Am I A God? Chapter 986

Milk tea is modest in the side: “It’s not just because of my credit, but also because Gongmao has to play with rough face every day. The kitten likes to imitate.”

Fishball and Gongmao privately said: “Son, even if you study skills, you promise me, don’t learn to make a rough dog.”

“Hey? Fishball is coming too?” Zhao Xue’s voice sounded behind the Space Gate. I saw Zhao Xue, who wore vest shorts and slippers, slowly walked out of the Space Gate and said hello to Fishball. The checkout counter of the store went.

Ningning quickly said: “Zhao Xue! What are you doing!”

Zhao Xue took out the cash drawer of the checkout counter and said, “Take the money. Recently, the pocket money has been spent. I will come over and get a little.”

Ning Ning raised his courage in front of Zhao Xue and said: “No! This is the money in the store!”

“It doesn’t matter, I am Zhao… I am the boss’s sister, it’s okay to get some money.” Zhao Xue smiled and pushed Ningning away, pulled out the drawer, and took the cash out of it.

In the distance, Mocha rolled his eyes: “Zhao Xue, this guy… has completely become the second generation.”

“Hmmm?” Zhao Xue’s ears trembled and suddenly turned his head and glared at Mocha. “Do you seem to have an opinion on the behavior of taking my own money?”

Mocha immediately shook his head like a rattle: “No opinion, no opinion, Zhao Yao still has some money under the table legs, Zhao Xue, take it together.”

“乖 Mocha.” Zhao Xuemei sneaked away all the cash in the store, and Ning Ning on the side said Zhao Xue’s thigh: “No! I will be killed by the boss! You can’t take this money!”

At this moment, the sound of screaming on the recliner sounded, and Zhao Xue’s face changed: ‘Is my brother awake? ‘The figure flashed and immediately turned to the direction of Space Gate.

But just entering the Space Gate, I found myself rushing, and the Space Gate in front of me was not directly visible to her.

Zhao Xue looked back and looked at Zhao Yao in a sly look: “Brother…”

Mocha thought of it: “I just said what I was doing next to Zhao Yao. I didn’t wake up when I pushed him. Now the money is awake. The money is very attractive to Zhao Yao.”

Zhao Yao looked at Zhao Xue and extended his palm and said, “Get it.”

Zhao Xue smirked and said: “Ah? What?”

“Bring the money.” Zhao Yao’s body flashed slightly, stopped when he started, and took the money back.

Watching Zhao Yao put the money back in the drawer, Zhao Xue slammed and hugged Zhao Yao’s thigh: “Brother! I have no money for it! I have no money for dinner today! You pity you poorly. Sister!”

“Hey.” Zhao Yao looked at his sister in disdain: “Want to make money? You can work for me.”

Upon hearing what Zhao Yao said, Zhao Xue felt a bit of aversion from the body and immediately withdrew ten meters away: “I don’t want to work for you, the fool will work for you!”

Ningning: “…”

Zhao Xue’s eyes turned and said: “So, brother, you lend me money, I will give it back to you when I make a lot of money.”

Zhao Yao lay back on the lounge chair with a salty fish and said casually: “Do not borrow.”

“Cut.” Zhao Xueyu went over and said in his heart: “I have so much money for myself, and I don’t want to give my sister a flower. It’s really a guy.”

Seeing Ningning, who was gloating over the disaster, Zhao Xue said: “What do you laugh at, he doesn’t even borrow money from his sister. Do you think he will give you more wages? It will definitely crush you.”

Ningning: “…”

Zhao Yao dragged his chin and said helplessly: “I said Zhao Xue, have you thought about what to do next?”

Zhao Xue said with a smile: “I originally planned to take the money to eat the daily food buffet. Brother, do you want to treat you?”

Zhao Yao pulled the corner of his mouth, and Zhao Xue on the other side continued: “Yes, the air purifier on the cat island is not working. The filter inside needs to be changed again, and the milk tea in the refrigerator is also finished. ……”

Zhao Xue said as he picked up Elizabeth and enjoyed it.

“You guys.” Zhao Yao’s eyes jumped and said: “You are also 25 old people? Should you start your own work to earn money, subsidize your home?”

“Working…” Zhao Xue touched Elizabeth’s stomach. Elizabeth struggled to escape, but was gently pinched by Zhao Xue’s hands, his eyes turned white, and his limbs twitched in Zhao Xue’s arms, letting Zhao Xue Touching his stomach.

Zhao Xue thought and said: “Actually, I am at work.”

“Hey? Is there?” Zhao Yao and the cats were surprised to see Zhao Xue, who knew that he was drinking tea at home every day.

“I am a special assistant of the National Security Agency.” Zhao Xue said proudly: “The place of work is in his own home. The job is to stay at home and go out less. Every month, there is no salary for 20,000 yuan.” ”

Zhao Yao said: “Is it a job? It is someone who looks after you in my face! If you are a big man, you will go home every day, and immediately go out to find a job and support yourself.”

Zhao Xue reluctantly sighed and buried his head on Elizabeth’s stomach.

“Boss, hey, Zhao Xue is also there?” Bai Quan came out from the position of Space Gate and smiled and said hello.

Zhao Yao wondered: “White Spring? How come you? Is it still busy on Cat Le Street?”

“We are here too!” Bridget and the red envelope, Cannon and other cats all walked out of the Space Gate, and the red envelope and Cannon put the cake made of catnip in front of Zhao Yao.

“Zhao Yao! Happy birthday!”

Zhao Yao looked at a few cats with surprise: “I have forgotten…” He has been working in the seal world for days and nights, and his time has been accelerated. He has forgotten that the real material world is A few months.

Mocha also ran out and sent a wallet to Zhao Yao: “Happy birthday Zhao Yao! I specially let everyone prepare for your surprise!” He knows that Zhao Yao likes money most, and bought a wallet.

The latte on the side also ran over and gave a knife to Zhao Yao: “Zhao Yao Zhao Yao! Mocha told me that you like money the most! I bought a lot of money on Taobao to send you!”

Mocha got a paw on the head of Latte: “Stupid cat!”

“I am not a stupid cat! I have 90 in my IQ!”

Zhao Yao smiled and picked up the latte, touched the other’s head and said: “Stupid child, as stupid as your father.”

“Zhao Yao! Happy birthday!” Fishball walked up with a fluffy cat doll: “This is a doll made with my son’s hair.”

Zhao Xue smiled and pulled out a black and long stocking from the crotch: “The beautiful girl passed through the stockings and gave it to you.”

“Roll.” Zhao Yao broke his head on Zhao Xue’s head and beat Zhao Xue with a noisy face.

Soon after, the cats on Cat Island, as well as Xiao Yu, Xiao Ming, Black Pi and even the old, all ran to congratulate Zhao Yao on his happy birthday, and the whole coffee shop was crowded.

Outside the coffee shop, Sun Jian came over with a few big men. He pointed to the coffee shop not far away and said to the fat man beside him: “Shen brother, that coffee shop, their boss should It is an apostle.”

“Apostle?” The fat man sneered: “Who are we brothers who are not apostles?”

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