of thing is confidential and cannot be said casually.”

Yang Hui nodded thoughtfully and looked at Zhao Yao and asked, “That is your boss? The one you said has been sleeping?”

Ningning wrinkled his nose: “Yeah, I know that I sleep and sleep all day long. The things in the store are all I am doing now, from morning to night, I don’t know who the store is…”

Just then, a long squeak rang, and Yang Hui and Ning Ning turned their heads at the same time, and they saw Zhao Yao on the recliner slowly crawling up and stretching a long lazy waist.

“Exhausted…” Zhao Yao’s eyes flashed in exhaustion: “So many copies, monsters, pets, and equipment have to be redesigned, and the giggling sand sculptures have to be deleted. It’s really troublesome. It’s not natural to have a milk shake.

Just in the real world, just ten minutes, Zhao Yao did two or three years of work in his dreams, and his nerves were somewhat weak.

It is also because of the tiredness of the past six months, Zhao Yao has to hide his identity and walk around to distract himself, lest he should be too laborious to ill, what about humans, what can the earth do.

After licking the Sunshine hole, Zhao Yao thought about the design of the seal world: “I still have to find ways to stimulate their desire to keep playing. Since I don’t expect to make money, then I have to leave the liver for me?”

Although a lot of things have been designed, Zhao Yao is still a bit inaccurate with some rewards, gameplay and the rhythm of the whole game.

So he thought of some predecessors worthy of his study. He plans to play some of the top domestic games now, learn the experience of playing games, and bring a better experience to Everbright players.

I saw that Zhao Yao got up and stretched out, and then ran to the computer in the bar and started to play the game skillfully: “I see, dnf wants one, League of Legends has not been on for a long time, and Fantasy Westward Journey, um. … mobile games can also refer to the reference…”

“Right.” Looking at the computer downloading the game, Zhao Yao suddenly looked at Ningning, but after looking at the other person’s face and looking at the other’s chest, he shook his head in disappointment and then looked at it. When Yang Huishi was on the side, his eyes were slightly bright.

Zhao Yao: “Hey, little girl, you have this leg… it seems to be a problem.”

Yang Huiyi stayed: “Ah?”

Ningning on the side is also a puzzled face, did not understand Zhao Yao to dry up.

“You believe me, my life-saving treatment is very powerful. Last time there were more than a dozen people who were already mad, so I was saved from the ghost gate.” Zhao Yao continued: “Don’t believe you try a few times. The legs will definitely hurt.”

Yang Hui will be suspicious, but the other party has a super cat after all, maybe there is really super-ability, so she tried to jump and found no problem.

But the next moment she noticed that Zhao Yao’s eyes were staring at her chest like x-rays, and she could see her face flushed and quickly caught her chest.

Ningning immediately blocked Yang Hui’s face, not very airy: “Boss! What are you doing! I see your eyes must fall out.”

“Collect the data.” Zhao Yao said, and quickly closed his eyes.

Seeing Zhao Yao closing his eyes, Ning Ning wondered: “Why are you closing your eyes?”

“Ignore the double-a-level scenic spot that disturbs the data I have just collected.”

“What double a…” Ning Ning said halfway, he was so angry that his cheeks were red: “The wolf!”

“How is a satyr? Do you think I am willing to do this kind of thing?” Zhao Yao snorted: “I am so busy every day, not to protect the earth?”

Ningning airway: “What does this have to do with protecting the earth? You are wretched!”

Zhao Yao said casually: “I have to do a good game against alien cats, so I have to collect her data to make my game more realistic.”

Ningning was snoring. He didn’t believe Zhao Yao’s ghost words. What alien cats are coming out, can you pull more?

Yang Hui is even more frowning. He feels that Zhao Yao is a neuropathy. He has had that kind of suspicion before, and he and Ning Ning greeted him and could not wait to leave.

Zhao Yao doesn’t care so much, a pair of eyes staring at the computer screen to start playing games.

On the side of Ningning saw Zhao Yao playing the game, sighed, his face showing a mourning color, feeling that he continued to work in this store is really no future, the superability of the career is really not mixed.

So throughout the afternoon, Ningning worked while thinking about whether he should go to the province to try his luck. I heard that after Xiao Wang, who was next door, was selected, he would not be able to get five thousand pieces of salary every month. Isn’t this the most enviable life of Ningning?

When Ning Ning thought about it, Latte had already reached her feet, and yelled at Ningning, and kept yelling: “Salmon! I haven’t eaten salmon today! I want to eat salmon!”

Ning Ning looked down at the latte and said with a smile: “Take a shovel, come and play with you for a while.”

“Play a fart, I want to eat salmon!” Latte tried to slow down the speed of speaking, one word and one word said: “I want ~ eat ~ three ~ text ~ fish ~”

“Stupid cat.” Mocha couldn’t help but say, “How can you understand when you talk? You think she can understand it slowly. And the recipe is set by Zhao Yao. You are not looking for this woman.” Use it.”

“I am not a stupid cat!” Latte retorted, and then walked toward Space Gate: “I am going to my brother’s milk tea. He must have salmon there.”

Mocha looked at the latte into the stomach pocket of the yuan, shook his head, pulled out the phone, and opened a WeChat group called Secret Operations.

Mocha: “How? Are you all done?”

I saw Lightning sent a picture of the back of a female cat walking, and the tail buttocks were exposed.

Fishball: “Who is this! A beautiful tail.”

Cannon: “Not too fast to be positive!”

Lightning made a picture of the cat’s front and immediately caused a fright in the group.

Ares: “Rely, don’t send this back killer.”

Cannon: “Fortunately, Lao Tzu is fast.”

Mocha: “I shut up, I am asking about business, milk tea, how is it now?”

Milk tea: “Well, we are all ready to do it here. What did you find on Yaoye?”

Mocha looked up and carefully looked at Zhao Yao, who was playing the game, and replied: “All is normal, he didn’t find it.”

Fishball: “(* ̄洌), I can’t come tonight.”

“Ah?” Mocha: “What are you doing, aren’t you saying that you are good? The plans are all ready, can you tell me now?”

Fishball is depressed: “Lilly is going to do hair at night, let me help the children.”

“You waste!” Mocha said. “You are listening to Lili now.”

Fishball: “I don’t want to, but the rain and the rough face are standing on her side. My position at home may be a little higher than the cat.”

Mocha: “Our male cat’s face has been thrown away by you. Don’t listen to her this time, see what she can do with you!”

Milk tea suggested: “If you want a Fishball, come with your child, we will help you take care of the kittens.”

Fishball surprised: “Hey, is this OK?”

“Well, no problem.” Tea said: “I have the experience of taking care of Latte as a child, just give it to me.”

“Long live milk tea!” Fishball said: “Then I will come over!”

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