Am I A God? Chapter 987

“A few of our brothers are still not apostles?” Screamed by Sun Jian, the fat man of Shen Ge.

The younger brother on the side said: “When the old brother was mixed in Southeast Asia, who didn’t know the name of the double-knife fire cow? Someone used a container truck to hit the sinking brother. I saw that the sinking brother had a knife, so then A knife, cut the truck directly into two halves.”

A few people on the side looked at Shen Ge with their eyes wide open. Even in the era when super-ability really appeared in the civilian population, it was absolutely amazing to be able to open the container trucks.

The fat man twisted his neck and said: “Xiao Sun, today, your brother will take you to the store.”

After Shen Ge finished speaking, he took a few people to the coffee shop and strode.

Sun Jian looked at Shen Ge. This is the experience of the apostles in their apostles. Before they became apostles, they had the experience of being slashed and slashed.

After becoming an apostle, there was a man who had been alone in more than 20 apostles. He was still able to ride a bicycle to the hospital, and a person silently queued up.

Even the legendary container truck that cuts off dozens of tons of weight has been regarded by Sun Jian as a man among men, a super steel tough guy.

I invited the other party to give myself a platform. Sun Jian felt that this was stable.

Between the walks, the breeze blew, gently rubbing the cheeks of several people and taking their clothes.

Sun Jian feels that there is a blood rushing up. It seems that there is a kind of fresh clothes and angry horses. The pleasure of the bloody rivers and lakes has passed through his body.

Compared with any intrigues and tricks, the public opinion offensive or the small movements behind it, it may not be the most cost-effective to directly fight back, but it is definitely the most enjoyable.

Shen Ge kicked off the door of the coffee shop and said: “Which is the boss…”

When his words were not finished, he felt a gust of wind.


I saw a chair banging open the sound barrier, flew away from the door, and directly crossed the body of several people, squatting on Sun Jianโ€™s car outside, and the outer shell of the whole car. I shot a lot of holes and lived into a scrapped car.

laugh! The cheeks that Shen Ge was swept by the wind also burst into a blood mark.

Looking back, I looked at the car that was smashed behind me. Several people opened their mouths and looked at the coffee shop.

I saw a beautiful girl holding a beer bottle in one hand, and the other hand raised another chair and waved, her face flushed red: “Xiao Ming! Who are you at home? I am at home every day.” Work! What do you know!”

When talking about drunkenness, Zhao Xueโ€™s head gradually grew a cat’s ear, and the cat’s tail grew on the butt… After she got drunk, she turned directly.

Looking at the power of Zhao Xueโ€™s horror, Xiao Mingโ€™s face was full of cold sweat, and quickly explained: โ€œNothing… You misunderstood me… I just asked where you work, it was working at home. Ah, work at home, be free…Zhao Yao!!”

Halfway through, he has already turned to Zhao Yao on the side.

On the other side, Zhao Yao rolled his eyes: “White Spring, hold her down, don’t let her go crazy.”

Bai Quan smiled and raised Zhao Xue: “Little snow, you drink too much!”

“I didn’t drink much!” Zhao Xue said with a red face: “I will go out to work tomorrow! I am going to act! I won’t come back without Oscar!” Just finished, she fell to the ground with a bang. There was a snoring sound in his mouth.

Bai Quan shook his head helplessly and took Zhao Xue to the sofa next to him.

Zhao Xue, who was asleep, was also uneasy. Like a drunken tiger, he played like a drunken tiger. A pair of delicate little fists kept squatting in the chest of Baiquan, and made a loud bang, and Baiquan also had a slight white face.

Finally pressed her on the sofa, and saw Zhao Xue turned over, has become a kitten lying on the sofa, making a snoring sound.

“Noisy, this guy’s wine is so bad.” Zhao Yao yelled Zhao Xue said: “The snoring is like a pig.” Then he smiled and turned on the phone to start shooting Zhao Xue at the moment. Looks like it.

Xiao Ming on the side wiped the cold sweat on his head and looked at the car that was directly smashed outside. He subconsciously shook again: ‘Zhao Yao’s sister… How is it scary than Zhao Yao… It’s too cruel. ‘

Black skin squatting on the side, holding a tube of nutrient cream in his hand, watching the latte and Gongmao said: “Come, eat this happy strip, we will be good brothers in the future, have meat to eat together with wine to drink… …”

Mocha and Fishball rushed out, took away the latte and Gongmao, and nervously said: “Latte, stay away from this person.”

“Remember the Gongmao, don’t talk to this person.”

Lao He took a sip of beer and showed a relaxed expression: “Comfortable~~Zhao Yao… I will finish the meal after a while, what more programs?” Then he squinted at Zhao Yao.

“No, I have to work overtime.” Zhao Yao took a few photos of Zhao Xue and poked the other person’s belly with a hand, showing a playful expression on his face.

Then Zhao Yao turned to look at the door of Sun Jian, Shen Ge and others, casually said: “You just said outside … to level this store?”

Sun Jian was a little nervous. This group of people seemed to be a little stronger than he had imagined. He looked at the fat man on the side and whispered, “How about? Shen? Is it sure?”

Shen Geโ€™s eyes narrowed slightly, and Zhao Xue, who had already turned into a cat, looked at the white spring standing on the side. The heart said: ‘The womanโ€™s combat power is at least 3000. This man is more horrible and has less combat power. There are 10000 or above.

However, with my fighting wisdom and experience, even if I can’t beat it, I won’t be killed by the second. Sun Jian, this guy, has provoked such a troublesome apostle. ‘

Thinking of this, Shen Ge said with humility: “The misunderstanding of misunderstanding is a misunderstanding. Today, I disturbed your brother’s rest. The younger brother will come back to pay for the crime again.” After he turned around, he turned away and saw Sun Jian stunned.

When Sun Jian turned around, he found that several other younger brothers had already ran more than 100 meters. Shen Ge said: “I will run without waiting for me, a group of people who are not loyal!”

Zhao Yao smiled and said: “You have stayed and worked for me for seven days. I have never thought of anything happened.”

“This big brother…” Shen Ge still wants to say something. Suddenly he feels black in front of him. When he reacts again, he finds himself dragging the coffee shop with a mop.

“What happened? Why am I mopping the floor?” He groaned and looked at the clock on the wall: “Ten o’clock? When we came over, it was only four or five?”

Shen Ge holding his own head, his face is unmovable: “Why? Why havenโ€™t I been in the memory of the past four or five hours?”

He looked at the coffee shop that had become neat and clean, and said in his heart: ‘Don’t I have been cleaning this coffee shop? ‘

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