Am I A God? Chapter 985

Deep in the snowy mountains, on the door of eternal life, Pharaoh sits cross-legged, and the muscles under his body seem to undulate and tremble like a python.

Suddenly I saw him send out a palm, the obvious air distortion came out from the palm of his hand, and then a snow flake broke out on the snow more than ten meters away.


Seeing Pharaoh’s mood is good, the owner of the door of eternal life, Aria, also from the alien, said: “Hey, look at you like this, it is also a cat that can be made. Is it really going to work for Zhao Yao?” ”

Seeing that Pharaoh did not speak, Arya went on to say: “The universe is vast, not only the earth. As far as I know, in the Milky Way, human cats have been mixed since ancient times. Cats lend strength to humans, and humans rely on this power to serve. Cats, for thousands of years, I don’t know how many cat legends have appeared, but Zhao Yao can’t compare them.”

Arya sneered and said: “Don’t look at Zhao Yao now on the earth to dominate the king, he killed an alien cat, leaving an alien cat, the parents of the family will soon find it, he 蹦Q is not long.”

Pharaoh curiously said: “Who is the strongest in the Milky Way?”

“The strongest…not very good at distinguishing…” Arya said: “But as far as I know, in the short-haired ancestors closest to this, the short-haired saints come here one by one. As long as Zhao Yao is at a glance, Zhao Yao is dead. “”

“Short-haired Son?” Pharaoh said: “Listen to the name of domineering. Are they human or cat?”

“Of course it’s a cat!” Arya said: “Only this kind of country place will let people manage cats. The whole galaxy is where cats are.”


“…you look at this location, this decoration, this arrangement, there is no business at all? Stupidly open a coffee shop here, I think it is a matter of time to close down here…”

In the coffee shop, when he heard Sun Jian’s words, Ningning was not happy, but he couldn’t think of the rebuttal. This shop is indeed a pitiful guest.

At this moment, Sun Jian felt that his brain was tight, and then the whole person was black, and the whole person was shot down on the ground with a slap.

A huge red handprint appeared on his cheek, and Sun Jian turned his head in shock and looked at Zhao Yao who slapped his slap in the face: “You!”

Sun Jian looked at Zhao Yao in shock. He didn’t expect anyone to slap him in such a blatant and inexplicable way when he was on the air.

“What are you doing for me?! Are you sick?”

Zhao Yao pointed the orchid and said: “You are all stupid, I can’t beat you?”

Sun Jian only felt inexplicable: “When did I marry you?”

“You are a street boy, I am the boss here.” Zhao Yao said as he casually picked up his mobile phone and looked at the barrage of the live room and smiled: “Hey, see you being beaten, The popularity of your live room is even higher.”

Sun Jian touched the burning mark on his face. The more he thought about it, the more he was angry. When he stood up, he wanted to slap back.

But before he could wave his palms, he immediately felt a burning pain in his cheeks. The whole man slammed back and he was slap in the face by Zhao Yao.

Mocha screamed beside Elizabeth: “Elizabeth! It’s this fool who wants to marry me! Also teasing my maid, kill him!”

While manipulating Illusion, Elizabeth said: “Hey, Mocha is an idiot, but it is not something that outsiders can bully.”

Sun Jian rubbed his cheeks and thundered. He looked at Illusion Zhao Yao in front of him. He almost spurted out his fire in his eyes. He rushed to Zhao Yao and tried to beat him hard. But he just got out of the sofa again after two steps. on.

Sun Jian stood up desperately and wanted to fight back, but he felt that his body was light and his eyes and eyes changed. He had been thrown directly outside the coffee shop.

Standing on the side of Ning Ning looked at the scene with surprise, did not expect his boss’s temper to be so violent. But when I think about it, I am worried again, so that people will not be caught by the police.

Ning Ning worried: “Boss! What should I do next? You play so sly, that person will definitely call the police! You have to be taken away by the police!”

Zhao Yao turned around and lay down indifferently: “Work hard, don’t think about it.”

Ningning is not convinced, how can this be cranky? In this year, he won the prison and was hospitalized. The boss just played so badly, even if he couldn’t do it, he would be detained. I am afraid it would be fined. I didn’t see how this guy was so violent before.

Ning Ning and Sun Jian did not know that what they had just seen was the result of Elizabeth using Illusion to control their seven senses.

Sun Jian outside wants to get up, but feels that the leg is soft, once again fell, and looked at the coffee shop behind him, and he was shocked and angry. He also reacted at this moment. He can beat him like a child, inside. The owner of the coffee shop is afraid that it is not an apostle.

Since Zhao Yao has thoroughly exposed superability to civilians around the world, more and more people have learned about the existence of super cats.

However, most civilians still have difficulty accessing the super cat in real life.

However, the district apostles and super-powered cats still can’t hold off Sun Jian. He also said that it is also the second generation of the local snake. We must know that in many small places, the smaller the place, the bigger the role of the network, and the ridiculous things that many big things can’t do. The role of rights and wealth is magnified.

Sun Jian looked at the coffee shop with hatred, and said in his heart: “Mom, the apostle is terrible. I first found someone to smash your shop, then grab your cat and play with me?! Not kill you.”

He picked up his mobile phone and glanced at the barrage in the live room. His face was full of blood and he was even more angry.

“Live is hit! 666!”

“It’s a good time, I slap myself.”

“The anchor will fall once again, I will send the rocket!”

“The anchor is crazy?”

Sun Jian turned off the live broadcast angrily: “What? Didn’t they see the process of being beaten?”

He picked up his mobile phone and dialed the phone while walking: “Hey? Shen Ge, I was beaten, just in xxxx…”


In the coffee shop, milk tea smiled and walked out of the Space Gate, and Fishball and Gongmao followed him.

Gongmao licked the head of the milk tea and yelled: “Oh ~ special ~ Man!”

Milk tea happily looked at Gongmao: “Meiwan is really cute.” He licked the head of Yu Gongmao: “Today, don’t drag your father again, do you know?”

Gongmao nodded, spit his tongue and looked at the milk tea.

The milk tea lost a piece of snack, the duck liver was thrown to the Gongmao, and the Gongmao immediately ate happily.

“Your Majesty.”



“Pretend to die!”

Looking at the pill that fell to the ground, the milk tea was happy: “Gongwan 乖! Give you a delicious meal.” Then he licked a piece of duck liver and gave it to the pill.

The Fishball on the side looked at his son’s appearance of eating duck liver, and looked at the tea with envious eyes: “I even train my son like a dog. I have this kind of skill.”

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