Am I A God? Chapter 984

Ningning is very happy that the boss’s super cat communicated with him, and began to want to help her take things, which shows that she has a good relationship with the cat in the store, and indeed not every cat is as annoying as Mocha.

So Ning Ning lifted the meat in his hand and said: “Don’t use latte, I can take it myself. And this is not fish, this is beef.”

Hearing this is not only a salmon, not even a fish. The value of Ning Ning in the iron eye immediately changed from orange legend to gray garbage. He licked his tail and walked on the small step.

Latte came to Mocha, who was playing mobile phone, and said happily: “Mocha Mocha, I have eaten a lot of salmon in the milk tea, it is so big! No, it is so big.” He said, he stretched his claws and stroked the salmon. size.

Mocha’s eyes stared at the screen and said casually: “Hey.”

Latte frowned, looked at Mocha’s perfunctory appearance, decided not to talk to Mocha for the next day, let him know that others don’t feel bad about him.

At this moment, the sound of the roar sounded, and when the cat screamed, the latte frowned, and the cat’s tail screamed irritably, and his most hated kitten came.

I saw the location of the Space Gate. A three-month-old little beauty short ran out first, wearing a collar and a rope, and the other end of the rope was connected to the collar of the Fishball neck.

Fishball glared at a pair of dead fish eyes, slowly coming out of boredom. Although the short beauty was covered with collars and ropes, she saw the strange coffee shop still running around excitedly, and soon gave the Fishball’s foot with a rope. A few laps.

Fishball is impatient: “Gongmao! Don’t run around, you stop me!”

Gongmao: “Can’t stop and stop! I am a giant of light, I have become light!”

Fishball looked at the stupid child running around like a fly, spit out a breath, lifted his finger to shoot a red dot, and the running pill didn’t run away at once, but chased the red dot and kept on starting. The turn back ran.

After chasing for a while, Gongmao’s body suddenly split another small beauty short and chased toward the red dot.

Then more and more Gongmao appeared. There were more than a dozen small beautiful shorts facing the red dot for a while. They exclaimed and screamed, and the Fishball paws that shot the red dot were all left with a shadow.

“I caught it!”

“I caught it!”


Fishball asked Mocha for help: “When is Mocha! Tea is coming! I am going crazy! They are sick!”

“It’s coming.” Mocha said without raising his head: “Latte, you accompany the Gongmao and they play.”

“I don’t want it!” Latte was very angry. The dozens of stupid cats who buryed him on the cat island last time dug out and ate it. They also pulled it and buried it again, which caused him to dig a pit. The donkey has not yet eaten salmon.

Now they are the first enemy of his latte cat, and Mocha wants him to play with them? Latte decided not to talk to Mocha tomorrow.

At this moment, Fishball’s screams suddenly rang, and he saw more than a dozen small beautiful shorts dragging his rope, chasing the red dot all the way, and dragging the Fishball into the Space Gate again.

“Mocha! Save me!”

Mocha swung his phone screen and said casually: “Who are you helping me?”

At this moment, the doorbell of the coffee shop suddenly sounded, and Ningning, who was cooking, turned around and saw a man with a famous brand coming in and talking into the phone.

“You, water friends, let’s take a break today and go to the mountains to explore later.”

The male anchor Sun Jian looked at the camera and said that he was looking for a seat to sit down: “I don’t think there is such a good coffee shop here, hey, everyone is watching, there are beautiful girls.”

He said, he pointed the camera at Ningning, and Ning Ning realized that the man in front of him was on the air. He waved his hand and said hello. Then he asked, “Hello, what do you want to drink?” ?”

“Beautiful girl, hello, give me a latte.” Sun Jian said with a smile, the beautiful girl in the live broadcast, always make the audience excited, it has always been more interesting in the live broadcast. point.

Looking at the requirements of the barrage, Sun Jian specifically pointed the camera at the legs left by Ningning, swept the sweep from top to bottom, and immediately saw the barrage brush in the live room, and several gifts.

Sun Jian said with a smile: “Thanks to the old iron, if you want to see more welfare shots, double-click on six or six, I will take you to see.”

Just then, a cat suddenly appeared in front of the camera, looking curiously at the camera, blocking the audience’s attention: “Is this guy an anchor?”

“Hey, there’s a cat here, wow, it’s so fat.” Sun Jian smiled and reached out, trying to touch a cat’s head, but saw Mocha immediately back off and looked at each other with a look of discomfort.

“This cat despise you.”

“Hurry and catch a mad man.”

“Put the cat away, I have to look at the legs.”

“Don’t look at the cat, just look at the young lady.”

Sun Jian continued to smile and pointed the camera at Ningning not far away, sweeping her chest, thighs and calves.

Sun Jian outside the camera is heading towards Mocha, wanting to let the cat go away, don’t affect his live broadcast.

Mocha kicked Sun Jian’s leg kick and immediately ran trot along the side of Zhao Yao, licking his ears and screaming.

On the other side, Sun Jian took another shot of welfare. After seeing Ningning come over, he immediately pointed the camera at himself, took the latte, and smiled and said to Ningning: “Beauty, what is it called?”

“Hey, you call me Ningning, what else do you want?”

“Hey, how old are you?” Sun Jian chatted while watching the barrage in the live room.

“Old Sun started sister again.”

β€œTake it straight back to open the house.”

“I can see that this woman’s 10,000 can get down.”

Sun Jian’s mouth is slightly tilted. As a rich second generation, his live broadcast is not meant to make money, but to enjoy the feeling of fame and being touted, and the sister is also a common part of his live broadcast.

Of course, the sister will only broadcast the first half of the live broadcast, and will not broadcast the second half of the broadcast.

After sweeping away Ningning in front of her eyes, the other person’s dress is ordinary, young, and still working in such a coffee shop, it should not be difficult to win.

Sun Jian said: “Ningning, I think you are much more beautiful than a lot of net red. If you want to broadcast live with me tonight, I think you can definitely fire.”

Ning Ning laughed happily. She felt that the other person was really a gaze, and saw her essence. However, when she heard the live broadcast, she shook her head. “No, I have to get off work at 10 o’clock in the evening.”

Sun Jian said with disapproval: “There is something to work in this broken place. You look at this location. This decoration, this arrangement, there is no business at all? It’s just a fool to open a coffee shop here. I think it’s sooner or later. Things, you might as well go live with me, and after the fire, hundreds of thousands of years will be easy.”

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