Am I A God? Chapter 983

After half a year, Zhao Yao did not give up the experience and monthly settlement except for the study of the seal world.

For the past six months, Elizabeth and Bridget have also been promoted to lv10 by Zhao Yao.

Elizabeth lv10’s skill tree uses a skill point stored by Zhao Yao to get the seventh sense of Illusion time control, as well as Illusion enchantment, a large range of Illusion that lasts 10 days.

Bridget lv10 also used a skill point stored by Zhao Yao, leaving Zhao Yao with two remaining skills. lv10’s Bridget has mastered the space to swallow, and the space of the sub-gas bag can grow at a rate of 5 percent per month, giving the Dimensional Stomach Bag the potential to grow bigger.

Bridget got another upgrade, which is spatial movement, and it is possible to move the location of the Space Gate at will, instead of moving the Space Gate by repositioning once and for all.

Feel free to move the Space Gate. It sounds normal, but Zhao Yao understands that this actually has a big effect. At least in the face of the enemy, it is very convenient to directly move the Space Gate and put people into the stomach pocket.

In addition to the upgrades of Bridget and Elizabeth, Zhao Yao’s biggest achievement is the draw.

In the past six months, Zhao Yao has sold Bridget catnips to more than 30 domestic cities, completing the upgrade and transformation tasks, and upgrading the settlement tasks.

The current settlement task calculates the proportion of the national catnip market, and the proportion of 1% per month can have 10 chances.

Now Zhao Yao has reached the market share of 29%, which means that there are 290 lucky draws every month.

In the past six months, Zhao Yao’s lucky draw has included King’s cat armor fragments (45/240), strengthened stone 15, and cat spicy strips and experience.

The only pity is that the study of the seal world took too long, until now Zhao Yao was completely in control and failed to continue to upgrade Diana’s rank.

However, Zhao Yao believes that with his current popularity, once the seal world is open, this evolutionary bar will surely skyrocket.

So Zhao Yao is playing the game seriously at this moment. After more than three hours, he feels that he has a deeper understanding of how online games attract players. So he closes the computer and lies on the chair. When his eyes are closed, he has plans to do it. Online games have gone.

However, he just lie down and saw Ning Ning standing in front of her. He said with dissatisfaction: “Boss, are you going to sleep again?”

β€œWhat is sleeping?” Zhao Yao said with dissatisfaction: β€œI am going to work overtime. Do you know that I am lying down, then I have to add classes for months or even years.”

Ning Ning screamed and didn’t believe what the other person said. He could only say: “The ingredients in the store are gone, and the cats can’t be done at night.”

β€œIs it so fast?” Zhao Yao’s eyes are slanting, and I’ve seen the super cats in the Space Gate, as well as the super-cats hiding under the sofa, under the sofa, and under the counter, the more they look at themselves, the more they look at themselves. It is like raising pigs.

“Oh, forget it, I will transfer some money to you. You can go out and buy some food for them to eat.”

After passing Ningning, Zhao Yao lie down again and enter the world of seals.

Ning Ning looked enviously at Zhao Yao who was asleep: “Hey, I slept, slept, and played games when I was free. When can I live this fairy day?”

In the world of seals, Zhao Yao thought of a move and came to the position of the novice village in the seal world.

Then I saw a kitten with golden hair floating in front of a cat’s ear, pressing against the other’s chest and pressing it.

Upon hearing the voice of Zhao Yao, the golden cat immediately turned around and said to the dog’s leg: “Is the boss coming? I am pinching the face of the catwoman in the novice village.”

Zhao Yao looked at Tom in front of him and nodded. Since he grabbed the other party, Zhao Yao locked Tom in the world of seals. He was not allowed to go to the earth again, and he helped him build the game.

In order to ensure that the other party can not escape, after all the beats, Zhao Yao beat the other’s consciousness to lv11, and even the consciousness dimension could not be shuttled.

After all, Zhao Yao sees the lv on the outer cat’s head, which means that their consciousness is equivalent to the number of super cats on the book. After the alien cat is weak, the level that Zhao Yao sees will naturally fall. .

At the moment, Tom looked at Zhao Yao on the surface, but he secretly thought: “Now let you be crazy, wait for me to slowly recover my strength, find a chance to escape, go back to the rescue, call my father.”

Zhao Yao looked at Tom’s head and was very obvious. He had recovered to the number of lv15 and shot it directly on the other’s head.

A burst of consciousness and collision, Tom’s body in this dream immediately broke and cracked, and then slowly reorganized and formed.

Tom stunned: “Boss, why are you hitting me?”

Zhao Yao looked at the lv14 on the other’s head and said slowly: “I never have a reason to play a cat. Do you have a problem?”

Tom dared not to speak, but he had to depressed his head.

But I saw Zhao Yao slap on his body again and beat him back to lv11, and he nodded in satisfaction.

Tom is looking at Zhao Yao with a look of grievances. The little consciousness that he has recently recovered is not enough: “Zhao Yao, this guy is so violent, hateful! I have been pinching for ten years in this broken place. The chest, this is going to be pinched when!”

Because of the accelerated relationship between dream time, Tom has been here for relatively more than ten years.

As a super-character cat, Tom has made up his mind to wait for his father to come to the earth. After grabbing Zhao Yao, he will punish Zhao Yao for pinching his chest and let him know that his Tom suffers.

Zhao Yao walked to the front of the novice village cat ear and said: “I have observed it outside and re-collected the data. You will follow this in the future.”

Between the words, the cat’s body in front of her body changed a bit and seemed to be more natural and softer, just like Yang Hui.

Zhao Yao thought: “Is this a pirate?” Am I going to give the little girl a copyright fee? ‘

After thinking about it, Zhao Yao thought, and the cat-ear mother in front of her eyes became more full: “This is not pirated.”

Tom’s heart stunned Zhao Yao’s aesthetic: β€œLike fat, human beings are a lower race.”


Just as Zhao Yao stayed in the seal world and worked hard to work overtime, Ning Ning also bought food from outside to make cat rice. She felt that the owner of the store had asked her to come over and not to open the store, but to help him raise it. pig’s.

As Ningning returned to his home, the latte that had just returned from the stomach of the Yuanyuan had a rounded belly and screamed and greeted him, and he kept going around Ningning.

Latte stared at Ning Ning’s fish, snorting and pressing the phone and said: “Ningning Ningning, would you like me to help you with the fish?”

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